Siyapaa (Introduction+Promo)


Promo + Introduction:
Kahani Ki Nayi aur ajeeb shuruat… Total Siyapaa… Lekin kaisa?

Aj ek aur Kahani aa rahi hai… Nafrat aur Pyaar ka ek naya kissah… jaha SwaRagini Ki Kahani Batayi jaa egi lekin Jaana Na Dil Se Door… Thapki Pyaar Ki… Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Baazigar aur Nagarjun ke saath… Jur rahi hai Swara aur Ragini Ki Kahani Vividha, Thapki, Khushi, Arundhati aur Noorie ke saath… Kaise hogi is Kahani Ki shuruat??

(Another story is coming… Nafrat and Pyaar’s new storyline… Where SwarRagini’s story would be told but with Jaana Na Dil se door… Thapki Pyaar Ki… Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon… Baazigar and Nagarjun… Swara and Ragini’s story is combining with Vividha, Thapki, Khushi, Arundhati and Noorie’s story… How will this story start??)
Set from the 1980’s and onwards… A lady and a man are showing dancing on a romantic song… Then bullets are heard and the screen goes black… Then a modern day (2016) Kolkata is shown and a big mansion is shown… A car arrives and a man steps out of it…

Who was he? What happened? What is this story bringing? What secrets will this story unfold??

To know more, do read ‘Siyapaa (Swaragini… Jaana Na Dil Se Door… IPKKND… Baazigar…Nagarjun… Thapki Pyaar Ki)’
Laksh – 25 years old
Sanskaar – 26 years old
Atharv – 26 years old
Arjun – 24 years old
Armaan – 22 years old
Bihaan – 25 years old
Arnav (ASR) – 27 years old.
Aarav – 25 years old.

Vividha – 24 years old
Noorie – 22 years old
Swara – 23 years old
Ragini – 23 years old
Thapki – 22 years old
Paakhi – 18 years old
Khushi – 25 years old
Arundhati – 21 years old

(Note: Ragini and Swara are twins but not fraternal… )

Female leads…

Swara Gadodia – She is brave, confident, caring and loyal. She is friends with Vividha and is Ragini’s twin.

Ragini Gadodia – She is caring, loyal and brave… She is Swara’s twin…. Also friends with Vividha.

Vividha – Vividha is a brave, loyal and caring… She focus on her work and is a little strict… Friends with Ragini and Swara.

Noorie – She is new… She is brave, loyal and caring… She is also a little serious when it comes to work… But overall she is funny and bubbly.

Thapki/ Vani Chaturvedi – She is a innocent, sweet and mature… She is also caring… she is cousins with Paakhi.

Paakhi Maheshwari – She is cute, sweet and bubbly… She also acts bossy and rich/spoilt… She is the daughter of Adarsh and Parineeta… She is Thapki’s cousin… Arundhati’s half sister… (Played by Mahima Matwana)

Khushi Kumari Gupta – She will be introduced in the 3rd or 5th episode… She is bubbly, cute, fearless and follows her heart… She is currently looking for a Job…

Arundhati Maheshwari – She is the daughter of Adarsh… She is Adarsh’s Najayaz child, she was born before Adarsh got married to Parineeta… And when Adarsh was in his teenage years… DP doesn’t like her much… She is brave and bold girl… She does what her heart says… She is Paakhi’s half sister.

Male leads…

Bihaan Pandey – He is a fun, caring and carefree guy… He gets scolded a lot for the carelessness he has towards his work… He is brave and loyal… Laksh, Arjun, Sanskaar and Atharv’s friend… Treats them like his brothers.

Laksh – Laskh is a carefree, flirty and cool guy… He loves his work but also messes around… He gets scolded for not taking his work seriously… Sanskaar’s brother. But treats Atharv… Bihaan and Arjun like his brothers too.

Sanskaar – Sanskaar is a serious type of guy… He takes his work seriously… He never compromises with his work… He is also fun and caring but after the work is finished… Laksh’s brother… But treats Arjun, Bihaan and Atharv like his brothers.

Atharv – He is a focused and well organised guy… He takes his work seriously but does not do Masti time often… He wants to impress the boss and get a higher position… He also takes his work seriously… Friends with Bihaan, Arjun, Sanskaar and Laksh… But treats them like real brothers.

Arjun – He takes his work seriously but also has fun time… He is a carefree guy… He is a shape shifting snake and has powers… He is friends with Bihaan, Atharv, Sanskaar and Laksh but treats them like his older brothers…who guide him…and show him the right path…

Armaan – He is new and had recently joined… He is a carefree, cool and a flirt… He doesn’t know much about the work… He has telepathy powers… Got scolded on the first day (Played by Armaan Malik, the singer)

Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) – is the head of the company… He is strict and only orders people… All are scared of him… He likes perfection in his work… He doesn’t like careless people… He is disliked by his colleagues and is Noorie’s older brother… But no one knows. Would be introduced in episode 2 or 4.

Aarav – He would be introduced in the upcoming episodes… He is cool, carefree, strict and fearless guy… He is Armaan’s brother but they don’t know… He has telepathy powers but his are different from Armaan’s… Will join the work later…

Additional characters:
– DP
– AP
– Adarsh
– RP
– Sujata
– Astika
A little about the Characters:

Adarsh is 37 years old… Parineeta died… He was 16 when Aru (Arundhati) was born and 19 when Paakhi…

Paakhi and Thapki are cousins as Thapki is Parineeta’s sisters daughter… Thapki’s mother died so she is living with Paakhi.

DP is the biggest business tycoon who has arrived in Kolkata recently with his son Adarsh… And granddaughter, Paakhi… And Thapki.

Atharv is living with Sanskaar and Laksh… He is RP’s son.

Vividha joined 5 months ago and is senior to Atharv… Atharv doesn’t like that…

Laksh, Bihaan, Sanskaar, Atharv and Arjun himself found out Arjun is a Nag and has powers 9 1/2 months ago. Arnav also finds out.

Armaan and Shaurya don’t know they’re brothers…

ASR is Noorie’s brother… No one know…

In this story, RP and DP aren’t brothers…

Atharv is RP’s son and lives with Bihaan, Laksh and Sanskaar.

How do you like the story’s introduction and Promo so far??

Hope you like it… You can tell me if you find it boring… I won’t mind…

I would try to upload the first episode on 25th of July…

I hope you all like it, you can tell me if its not worth it or it isn’t interesting or too much, I won’t write it.

Sneak peak:

Episode 1 – Introduction of the Characters and their jobs … Some Introduced in Kolkata… some introduced in Goa while the others introduced in Rajasthan…

Episode 2 – Into of ASR…

The pairs will be revealed later on in the story… Of Swaragini…

You all might know me… You might have guessed but I will reveal at the end…?

Will… Reveal at the end X

Credit to: Will... Reveal at the end X

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