siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 5)


They all reach d palace…janak asked mandavi & shrutakeerthi to show d brothers room…The bros room was just opposite to sisters room…
Mandavi:this s ur room{there were four cots lik sita’s & her sisters room…}
ram smiles

keerthi: if u all need anything ask us as our room s just opposite to urs
ram was super happy…sita doesn’t know that ram’s room s opposite to hers..even urmi as they went with their mata to kitchen aftr coming frm d temple..
suna:u both go & ask d brothers what would they like to have,we can cook that itself
s&u:kk mata
urmi:di where s their room??

siya:i also dono mila
urmi:first we will go to our room and we can ask mandavi&keerthi about their room
sita:kk urmi i thnk so they will know about this

urmi nd siya are moving towards their room that time they saw their sis standing infront of another room
sita:mandavi what r u doing here
Davi:di bade pita…
urmi:kk do u know about the brothers room
keerthi:di wo….
sita:u also do no ah{not leaving them to talk itself}

Inside the room………

lak:bhai this mithila was so beautiful na..
ram:ha lakshman
sita knocks d room..they din hear d sound..they was talking continuosely…urmi knocked d room n a manner that lakshman became so angry
urmi:y they are not opening
lak:y these dasi’s knocking n a harsh manner{unknowingly}
ram:come lets see

lakshman come fast with anger,urmi forwarded & knocked..suddenly lak opened & urmi forwarded nd they collide..OUCH!!! they all laugh
lak:y r u knocking harshly
urmi:y did u din opened d door
they started their fight sita calms urmi while ram calms lakshman
sita:sorry for my sisters behaviour..pls forgive her
urmi:di y are u
lak:see learn frm ur sis hw patient she was & handling d prob
ram:lak calm down ask sorry
lak:bhai y are u

urmi:see learn frm ur bro hw kind he was nd u are opp to him
sita:keep quiet & come with me
urmi:di but..
sita:i said come with me…
ram smiles…sita nods

In d kitchen

urmi:y did u support him di
Davi:because he s our guest
keerthi:& mata says na we should treat our guests lik god
sita cooks food for ram & they forget to ask them about their wish nd she started serving d food..chandra& suna went some where while janak & kushadwaj went for some official work..only bros nd sis n d palace

shat:hw did u know bhai’s likes
keerthi:when did u asked him??
sita:i din asked i just thought of these foods related to his behaviour character nd all so i cooked

ram:but these are my likked dishes
bhar:but u will not cooked our wished food ah only for ram bhaiyya va
sita:not lik that tomorrow i will surely cook food which will be liked to all
lak:but it was awesome
s&b:its simply superb
ram:these foods are really tasty nd it was lik cooked by our matas
siya was double happy

PRECAP:janak says siya & her sis to show d places of mithila to ram nd his bros…ram learns sita’s balkyaal veer gatha by Devi gargi..


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