Siyappa Ishq Ka~(8) Love Is Beautiful by sally sue

~Want to live in your eyes and die in your arms~

Meher wakes up the next morning and finds herself wrapped in Abeer’s arms. She recalls his words, “you think I care? No I don’t, not anymore.” Did he really meant what he said that day? Three beautiful years of my life drained like that, she thought to herself. She was just so confused on his behavior earlier and the behavior yesterday. Sometimes he’s too caring and sometimes he’s too rude, what to expect from him? Love or hatred? She laid there staring at him, she just wished she shouldn’t have come here to stay and would’ve stayed in her house after making her exit from the court. She feels movement on the bed and realizes Abeer is waking up and closes her eyes again. He wakes up and smiles at her, he leans forward and kisses her forehead. “Just once everything is completely fine between us, we’ll go far from here, I won’t let you bear more abuse and tortures, what did they say? You still want to be in this house even after divorce? Neither me nor you will stay here,” he says softly making her heart melt and runs his fingers in her hair freeing her from his arms.

He goes to freshen up and she cries with her eyes still closed. After sometime she hears the click of the doorknob and wipes her tears pretending to be asleep. He comes out and smiles at her sleeping face and goes out. Meher was still crying, she didn’t knew what to do, on one side was her family who she didn’t wanted to trouble and so she didn’t talked to them about this matter, on the other side was she herself who had mixed feelings about everything. Her mother in law was very good to her, nowadays Meher was becoming very reserved. She was in deep thoughts and was crying when she receives a call by her mother. “Hallo,” she said trying to sound normal. “Hallo how’s you beta? Come to see us, we are missing you a lot,” she said. “I am fine ma, yes I will come as soon as possible,” she says. “Ok, take care, everything is fine right?,” she asks. “Yes, everything is fine,” she says trying to control her crying sound that escaped her mouth every now and then.

Call disconnects and she lays back on the bed staring at the ceiling. She kept her eyes there for God knows how much time and didn’t realize when Abeer switched on the light seeing her awake. She covers her eyes with her palm. “Good morning,” he says and sits beside her on the bed but she turns her back to him and drifts into sleep not wanting to face the world. He knew she must be crying so he goes to her side to face her and on seeing her tears, he too breaks down. “I can’t see your tears baby, please don’t cry like this,” he says and wipes her tears. He goes to the balcony and plays the guitar closing the door so that her sleep doesn’t gets disturbed. After sometime she wakes up and sits holding her head. “Why is my head paining so much? Ugh,” she says massaging her temples. She feels a little dizzy and holds the side of the bed. “What’s happening to me?,” she says uneasily. Abeer comes and sees her holding her head.

“Hey what happen?,” he asks getting concerned and climbs onto the bed. “My head is aching a lot,” she says still massaging it. “Wait,” he says moving her hand and massages her head and she starts feeling relief and he smiles seeing his affect upon her. He rubs the back of her head soothingly, she closes her eyes as he does so. “Better?,” he asks. “Yes,” she says with her eyes still closed, she leans her back onto his front and smiles, he caresses her hair and she feels more good and keeps her head on his shoulder. “Is it ok now?,” he asks. “Yes it’s completely fine, thank you,” she says and holds his hand. He kisses her hair and hugs her from back.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Abeer is so caring.loved his dialogues in the beginning. Abeer massaging her head. .kissing her hair and hugging from behind is so beautiful

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