Siyapaa (Swaragini…Jaana Na Dil Se Door…Thapki Pyaar Ki…Baazigar…Nagarjun) 1



Episode 1:

The episode opens in Goa, Bihaan is shown fighting some men.

“This is all your fault! Because of you we have been exposed!” Bihaan shouts angrily.

“Oh hello, its not only my fault! Who was the one that was saying ‘I can do it, you leave it’! And when I came here, I saw you getting beaten up!” The other guy says and is revealed to be Armaan.

Armaan is also fighting some men. He was about to get attacked when Bihaan kicks that guy.

“Zyada akadne ki zaroorat nahi hai, where was this attitude when Vividha Ma’am scolded you?!” Bihaan says and looks at Armaan.

Armaan glares at Bihaan.


Delhi is shown, then a headquarter (HQ), inside that headquarters… A woman is shown, she has her back faced towards them and then turns, she is revealed to be Vividha.

“Officers like you have been trained to do these undercover and secret missions… We do not want you all to misuse your powers and position, is that clear?!” Vividha strictly says.

“Yes Ma’am!” All shouts.

Just then a guy comes rushing in, he looks on as he sees Vividha. Bihaan, who was in that line sees him.

“Wah, what a girl…” Armaan says to himself.

Vividha looks at Armaan.

“So it’s your first day on duty?” Vividha asks.

“Yes.” Armaan shyly says.

“And is this how you represented yourself?!” Vividha strictly says.

“What?” Armaan confusingly says.

“Let me guess, Armaan Malik?” Vividha says.

Armaan nods yes.

“You’re fired!” Vividha says and turns back to talking.

Armaan is shocked.

“How am I fired? This is unfair!” Armaan says.

“Instead of an apology and answer back huh?!” Vividha says without looking at him.

Bihaan thinks with a smirk: Wow, amazing, bechara, it’s his first day and he got fired, he deserved it, Vividha Ma’am, hats off to you.

Armaan hears Bihaan’s thought as he has the telepathy powers and looks at him.

“I’m sorry Ma’am, I didn’t know where to come, it was my first day here, in this head quarter and I got lost, sorry.” Armaan says and looks at Bihaan.

“Okay, you have been forgiven but you shouldn’t repeat the mistake!” Vividha says.

“Okay Ma’am.” Armaan says with his head down.

Bihaan shocked and thinks: What?! How did Ma’am become do nice?! I swear if I was there she would’ve sent me away from Delhi by now!

Armaan hears and let’s a little smirk out.

“So where was I… Yes, I have sent some officers to Rajasthan and some of you are going Goa. So, Bihaan, Arjun and Armaan you three are going Goa and I want you to send each and every single details to the head quarter, is that clear?!” Vividha says.

“Yes Ma’am” Bihaan and Armaan say.

“Our new officer is in Goa, you would meet her there and she is senior to you.” Vividha adds.

“She? Again? These lady officers are worser than hitler!” Bihaan thinks.

Armaan giggles, Vividha looks st him.

“Did I say anything funny officer Malik?” Vividha says.

“N…no Ma’am.” Armaan says.

“Then may I know the reason behind your laughter?” Vividha says.

“Vo… I was thinking what is the new officers name?” Armaan says.

“Well we are not sure but you would meet her soon. Now off you go and pack to Goa!” Vividha says.

Armaan and Bihaan nod and head out.

“The rest of you would record the information they sent and I’m off to Rajasthan.” Vividha says and leaves.

Outside the head quarter:
Bihaan is talking on the phone while walking with Armaan.

“I’m not lying, Ma’am is coming to Rajasthan, I feel sorry for you.” Bihaan says with a smirk.

“Be thankful she’s not coming to Goa, or else Samjho it’s the end of my enjoyment. Arey… We’re going Goa so we should enjoy for a bit, Vaise Atharv… Good luck.” Bihaan says.

The caller who was talking to him is revealed to be Atharv.

“I don’t get how she got that position, it should’ve been mine!” Atharv angrily shouts.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you but we got two new officers joining us, one is senior who is also a Woman, the other is a boy, his name is…” Bihaan says and looks at Armaan.

“Armaan.” Armaan says.

“Haa Armaan, he’s coming Goa with me and the senior and Arjun are already there.” Bihaan says.

Armaan turns around and sees Vividha coming, he gets shocked.

“Bihaan, Ma’am!” Armaan says

Bihaan quickly disconnects the phone and slides it in his pocket, Armaan and Bihaam then walk away. Vividha gets confused and then ignores and drives off.

After a while, Bihaan and Armaan reach Goa, Armaan smiles seeing the beach, just then Bihaan and Armaan see a snake in front of them, Armaan moves back. Bihaan smirks.

“Arjun, he’s the new officer!” Bihaan says.

The snake then hides and transforms into Arjun, the other officer.

Armaan is shook.

Bihaan thinks with a smirk: Bechare ke Khosh hi ur Gaye! I should’ve recorded his reaction!

“Why record it only? You could’ve uploaded it on YouTube!” Armaan says and looks at Bihaan.

Bihaan gets shocked and Armaan takes a picture.

“How can he know what I’m thinking?” Bihaan thinks.

“Lady officers are worser than hitler… Huh?” Armaan tells.

Bihaan is double shocked and Armaan takes another photo.

“Bihaan, he’s the new officer, he can read minds cause he has telepathy powers.” Arjun says while coming out.

“T…tel..telepathy?” Bihaan struggles.

Armaan and Arjun nod yes.

“I heard you got powers but I didn’t know you were a shape shifting snake!” Armaan says worriedly.

“Neither did I until 9 months ago.” Arjun says and looks on.

“Anyways, I can do this mission in a day but I might as well relax.” Bihaan says.

“In a day?” Both Armaan and Arjun say.

Bihaan nods yes.

“As if, you’re just chatting.” Armaan says.

“Exactly, how can you do all of this in a day?” Arjun tells.

“You’re doubting my ability! Don’t underestimate a power of a common man” Bihaan says.

“I will prove it!” Bihaan says with attitude and walks off while Arjun and Armaan laugh.

Then Bihaan is shown sitting next to the person who they’re here for.

“Its so hot today nai?” Bihaan says.

“It’s not that hot.” The man says.

“Bhai, Malika is here.” A man says.

Both Bihaan and that man look at her walking, she is wearing red dress with a sun hat, she smiles at the man.

“Aslam, you’re here? I was looking everywhere for you…” Malika says.

The person why this mission is set of for Aslam, a Don/gangster.

“Hai… Who is this? We never got any information about Malika?” Bihaan thinks.

Armaan and Arjun hear.

Both look at each other.

“Malika?” They say to each other.

“Who’s this?” Malika says while pointing at Bihaan.

“Hi, I’m Rudra.” Bihaan lies as he is not allowed to reveal his real name in a undercover secret mission.

“Oh, hi Rudra, I’m Malika.” Malika says and looks at Bihaan.

“Hi.” Bihaan says with a worrying smile.

“Are you here alone?” Malika asks.

“Yes, I thought to take a day off from work and relax here, in Goa.” Bihaan says.

“Armaan, I know you can hear me but I need a favour, attack Aslam for me so that I can save him.” Bihaan thinks.

Armaan hears and looks on.

“Can you communicate back to him?” Armaan asks Arjun.

“I don’t know, I need to have full of my Nag powers and I only got half.” Arjun says.

“Wah, he wants me to attack Aslam so he can be in the good list.” Armaan says to Arjun.

“You wait, let me go.” Arjun says and bends down.

He turns into a snake and goes, Armaan looks on.

Arjun reaches near Aslam and slides on him, Bihaan and Malika look on along with his men. Aslam also sees and is shocked.

“S…snake?!” Aslam shouts.

“Wah Arjun, I must say.” Bihaan thinks and smirks.

He then grabs Arjun slowly and throws him.

“How dare the snake touch you?!” Bihaan says.

Aslam gets impressed with his bravery.

Arjun falls in the water and turns back in to his human form.

“Wow, Arjun could’ve died.” Armaan thinks.

Arjun then comes from behind and taps Armaan’s shoulder. Armaan turns around and sees Arjun.

“You’re fine?” Armaan says.

Arjun nods.

“But Bihaan isn’t going to be!” Arjun says.

After a while Aslam gets more impressed with Bihaan, Malika looks on.

“Would you want to work with me?” Aslam says.

“Me? Well…” Bihaan says.

“Rudra, I think you’re capable of this job, please don’t say no.” Aslam thinks.

“Wow, Meri toh lottery lag Gayi, I already made it in his list, hear Armaan and Arjun, don’t underestimate a power of a common man!” Bihaan thinks and smiles.

Armaan looks on along with Arjun.

Then Bihaan was taken to the factory, there he saw drugs and alcohol bottles and looks on.

“Oh, so this is where he keeps his stuff?” Bihaan thinks.

After having the tour around the factory, Bihaan gets a call, he attends it.

“Hello?” Bihaan says.

“Achcha, there without us?” Arjun says.

“I can do it… You leave it!” Bihaan says and disconnects the call.

Then after a while the police come and raid the factory, Aslam and Bihaana are shocked, Armaan the comes in with a gun.

“Aslam! You’re game is over!” Armaan says with a smirk.

“What? Sale, you ruined it!” Bihaan thinks.

“If it wasn’t for Rudra… Sorry, I mean Bihaan then we wouldn’t have reached to you.” Armaan says and Bihaan gets shocked.

All look at him.

“You couldn’t bear my happiness so you came early?!” Bihaan shouts.

“Who are you?!” Aslam angrily shouts.

“ISA officer Armaan Malik!” Armaan says and shows his id.

“And I’m ISA officer Bihaan Pandey!” Bihaan says and stands near Armaan.

Aslam and his men get shocked, they start attacking and Bihaan starts fighting them with Armaan and the police men.

NOW (Present):

After a lot of fighting, Bihaan and Armaan get tired,

“Where’s Arjun?” Bihaan says.

“He’s there to keep an eye out to Malika cause she looked suspicious.” Armaan says.

Then the police manage to arrest Aslam, Aslam glares at Armaan and Bihaan. Malika walks in with Arjun behind her.

“Malika?” Aslam says.

“Aslam?” Malika gasps.

“Your game finished!” Arjun says.

Malika then takes her hat off and her long hair flow out, she smiles and takes her sunglasses off. She is revealed to be Noorie.

“True, you’re game has come to an end!” Malika/ Noorie says.

“Malika?” Aslam says confusingly.

“Aha… ISA senior Officer Noorie!” Noorie says.

Armaan and Bihaan are shocked while Arjun nods yes.

It goes in to a flashback where Arjun was following Malika, he then sees her inside Aslams room, she’s searching and she finds a chip. After that she sees Arjun and looks on.

“Senior officer?” Arjun says.

Noorie then looks on, Arjun shows her identity card to her and she gets shocked.

“You dropped it while running.” Arjun says

“Uh… Yes.” Noorie gives up.

“Don’t worry, let’s go.” Arjun says.

Noorie takes her card and they run.

End of Flashback.

Aslam is arrested and taken away while Noorie, Arjun and Bihaan give a victory smirk.

“I must say, you all done it in a day.” Noorie says.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Bihaan says.

“Don’t call me Ma’am, call me Noorie, Ma’am sounds weird.” Noorie says.

Bihaan and Armaan then let out a laugh.

“So, shall we go back to Dehli?” Arjun says.

“Sure.” Noorie says.

“I’m coming in the police Van because we need Aslam to reach Delhi without any problem.” Arjun says

Then they nod and the 4 head out.

Scene shifts to Rajasthan, a mansion is shown, inside that mansion, a servant is shown walking with a tray, he has Bluetooth on his right ear, his back is shown.

“Okay, it’s the time to attack… We’ve got all the proofs and Ma’am, shall we?” The servant says.

“Well I don’t think it’s the right time yet but…” Vividha says.

“Sanskaar, do it now, I will reach there!” Atharv says.

“But…” Vividha says but gets interrupted.

The servants face is shown, he is Sanskaar but with a beard and moustache and turban and in a Rajasthani outfit.

“What do you mean but?! We got all the proof and he has been recognised, Raghu has been hiding in Rajasthan for a month and now it’s enough, we will get him arrested.” Atharv says.

“Sometimes you should think twice.” Vividha says.

“They’re fights are not going to come to an end.” Sanskaar thinks.

He then takes his Bluetooth off and knocks on the door. A woman opens the door, the woman is dressed in a Rajasthani outfit but as a servant, she signals Sanskaar and he nods yes, the woman is revealed to be Ragini, she has a smile on her face.

“Who is it?” Raghu says.

“I don’t know Saab.” Ragini says in Rajasthani language.

“It’s me, Birwa…” Sanskaar says.

“Birwa? Achcha, let him in.” Ragini says.

“Ji Saab.” Ragini says.

Sanskaar comes in and sees Raghu taking a massage with closed eyes.

“So Birwa, tell me what you need?” Raghu says in a deep voice.

Raghu hears a silence and the Massage ladies stop and leave, Raghu opens his eyes and sees Sanskaar, Atharv, Ragini and Vividha pointing the gun at him. He is stunned.

“You’re game has ended Rajbeer or should I say Raghu?!” Vividha says.

“What is this? What proof do you have that I’m Raghu?!” Raghu shouts.

“You accepting just a second ago and this chip!” Atharv says.

Ragini holds up the chip and Raghu is stunned.

“This can happen, who are you?!” Raghu says.

“ISA officer Sanskaar!” Sanskaar says.

“ISA officer Ragini!” Ragini says.

“ISA officer Atharv!” Atharv says.

“And ISA S…” Before Vividha could complete Atharv interrupts.

“And now we’re here to arrest you and take you to Delhi!” Atharv says.

Vividha looks at him along with Ragini and Sanskaar.

They arrest Raghu and take him to Delhi.

Delhi Head Quarters (HQ):

Armaan and Bihaan are shown sitting down and relaxing, Noorie is reading a file while Arjun is looking at a screen. Vividha enters with Atharv, Ragini and Sanskaar. She gets surprised seeing them.

Arjun types something in and the screen splits into three, he smiles.

“It’s your Birthday Armaan, do something big… Why are you here?” Bihaan says.

“Why do you want me murdered or fired?” Armaan says and fixes his shoelaces.

“Pata Nahi when I will have a holiday off work? Today is your birthday and we should.” Bihaan says.

“Who is he and who is she?” Sanskaar and Ragini thinks.

Armaan hears two new voices and looks up, he sees Sanskaar and Ragini.

Armaan then stands up and looks at Vividha.

“What happened to you? Why have you stood up, it’s like you seen Ma’am!” Bihaan chuckles.

“Ma’am” Arjun says while turning around.

“We have finally caught Shani, Aslam and Raghu, now there’s one more left.” Arjun says.

Bihaan then turns around and sees Vividha and is shocked.

Vividha looks at him.

“I was just talking about the next case with Armaan” Bihaan says and smiles worriedly.

“This not your house Mr Pandey, you’re here to work not to sit around! How are you back so early?! You went yesterday and…” Vividha says in a strict tone.

“And we came back yesterday.” Armaan tells.

“And you got proof?” Vividha asks.

“Yes, if it wasn’t for Noorie then we wouldn’t have been able to come yesterday.” Armaan says.

“Noorie?” Sanskaar, Vividha and Ragini asks.

“Yes, me.” Noorie says.

They look at her.

“So you’re the new senior officer?” Vividha.

“Yes, and you must be Officer Vividha?” Noorie asks.

Vividha nods yes.

“Nice meeting to and I must say, you already impressed everyone on your first day.” Vividha says.

“I was studying the next case details.” Noorie says

“Thats good. Anyways meet Officer Armaan Malik, our new team member and colleague.” Vividha says.

“Happy birthday.” Atharv, Ragini and Sanskaar say.

Armaan smiles at all and they smile back.

“So have you…” Vividha says.

“Yes Ma’am, they’re here.” Arjun says and points at the screen.

Vividha nods and sees Aslam in his cell, Raghu in his and Shani in his.

“Good job, I’m stunned at the fact that you have done it in a day.” Vividha says surprised.

Bihaan smiles and shows Armaan and Arjun.

“Well, let’s move onto the next case.” Noorie says.

Vividha and all nod.

“Where’s Laksh?” Bihaan asks.

“You would find out, concentrate on the presentation! Anyways Happy Birthday Officer Malik.” Vividha strictly says.

“Thank you Ma’am.” Armaan says.

Vividha turns around and all are shocked to hear Happy Birthday from her mouth, Bihaan makes a face.

All then sit around the table.

“Why don’t you do the presentation.” Vividha tells Noorie.

“Me? Well I’m not that good.” Noorie says.

“Just do it.” Vividha says.

“Okay.” Noorie says.

The lights go off and the projector shines on the board.

“So, our next target is DP and Addy… Known as Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Adarsh Maheshwari.” Noorie tells and shows their photo on the projector.

Bihaan yawns while Vivdha gives him the stern looks, he then fake smiles and looks at the board.

“They have joined hands with Shani, Raghu and Aslam… We thought that they would get suspicious and be alerted already so we sent two of our officers there, Swara and Laksh, who are known as Karanvir and Jhanvi.” Noorie explains and their photo is displayed.

Then a black car stops at the airport. A man steps out and he is revealed to be Laksh and is shown with glasses, long hair, moustache and a belly.

A man in black suit with a hat is shown coming out and song is playing the background.

Yeah! Baby When U See Me
Comming Yeah!

His black shades are shown.

Yeah U Better Run For Cover

He is walking while twirling his stick.

Cos U Know When I Find U

Laksh walks forward with a smile.

Yeah Im Gonna Be Your Lover
Yeah! Baby When U See Me
Comming Yeah!

The man walks forward with style while looking around.

Yeah U Better Run For Cover
Cos U Know When I Find U
Yeah Im Gonna Be Your Lover

Tujhse Log Kahnge
Na Kar Pyaar Mujhe

The man is revealed to be DP who is walking with styles and looking at the girls who are smiling at him.

Mein To Lakh Bura Hoon
Need Chura Loon Hosh Uda Doon

Laksh comes forward while styling his hear.

Main To Baahon Mein Le Ke
Raah Bhula Doon Baat Bana Doon

DP and Laksh come face to face.

Scene shifts to Dehli.

“We have to be very careful with DP because one mistake is the end of your life!” Noorie explains.

Bihaan and Armaan look on.

Chahe Jahaan Dil Ko Chupaa
Baaton Hi Baaton Main
Do Mulaqaton Mein Le Loon

The girls run up to him, Laksh looks on.

“We need to go to Kolkata and do this mission carefully.” Vividha tells.

Noorie nods yes.

“Adarsh has two daughters, Arundhati and Paakhi. Arundhati is his illegitimate child and has no value in his life. Paakhi doesn’t either but in front of the world he’s a perfect father and a perfect business man.” Noorie tells and shows the picture of Arundhati and Paakhi.

Armaan smiles seeing Paakhi’s picture.

“One thing that you should know about Paakhi is that she’s bossy and she has pride, she thinks this world is nothing against her Dad and Daadu. She believes she get what she wants and is spoilt. Her mother died.” Noorie explains.

Armaan’s smile disappeared.

“They also have a cousin, Vani, who is also known and Thapki due to her stammering problem she had since she was 12 but it stopped and she recovered at the age of 15” Noorie tells and shows a picture of Thapki.

A smile appears on Bihaan’s face while looking at her innocence.

“She is opposite to Paakhi and is similar to Arundhati.” Noorie tells.

“Arundhati is simple, she doesn’t believe that money can buy happiness. She is less loved but is treated good by her cousin, Thapki.” Noorie tells.

All nod and thinks.

“So, this mission is to expose Addy and DP and get them arrested for underworld gangster/dons and drug dealing… There might be much more.” Noorie tells.

“So what do we have to do?” Sanskaar says and looks on.


Bachna Ae Haseena
Lo Mein Aa Gaya

DP smiles at them.

Ae Bachna Ae Haseeno
Lo Mein Aa Gaya
Husn Ka Aashiq
Husn Ka Dushman

Song finishes.

“Welcome to Kolkata Mr Maheshwari, how are you?” Laksh says while forwarding his hand.

“I’m fine, what about you Mr…? DP says and shakes his hand.

“L…” Laksh says but stops.

“Karanvir stupid! Karanvir Sinha.” A new voice is heard.

DP looks at him.

“Karanvir Sinha.” Laksh says.

It happens to be the Bluetooth that is on Laksh’s ear but is hidden by his long shoulder length hair.

“Zyada overacting mat karna, do what we planned.” The voice says.

“Oh yes Mr Sinha, you’re our new business partner right?” DP asks.

“Yes, me and my wife had just arrived yesterday, I thought to come and meet you.” Laksh says.

“That’s great, my son Adarsh would be coming tomorrow.” DP says.

“Oh, have made any arrangements?” Laksh asks.

“We have a house here in Kolkata, so yes.” DP says.

“Oh, that’s great, I didn’t know that, I guess I’ll cancel the booking made for you.” Laksh says.

“Booking?” DP asks

“Yes, I made a booking for you in the same hotel me and my wife are staying in but it looks like you have made your arrangements.” Laksh says.

“Yes, but thank you for the booking, haven’t you got house in Kolkata?” DP asks.

“No, we don’t… Well, we don’t really come here often but I guess we have to.” Laksh says.

“And not everyone’s rich like you.” Laksh thinks.

“And your wife…?” DP asks.

“She’s in the hotel, anyways I will meet you soon.” Laksh says and turns to leave.

DP then thinks.

“Mr Sinha!” DP says.

Laksh smirks and then turns around.

“Yes?” Laksh says.

“You can live with me in my house until the business deal is completed and maybe you can look for houses till then?” DP says.

“But how can I Mr Maheshwari?” Laksh says.

“You’re our guests because Kolkata is my brith city and we can’t insult our guests.” DP says.

“But…” Laksh says.

“Duffer, he’s offering, don’t be too formal!” The voice from Bluetooth shouts.

“Please Mr Sinha, it would be my pleasure and we could discuss the business details there.” DP assures.

“Thank you Mr Maheshwari, I would just call and tell my wife.” Laksh says and turns around.

He takes his phone out and pretends to dial the number and puts it on his ear.

“He’s said we can come, now get ready.” Laksh says through his Bluetooth.

Then Swara is revealed in a different room and smiles, she is talking on the phone and it was her who was projecting her voice through the Bluetooth.

“I’m always ready.” Swara says.

Laksh then pretends to disconnect the phone and looks at DP and nods.

Then they head in the car and the car drives off.

Split screen of Noorie…Swara and Laksh…

Precap: Entry of ASR… Adarsh, Arundhati, Paakhi and Thapki…

I was requested to upload the First episode as it is Armaan’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Armaan…

You all might know me… You might have guessed but I will reveal at the end…?

Well I would b continuing if you all are liking it, there is a max of comments which makes it a hit.

If it reaches the number of hit then we will upload it on 25th July.
Will… Reveal at the end X

Credit to: Will... Reveal at the end

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