Siyappa Pyar Da (Introduction)

Hi guys! Thanks everyone for your comments. Your comments were really helpful. Hope u guys will support me. So I decided that I will write my ff on anshuman-pakhi, Arjun-arohi, ahil-sanam and viren-jeevika.
But as I will write I will add more characters. I am really sorry guys if I am not adding your favorite couple. But don’t disappoint I will definitely add more couples.

Anshuman-a good looking guy and successful
businessman. He is very supportive and caring. But he is little bit angry young man type person.
Arjun- a hot dashing guy. Younger brother of Anshuman. He loves to do flirt. He is studying
. Very close to his
bro and friends.
Ahil-a handsome hunk. Best buddy and business partner of Anshuman.
Viren-a handsome hunk like his bro ahil. Kind of flirty and mischievous. Best buddy of arjun. He doesn’t have any aim in life.
Preet-(from pyar ko ho jaane do ) ex wife of Anshuman. She is dead in my ff.
Pakhi-a beautiful girl. Very supportive
and caring. She believes in love and kind of traditional.
Sanam- a bubbly young girl. Very talkative and fun loving. Very close to her friends and she loves cooking and she did masters in business management
Arohi-she is kind of girl who is always ready to fight and very possesive about her friends. Fun loving and caring. She is studying she is very talkative.
Jeevika-a simple sweet girl. She wants to be a doctor. Very caring and talkative

Well I decided to make some changes in my ff After reading your comments. As lily and chin wants me to write ff on Mayank-nupur and samrat-gunjan so I decided I will add them in my ff.
Samrat -brother of pakhi. Supportive, caring. He loves his wife a lot
Gunjan-wife of samrat and bhabhi of pakhi. Beautiful and sweet.
Mayank-cousin of ahil. Very close to ahil, viren, Anshuman and arjun. Good from heart and caring
Nupur- a sweet girl wife of mayank. Very talkative and fun loving
Pari and happy- kids of Mayank-nupur

Turaifa, megha and chin I will also add armaan and riddhima in my ff. And I will also add Dev durga and Maaneet in my ff guys as kavina and anjali said in comments. I will also try to add ragsan in my ff.
Megha- just like u I love shaan-khanak but I also I like virika. So I decided to write about virika but don’t worry dear u will see masti viren and khanak.

Please guys do comment and give your suggestions. Let me know if u guys want some changes in my ff.

Credit to: Khushi


  1. Kavina

    I love it. Thanks for taking my idea and putting it in your fanfiction. Thanks so much and can’t wait for the update.

  2. it sound fun dear…..
    i luv karnika…. nd d others too…
    thanks fr adding them…..
    plzz update d nxtt prt asap…
    keep writing…..

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