siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 4)

tq frnds for ur comments…it mean a lot to me…

Here we go……………..


In The Temple….
janaK:suna where s sita…its getting late..
suna:i also dono y they take more time to come frm d garden
prohrit:maharaj!its getting late shall we start d pooja..
ram feels something his heart beats faster….
janak:nai prohrit we can wait for a while as sita only do the arti na so…
suna:maharaj! lets start…
janak:nai suna we should wait for them…but where did they go..
urmi:we came pitaji

All turned….ram saw sita nd mesmerized by her beauty…sita saw ram nd lost n thoughts there it
urmi:forgive us pitaji while coming to temple we saw a cute rabbit was wounded in its leg nd it cannot walk itself so we took that to mata gargi’s ahsram nd we treated for its wound..
sita was stunned she din talk a bit itself…
janak:sita kya hua???
she din urmi wakes her up….
sita:pitaji…that i..i…i…im sry
janak:its kk putri come..janaki this s ram eldest son of dhasarat,nd he s bharat,nd they are lakshman &shatrugan….

sita & ram share a eyelock…
janak:sita come lets start d puja..its already late..
sita nods…prohrit gives d Arti plate to sita…she does d arti(jai jai girivar raj kishori plays…)then, she gives d prasad to janak nd suna,to kushadvaj nd chandrabhaga,nd to her sisters,then to ram nd his bros….
sita n her mind:mata i dono yi feel like today i got all my happiness back..i do no d reason but im happy
ram n his mind:i do no y i feel that my reason for my birth got fullfillled..i dono d reason but im happu…
janak:come ram lets go to d palace…
ram nods..sita smiles…

PRECAP: sita makes food for ram…lakshmila colllide with eachother….

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  1. Padmaja

    Hey shrini super ah irruku. Enaku romba pudichiruku. Waiting for next part.

  2. Padmaja

    And interesting precap.

  3. Vanshika

    Shrinithi akka romba superb..

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    thank u padmaja di

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