Siyappa Ishq Ka~(17) You Are The Key To My Smile

~Mohabbat Hai Tumse Isliye Nazar Andaaz Nahi Kiya Kabhi,
Warna Berukhi Tumse Kayi Behtar Jaantey Hain Hum~

Next morning, when Meher wakes up, she sees Abeer not on bed. She pushes the blanket off her body and goes to freshen up and after she was done with it, she went downstairs. “Is the baby yours?,” asked Kuber to Abeer. He gets angry. “Yes. What do you mean? Of course the baby is mine, why will she do that to me?,” asked Abeer. “Because she might be wanting revenge from you,” said Kuber. Abeer gets angry and stands up from dining table and while going, he collides with Meher. He holds her wrist and pulls her with him upstairs to their room and closes the door. He holds her arms and pins her to the wall. “Is the baby mine?,” asked Abeer and she looks at him with tears in her eyes. “Yes, why will I make love with someone else? I love you only, but you are doubting me, this was your trust?,” she says and pushes him away and sits on the bed on her side looking down with her wrists pressed hard against the sides of the mattress.

Abeer is speechless. He sits beside her, she avoids him and goes to washroom. “Oh God. I am so mad, why did I ask her that?,” he says pulling his hair. Meher cries vigorously in the washroom. “This was his trust, his love for me, wow, just wow. I wonder what he thinks of himself, this is enough!,” she says and goes outside and punches him on his arm. “Ow!,” he winces. “Hallo Mr.stranger, can you please come with me so that you can get a proof that the baby is yours?,” she asks with bloodshot eyes. “I know…,” he’s cut in between. “Just shut up! Let me give you a proof first,” she says and drags him out of the bedroom. “Stop Meher, I know baby is mine, sorry,” he says stopping himself from her force. “No you should get a proof, are you afraid of injections?,” she asks and he nods no. “Then let’s go have DNA testing of you and my baby,” she says with anger in her eyes. Before he could say anything, she pulls him by his arm downstairs towards the exit and goes outside. She goes to their car and forwards her hand at him. “Keys?,” she asks and he gives her the keys, she unlocks the door and sits inside. “Sit inside, we are going to hospital,” she orders him and he does so.

She starts the car and drives at a high speed. “Meher stop, we’ll get hurt,” says Abeer but she doesn’t stops. He applies the brake and the car stops with a jolt. “Why did you stop?,” she asks and he keeps his hands over hers. “I can’t let you harm yourself,” he says and she gets angry. “Cut the crap! You were doubting on me right? I will prove that this baby is yours!,” she shouts and starts driving again. After sometime they stop outside the hospital. She opens the door and goes outside and closes the door hard. He too comes out and stops her from going inside holding her arm. “What now?,” she asks and he picks her by her armpits and makes her sit on bonut of the car. “Please forgive me,” he says and she pushes him. “Not every time,” she says and gets down from the bonut and tries to go but he stops her and hugs her. “Stop else I will do something else,” he says and she gets irritated. “I don’t care,” she says and walks away. He gets an idea and smiles.

He goes in front of her. “Why not we go to a restaurant instead?,” he asks and she turns to the car. “I take that as a yes,” he says and picks her in his arms and makes her sit on passenger seat. He sits on the driving seat and drives away. He sees her upset face from the corner of his eye. “Meri jaan, mera pyaar, jan e man, Jan e Jan,” he says trying to cheer her up. She smiles a little. Abeer giggles. “You are the sun to my day, the moon to my night, the light in my darkness, the smile on my face, I am the star, you are my sky, you are nails, I am finger,” he says and she laughs. “Enough, you won, happy?,” she asks. “Yes of course, I made Miss Attitude smile which is impossible,” he says and she playfully punches his stomach and smiles.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    too bad of abeer to question meher whose baby it is just because kuber brainwashed him.poor meher.her anger is justified. Finally be succeeded in making her forgive him

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