Siyappa Ishq Ka~(6) Helpless by sally sue


~If you’re angry on the person you love, be careful with the words you speak as it’s just your mind who gets angry but your heart who still cares.~

“Dare you talk to us that way for this noble type girl,” says Kuber and storms out of kitchen stomping his feet. Meher looks on. “You’re such a bad luck for us, since you came, Abeer is getting away from us,” says Abeer’s taiji making Abeer more angry then he already was. “No, she’s not the one who made me away from you all, the reason for this is you, yourself, if I knew it was all a planning I would’ve took her with me to Singapore, don’t know why I came in your talks, God knows what’s the purpose for your doings, I won’t forgive you both for this, I will see you both,” Abeer says shouting at her though he didn’t wanted to shout, he did it because no one was there for his wife who he loved with all his heart.

“Abeer, please let’s go from here,” says Meher not being able to see his relations weakening because of her and holds his bicep with one hand and wrist with the other hand and takes him from there. “I will throw you out of here for sure, I promise,” says taiji angrily seeing their closeness and storms out of there. Meher takes Abeer in their room while he was really angry. “How dare they! How dare they to do this to me and to you? They don’t love me at all, it’s just mom and you who love me, everytime I blamed you, I shouldn’t have done that, oh God,” he says breaking down and Meher gets sad and holds him. “Abeer, don’t cry, please?,” she says getting teary eyed.

He starts breaking the things around and breaks his guitar’s strings bruising his fingers and she stops him pulling him away keeping the guitar back and was crying a lot, both were sad on each other’s condition. He sits down on his knees, Meher too sits in front of him cryingly. He pulls her by her waist hugging her tightly hiding his face in her neck crying badly. She too hugs him back hiding her face holding him tightly, she rubs his back running her fingers in his hair trying to stop him from crying.

“Sorry Meher, really sorry, I didn’t trust you and trusted them, forgive me if possible,” he says still hiding his face. “Don’t weaken your relations because of me, if I go then you should have someone with you,” she says painfully. “You won’t go anywhere, you will stay here with me, no more problems, no more tears,” he says and caresses her back. For sometime, they remained like that only, crying in each other’s arms. He parts away from her after crying for good 40 minutes lifting his face from her shoulder cupping her cheeks. “OK listen, we’ll go far from here, away from this tension, this time together,” he says and she wipes her wet cheeks. “What will we do? We don’t even have that relationship anymore, we don’t have that bonding, just because we cried like these hugging each other doesn’t means that everything will change that too so soon,” she says coldly.

“You’re right, but till we’re here they will again try to separate you from me, I can’t tolerate to lose you again, please try to understand,” he says still crying. “Even I couldn’t, you’re with me today, I don’t think we’ll be together forever, we fight on small matters, we hurt ourselves and each other too, I feel like a burden to be here,” she says lowering her eyelids. “No, you’re not a burden, why are you calling yourself that? You were the one who motivated me to sing, to have my own career, who loved me to the core, where did that Meher go? Where?,” he asks making her look in his eyes. “She went, she has changed, that Meher was dumb to believe in you, to believe in doing something for someone and expecting a positive result in return, but this Meher, the present one is not like that, she doesn’t wants you,” she says pointing a finger at him breaking his heart to million pieces. “Yes, you don’t want me, that’s why you are not able to see my pain, to see my tears, to see my relation weaken with my family, you’re right. You don’t love me, you really don’t,” he says and tears roll down his cheeks, Meher gets helpless.

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    Mehbeer scenes were very emotional. Last scene was very sad.hope meher accepts abeer

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