Siyappa Ishq Ka~ (13) The Beginning

~Kisi or ka dil dukha kar maafi maangna bohat aasan hota hai lekin khud ke dil pe chot kha kar maaf kardena bohat mushkil~

Meher comes after changing and sees Abeer in deep thoughts. “What happened?,” she asks him. “Nothing, I am hungry, will you come downstairs to eat?,” he asks and she nods. They go downstairs and sees Kuber on dining table. Now I will take a small revenge, Abeer thought. They sit there. “Can you bring me tea?,” Kuber asks from Meher. She was about to stand up. “Sit down, I will bring,” Abeer says and stands up. What happened to him? Meher thought. Abeer brings tea and hands it over to him but it falls on Kuber’s hand, he screams. “Sorry dad,” Abeer says and wipes his hand acting as if he cares. “Don’t be so happy, I never cared about you nor I will care,” whispers Abeer and Kuber feels bad.

Abeer and Meher go to their room after eating. “Why am I feeling that you intentionally dropped tea on uncle’s hand? Very bad Abeer,” Meher says coldly. “What bad? He used my friend against me, that isn’t bad? He did so much to separated us. That isn’t bad?,” Abeer says raising his eyebrows. “Oh like seriously? I know bad happened with you, is it necessary to do bad in return,” says Meher and he gets angry and pushes her against a wall. “What’s wrong with you? You are my wife Mrs. Meher Abeer Malhotra, don’t take that bastard’s side,” he says creasing his eyebrows.

“If you forgot then I am Ms. Meher Purohit, I signed the divorce papers and you too did it,” she says and points a finger at him. “So we have been given time to reconcile, don’t bring that divorce matter right now, just like this divorce is between you and me, this tea dropping matter is between me and my dad, don’t say in between,” he says and leaves her but Meher feels dizzy and holds her head, she stumbles and he holds her. “What happened?,” he asks. “Nothing,” she replies and sits on the bed. I will go and meet the doctor tomorrow, thought Meher.

They sleep. Next morning, Meher wakes up and struggles to sit up. She looks at Abeer, he was asleep, she goes to washroom and feels like vomiting. She fills water in her hands and takes it in her mouth having a gargle and keeps doing it till she feels fine. “I think I am pregnant, what to do? Oh God, I will go to doctor as soon as I am done with breakfast,” she mutters under her breathe and gets out of the washroom and doesn’t notices Abeer standing in front of her because of which her face bangs with his chest. He laughs and she gets startled. “You scared me,” she says and he laughs more.

She notices a bowl in his hand. “What is this?,” she asks. “Baby food,” he says and she giggles. “We don’t have a baby,” she says. “But looks like we will have one soon,” he says and her smile drops. “I heard you vomiting,” he says. “It’s normal,” she lies to him and walks past him. He stops her. “I was joking, it is breakfast for you,” he tells and she smiles. They sit on the bed and he makes her eat. “Blueberry smoothie, it’s so yummy I just love it,” she says and he smiles at her.

“You too eat,” she says and he eats. “You eat, I will just come,” he says and gives her the bowl. Later Meher goes to doctor for pregnancy test, doctor says the results will come tomorrow. She comes back home and sees Nisaar and Abeer fighting. She is shocked. She tries stopping them and stands in between them shielding Abeer. “Nisaar please just stop it, if you are done with following uncle’s orders then leave my husband, and you Abeer, please control,” she says. “What did you say? I control? He’s the one who started it, I don’t like to see his face, move away,” says Abeer and pushes her out of their way and punches Nisaar.

“Please stop,” Meher says and pulls Abeer away from him taking him to their room. “Why did you stop me?,” he asks. “I don’t want you to get hurt, look you are already emotionally hurt, I can’t let you have more pain,” she says and he sits on the bed with a jerk. “Abeer, Meher, please give me a chance to prove myself?,” says Nisaar. “No,” says Abeer and stands up going to the window and looks out, Meher looks at Nisaar pressing her lips in a thin line as if saying I don’t know what to do and goes to Abeer keeping her hand on his back, he continues looking out of the window.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    Meher is right. We don’t need to be bad to the people who were bad to us.meher food scene was sweet and romantic.abeer can’t forgive nisar. Will nisar win his trust back?

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