Siyappa Ishq Ka~ (9) No Revenge by sally sue

~Revenge is not always a good idea~
He kisses her hair and hugs her from back. “You are really ok right? Should I take you to doctor?,” he asks her. “No, I am completely fine,” she says and lifts her head from his shoulder parting away from him. She stands up from the bed and goes to freshen up. “I am really happy we’re getting back,” Abeer says to himself. Taiji peeps in their room. “I will have to make them fight anyhow,” she says. “I just have to bring tears in my eyes and then he’ll melt.”

She closes her eyes and recalls Meher’s bua Devki confessing in the court about her husband’s crime and tears roll down her cheeks. Abeer comes out and sees her crying. “What happen?,” he asks. “I am really tensed for you both, what will happen?,” she says shedding fake tears. “You don’t need to worry about that because we’ve patched up already, why did you got tension for me and Meher all of a sudden?,” he asks raising his eyebrows. “Do you want to know why I hate Meher?,” she asks and he nods in positive. “Do you remember the day when your uncle (chacha) died?,” she asks and he again nods. “He died because of Meher’s bua,” she tells him. “How?,” he asks. “Your uncle was doing a drunken drive and he accidentally hit a man and Devki (Meher’s bua) saw him and confessed this in court and he was sentenced to death,” she says and he shakes his head in positive but this time angrily. “Ok, I believe you, but she did right, she told the truth, so what? Uncle should’ve been careful, why did he drive in drunken state? Why are you taking it all out on me and Meher?,” he asks.

“Because she is her brother’s daughter and related to her, and she will also pay,” she says. “What type of payback?,” asks Meher who listened their whole conversation. “Meher, you take rest, you have headache,” he says but she nods in negative. “No, I want to know what payback?,” she asks him folding her arms. “The payback of my husband’s death,” says tai ji and comes to her. “What did you thought? You will live here for free? Why?”

“Tai ji, just because I respect you doesn’t mean you insult me,” Meher says getting annoyed. “She can live here, it’s her husband’s house, and hers too, and did dad say to her that I have this type of thinking that if a husband leaves his house, then his wife should’ve no place in his house right? Then your husband left this world, why are you still here?,” Abeer asks. “Abeer, what’s this way of talking? Say sorry, she’s your elder, don’t forget that,” says Meher and Tai ji looks on teary eyed. “So? What right do they have to insult you?,” he asks. “What right do you have to insult her?,” Meher argues and Tai ji is shocked on her reaction, how can a person be so good that even after getting insulted thousand times, he/she gives so much respect. She leaves the room in shock.

“What was the need to say all that?,” she asks. “But,” he began to say but she cuts him in between. “Say sorry, your goal was to win my heart but not to forget to respect elders and insult them, then why did you do so? You are weakening your relationships for me, why?,” she says and looks down. He holds her shoulders firmly. “Ok fine, I won’t do this again, you’re right, thank you for guiding me,” he says and leaves to tai ji’s room and sees her crying. He goes and sits on his knees on floor holding his ears. “Tai ji, I am extremely sorry,” he says guiltily. “I think I should drop this idea of taking revenge on her, she’s a nice girl,” she says. “I am really sorry,” he repeats. “It’s ok beta,” she says and kisses his forehead making him stand.

He goes and picks Meher spinning her. “All is well?,” she asks. “Yes, all because of you,” he says and puts her down kissing her forehead and she suddenly gets away and runs to washroom and feels like vomiting. “What happen?,” he asks and sees her vomiting. He rubs her back. She fills her hands with water taking it in her mouth and spits it out and does this several times and he takes her out. “We really need to call the doctor now,” he says and dials his number, she lays on the bed. “Doctor come fast,” he says telling the address and disconnects the call. The doctor arrives and after the check up he says that she can be pregnant but he’s not sure and that Abeer should come for her tests. He leaves and Meher looks on afraid of his reaction.

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    So taiji is taking revenge on meher’s family. Still meher is so nice that she made abeer apologize to meher pregnant?

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