Siyappa Ishq Ka~(7) A Fresh Start by sally sue


~Kuchh Dard Mujhe Tu Sehne De,
Andar Se Zinda Rehne De,
Aankhein Banjar Hojaein Gi,
Kuchh Ashq Mere Tu Behne De ~

“Yes, you don’t want me, that’s why you are not able to see my pain, to see my tears, to see my relation weaken with my family, you’re right. You don’t love me, you really don’t,” he says and tears roll down his cheeks, Meher gets helpless. She couldn’t help but cry seeing his tears. She was falling weak. He cries a lot and she hugged him again. “Please don’t cry,” she says cryingly. “So what should I do?,” he says pulling away from her. “You want that we get back together right?,” she asks still sitting on her knees in front of him on the floor. He nods in positive. She sighs. “Ok, we’ll start over,” she says wiping his tears. He does the same and again pulls her in a hug. “I love you so so so much Meher,” he says happily and stands up lifting her in his arms spinning her.

He kisses her cheek making her sit on bed. “So from now, can we sleep together?,” he asks sitting beside her keeping his arm around her shoulders and she just hmmed and was still teary eyed. “Why are you crying?,” he asks caressing her hair. “It’s nothing,” she says and stands up and looks out of the window shedding some more tears as she wasn’t sure whether to start over or end the relationship there itself or leave it in the middle. He too comes and stands beside her. “Is everything ok?,” he asks. “Yes,” she says wiping her tears forcing a smile on her face. “I see you’re trying to hide your emotions from me which is impossible,” he says. “No really, it’s nothing,” she says again. “You said that unknowingly right? Just to make me happy, do you really want to do so or you’re not sure?,” he says and she looks at him as if saying how do you know. “Abeer I ermm…,” she says with heavy heart and he holds her. “It’s ok, I know you’re not sure, take your time, let’s not hurry,” he says and hugs her, she cries.

She quickly wipes her tears as he starts pulling away but she hugs him back. Unknowingly she felt relieved hugging him, his hug was always a medicine to her. They both pull away and sit together on bed. “Are you ok?,” she asks Abeer and he smiles that she still cares about him. “Yes, if you’re with me, then I m completely fine,” he says smilingly and she too smiles at him. Soon night approaches and they were laying on the bed together and he was holding her hand a little tight. “You know what? I know your feelings very well, the thing you said unknowingly proves that you still love me and care about me, it made me really happy to see the old Meher in you,” he says and looks at her but she was lost somewhere.

“What happen,” he asks squeezing her hand a little. “Nothing, I heard what you said, you know my feelings, I love and care about you,” she says still lost. “Are you missing your family?,” he asks knowingly. “Yes,” she says. “So you call them tomorrow and talk,” he suggests. “Yes, will do,” she says looking at the ceiling. “I can make you sleep, baby,” he says naughtily making her smile and soon they were sleeping cuddling to each other.

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    Wow.mehbeer together now.beautiful and emotional. Loved it

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