Siyappa Ishq Ka~(2) Love Brings Hatred Along by sally sue

She always believed love was good and hate was much better. But, indifference would’ve made her a no one.
Meher opens her eyes as he stroke her hair but he didn’t notice this as he was looking away. She again closes her eyes and yanks his hand away acting she’s sleeping and turns her back towards him and cries. He lays beside her. “Your anger is justified, it was my mistake, dad and tai ji filled my ears and I believed them and not you, will you ever forgive me Meher?,” he asked looking at her while she cried.

He kisses her hair from side and notices her crying. “Meher,” he says softly and goes to her side of bed and cups her cheeks. “Baby what happen?,” he asks worriedly and kisses her forehead. She continues crying and she moves his hands away from her face. “Go away,” she says annoyingly. “After you tell me what’s wrong, then I will go,” he says. “When you can’t see my tears, then why you make me cry?,” she asks angrily. He gets guilty and caresses her hair as she cries. “I know my sorry won’t work, but can you give me a last chance?,” he asks with guilt filled eyes.

She looks at him and turns laying on her back. “It must be very easy for you to say sorry and ask for last chance, but it’s difficult for me, my answer is no,” she says coldly and stands up. He stops her holding her hand and touches her forehead. “You have fever, you don’t have to go for making food, mummy is there,” he says and she gives him an irked look. “Wow! You insult me, shout on me, twist my hands, break my heart and still you are expecting I will take care of everything? Wow, it’s me who faced everything, you were just a loser, who knows you run again if we have a fight, how can I trust you? I am going to wash my face, don’t expect that I will be sweet when you are not,” she says scoldingly and goes to washroom splashing water on her face looking at her reflection in the mirror. “Why am I alive? Why? I don’t want to live, I don’t!” With this she gets more angry and punches the mirror breaking it to pieces injuring her hand and cries.

Abeer hears the noise and knocks on the door. “Baby are you ok?,” he asks. She doesn’t replies but keeps murmuring to herself looking at the broken mirror at her broken image. “Abeer I hate you, it’s enough,” she murmurs. “Meher!,” he shouts and she opens the door walking past him and sits on the couch keeping her injured hand in her lap and he gets worried seeing this. “Your hand is injured, you need dressing,” he says. “No, the one who’s heart is broken million times, she doesn’t cares about such small wounds,” she says ignorantly. He too ignores her and sits beside her holding her hand in his hand while she tried making him leave but he didn’t.

He takes out the mirror pieces out of her hand and she didn’t even hissed. “Leave me, it’s not paining,” she jerks his hand and her hand pains. “Ow!” She screamed. “Let me do it,” he says sternly and takes out the remaining pieces and dresses her hand. “What was the need to break the mirror?,” he asks angrily. “Should I break your face?,” she says in tears and he looks at her in shock. “Yes, actually you can,” he says allowing her and….

To be continued.

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  1. Krkavita

    Abeer & Meher fighting like cats & dogs. Abeer is willing to reconcile with Meher but Meher is annoyed. Waiting 4 the next update.

    1. Salley145

      Yeah its so difficult to trust again…will update soon

  2. Jasminerahul

    abeer apologizing is nice.but how did abeer know the truth that meher is innocent?yes its difficult 4 meher 2 trust abeer again as he didnt support her when she needed his support.but hopefully he will b able 2 win her trust again.loved abeer taking her of her tho she didnt want to.loved abeer replying cutely that she can break his face

    1. Salley145

      He has started accepting the fact she’s innocent but doesn’t knows the truth

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