Siyappa Ishq Ka~(3) Love Brings Hatred Along by sally sue


What do you do when the one person you want comfort from the most is the one who caused your pain? How can I want so desperately for him to wrap me up in his arms but also want so much for him to leave me alone.

“Can I break your face?,” she asks and he looks at her in shock, but he knew he deserved it. “Yes, actually you can,” he said allowing him and she slapped him hard, he face turned to his right by the force of her slap while she looked at him angrily. “You were going to leave me right? Go leave, I don’t need you, don’t act as if you care, you have hurt me so much, so much that even if I slap you thousand times, it will be less,” she said angrily and he looked down in guilt. “Why, why did you go? Why weren’t you back? Your papa and tai ji did so much tortures to me. They talked rudely and took advantage of you not being here,” she says and a lone tear escapes her eyes but she wipes it as she can’t fall weak. It’s not the time to cry.

“Meher,” he says but she stops him showing her hand. “Don’t take my name again,” she says angrily, of course a person has a limit to tolerate such behavior, how long will she bear it? It pained her also to talk to him like this, but he forced her to do so by talking to her rudely. “Oh and I can take care of myself, no need to worry about me, just bear me for the sake of court, then you’ll go your way, I’ll go mine, nothing can be like before,” she says and someone knocks the door. “Come in,” Abeer says. Madhvi, Abeer’s mom and Meher’s mother in law entered with food. “You both have the food,” she says and Meher doesn’t replies. “I don’t want to eat,” says Abeer wiping his tears. “Even I don’t want to eat,” says Meher.

“You both didn’t eat anything since morning, please eat less but eat,” she says. “I will eat if she eats,” he says and she looks at him angrily and helplessly starts eating. He too eats, they were sitting away from each other, he was on the bed and she was on the couch. He looks at her missing the days when she used to make him eat like a child.

“Eat,” she says. “No, I won’t until you don’t make me eat,” he replied like a child. She smiles and makes him eat. He kisses on her cheek. “One kiss per bite,” he says to which she laughs. He finishes eating and they have a hug. “Thank you mummy,” he says jokingly and they share a laugh.

Fb end.

Madhvi smiles at them and leaves. Meher’s right hand was hurt and the spoon dropped from her hand, she hissed in pain. “What happen?,” he asks and stands up keeping his plate aside while she picks the spoon and again tries to eat but couldn’t. He goes and sits next to her and didn’t realized when he took the spoon from her hand and filled it forwarding it in front of her mouth while she stared at his pleading eyes to which she got teary eyed and ate. He makes her eat till she finishes and stands up from there. He continues eating his food, he was used to childishness and badly wanted to eat by her hands. She gives him an I-know-what-you-want look and smiles a little standing up and sits beside him. She makes him eat while he smiles but soon stops realizing about her injured hand. “I can eat by my own,” he says and finishes it.

She goes to the couch again, her eyes fully red because of the sleepless night, she leaned to the back of couch and drifted to sleep. He again felt guilty that she longer thinks of his things as hers and is sleeping on couch. He lays her on couch as per her wish and covers her. He kisses her forehead before going and she holds her hand. “Don’t go, why you went leaving me? I love you Abeer,” she whispers in sleep and that was it, she finally said the words which he wanted to hear. “Say again,” he says. “I love you,” she says and he smiles kissing her. “I love you too,” he says and bends down to her to kiss her last time but unfortunately, she wakes up


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  1. Jasminerahul

    Omg. .meher really slapped abeer n he kept quiet.abeer saying that he will eat only if she eats n meher eating helplessly shows her hidden concern for him.meher Fed he stopped her bcz of her injured hand.flash back was so sweet. Meher murmuring in sleep n abeer responding was so lovely. meher woke up when he was about to kids will she react?

    1. Salley145

      Keep reading to know…tq

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