Siyappa Ishq Ka~(1) Love Behind Anger by Salley Sue

Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan,
Bas Itna Samajh Lijiye,
Ek aag ka dariya hai,
Or doob ke jaana hai

Sitting next to each other on the court table with their parents at their sides, they ignored each other as much as possible. The couple who loved each other alot, now they didn’t even look at each other. “Sign the papers, this relation won’t last and we don’t want you to suffer,” said Meher’s bua to Meher who was lost but she nodded anyways and signed the papers. Abeer, her husband, did the same and looked at her removing his shades. “Your marriage didn’t complete one year and court gives six months for reconciliation, you both are given one and a half year, then will be the final hearing,” said the lawyer and Abeer stares at Meher as she frowned.

Meher looks up at her mom with a pleading look but everyone were helpless. No one could disagree to court’s order. Having no option left, Meher stood up and Abeer too stood up. He went out and Meher glanced at her family in disappointment before going. She went outside and saw Abeer sitting in the car looking out of window with shades, as soon as he saw her, he came out and stood before her, awkward silence took place between them. “Are you coming?,” he asked her hiding his tears. She nodded in yes unwillingly and followed him to the car. She sat beside him without emotions and he drove off.

As soon as they reached and stood at the entrance, Kuber, Abeer’s father and Meher’s father in law, approached them. “The divorce happened, still you want to be inside the four corners of this house?,” he said insulting her while she looked down and cried. Even though, Abeer got angry on her, he couldn’t bear anyone insulting her. One tear in her eyes and he would turn the world upside down. “Court has given us time, so what’s your problem?,” he replied back and pulled her to room without waiting for his dad’s response.

Holding her wrist in his hand, he opened the door of their room and looked at her through the shades, both were crying. He pulled her inside and and left her hand and locked the door. She stared at the floor not knowing what to do with her life. Before she could say something, he held her arms and pinned her to the nearest wall looking direct in her eyes. “You know what Meher? Just because I answered back dad for you, doesn’t means I love you, don’t keep false hopes”, he said pressing her against the wall and she yanked his hands away. She looked at him in disgust, was this his trust? His love for her? “I loved you always and you did this with me, I also didn’t want to come, but I came as it was court’s order”, she said angrily. “Oh and before you blame me, I didn’t took any money from your dad.”

She walked past him but he held her from back twisting her hand behind her back. “Did I say anything? Did I? Why did you bring this topic then?,” he said and tightened his grip while she cried in pain. “Leave my hands, it’s hurting,” she said cryingly. “You think I care? I don’t, not anymore”, he said and she looked at him with tearful eyes. “Leave,” she said and he left her hands with a jerk throwing her on the couch. She looked at her bruised wrists while he glared at her and left from there to washroom to change his clothes.

“I hate you Abeer, I just hate you, I regret agreeing to your proposal, I regret the times I hugged you and tried explaining you, I will go as soon as the time ends, nothing is going to be like before,” she said between her sobs to herself and leaned to the back of sofa closing her eyes. The past lovely moments which were now a big fat lie to her, came before her eyes and affected her greatly. She dozed off to sleep not wanting to face the monster in her husband again.

Abeer comes out and sees her sleeping. Guilt came in his eyes. He sat beside her and looked at her face. The fresh tears which she had just shed gave him more pain. He slowly wiped her tears and kissed her bruised wrists. “I don’t know what to do of my anger,” he said guiltily and slowly took her head in his lap and caressed her silky hair and kissed her forehead. He slowly pulled her in sitting position sliding his hand under her back and around her waist and lifted her in his arms keeping her on bed covering her with blanket. “I promised to make you smile, but I made you cry,” he said cryingly and stroke her hair. She opened her eyes.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    why mehbeer r divorcing?they have so much of luv 4 each other .still they r hiding it by shouting at each other.Abeer hurt her.but kissing her bruises when she was asleep n regretting making her cry breaking his promise 2 make her happy was emotional

    1. Salley145

      They r divorcing because of their fights

      1. Jasminerahul

        i know.but i was thunking about the reason 4 their fights.on d show Taiji created probs naa

      2. Salley145

        Yes she is the reason in my ff for their fights, i m continuing after their divorce

  2. Krkavita

    is there any story behind mehbeer divorce? Will Taiji come in the flashback?

    1. Salley145

      Yes the story is same as in the serial n taiji is there

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