Siyappa Ishq Ka~(19) Court Confession

~Mera Haath Thaam Lo, Bas Yehi Kaafi Hai,
Phir Khushi Milay Ya Gum, Mera Naseeb Hai ~

Abeer and Meher were laying on their bed with her head on his chest and his arm around her shoulders. She was smiling all the time. “Why are you so quiet?,” she asked. “Because I am thinking about something. Court gave us time to reconcile and fourteen months are left and then you will go,” he told her sadly. She sits up. “Who said so? We have reconciled and we will be together forever and this time for sure, till our last breathe,” she said lovingly. He too sits up and takes her hand between both her hands. “Yes we will,” he says and kisses her hands and hugs her by her waist caring about her baby bump.

“Meher,” he whispers. “I love you first and then our baby.” She smiles. “I love you too,” she says and he runs his fingers in her hair. “OK now you sleep,” he says parting away from her and corrects her pillow and makes her lay slowly. “Good night,” he says and switches off the light. He keeps his one arm around her waist and one hand on her stomach. She smiles and caresses his cheek. He pulls the blanket over them and she keeps her hand over him and sleeps. He too sleeps.

Fourteen months passed by really quick. Now Meher and Abeer were parents of six month old girl Sheetal. Today was the hearing of their divorce case. It was morning but for Meher and Abeer, it seemed that this morning was dark instead of bright as they thought that today they will lose each other again. Meher was awake and Abeer was also awake, they both were on their bed with their baby in between them. Both were staring at the ceiling. Meher felt Abeer hold her hand. She looked at him and smiled faintly.

“You won’t go na? You will be with me na?,” Abeer asked her and she didn’t said anything and pulled her hand back from his hand and went to freshen up. Later they both with their families went to court. Abeer was already inside while Meher was outside with her family. “Did everything got fine?,” asked her mom. “Sort of, Maa,” she replied. “So will you both separate?,” asked her bua. “You will know,” she replied and they all went inside. She gave her daughter to Suman (Meher’s mom) as she saw Abeer about to sign. She snatched the pen from his hand and he looked at her.

“Why Abeer? You were really sad about it right? How can you sign these papers? I won’t let you sign, will you be really able to live without me?,” she asked teary eyed holding his hand in her hand. “No, but I thought you want divorce,” he said. “Oh you thought? What about me? Where’s my right to decide? I don’t want divorce, don’t forget you have a daughter, even if you live without me, will you be able to live without her?,” she asks. He stands up and holds both her hands in his hands. “Nor without you, nor without her. My life is incomplete without you both,” he replied. “You were about to sign right? I just want to say that even if we both sign and separate, you will have the same place in my heart, maybe you will forget me but I won’t,” she says in tears and takes a deep sigh. “I love you Abeer.”

He feels as if his heart is dancing with joy. “How did you thought I will sign? Tum meri Jan ho, I love you too Meher,” he says and she wipes her tears and cups her face kissing her cheek and forehead. She smiles and hugs him and he hugs her back. Both the families smile seeing this. “I am sorry beta, I gave you both so much pain, whatever happened in the past was destined, my brother would be in peace, bless you both,” said Kuber and put his hands on their heads. They took his blessings and hugged him.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    mehbeer had decided to live together till the end.then why did meher behave indifferently when abeer asked her about not leaving him before going to court?why did he take the pen?but he said he didn’t think to divorce her but thought she wanted divorce. why do they have such doubts when they had already discussed about it? mehbeer conversation at the court was emotional and beautiful.liked kuber realizing his mistake and uniting them.hope he won’t change again. mehbeer having a sweet daughter called sheetal.lovely

    1. Salley145

      She wasn’t sure what to do and because of this, he thought to give her divorce if that’s what will keep her happy but later changed his mind hearing her confession

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