siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 3)



All bros are chatting n their room about going to mithila suddenly a dasi enters..
dasi:pranam maharaj dasharat called u all to his room
shat:kk u go
lak:y did he called us
ram:lakshman lets go nd see
bhar:ha bhai

In Dhasarat’s Room..
ram:pitaji y did u called us are u fine??
dhash:ha beta im fine actually i called u all to say that im not coming to mithila due to some imp work but u all shoud go without fair
lak:but pitaji
dhash:beta ram u inform janak about my unarrival and ask him to forgive me orelse he will become sad nd i dont wish my dear frnd was worried about me on an auspicious day..
ram:s pitaji i will surely say d reason of ur unarrival..
bhar:u dont worry pitaji we will go
L&S:ha pitaji
dhas:im vry lucky to have u all…always understanding my situation,caring,respecting,and supporting me n all ways..
R,B,L&S:nai pitaji we all lucky to have u as a father

They all share a hug…
dhas;sumantra u go with them
All seek mothers blessing..nd started moving towards mithila..


In The Temple…
janak:sunaina s all arrangements ready…king Dhasharat nd his sons are coming so they should not feel any diffficulties or uncomfortablity
suna:no maharaj all are ready u dont worry..
janak:where s sita
suna:sita and urmi went to garden to get some fruits nd flowers
janak:mandavi nd keerthi???
suna:they are coming with ur brother kushadwaj
kush:we came bhabhi
janak:kushadwaj does king maharaj came..
some person:maharaj there s a prob two dhohis are fighting nd they are seeking for justice..
janak:wat??suna u take care of these arrangements if king dhasharat came u welcome him i will solve this problem nd return here..kushadwaj u come with me..
sunaina nods…janak went…sita and urmi din return

All prince charmings arrived mithila and came to temple..nd janak also returned after solving d prob..
janak:welcome welcome….
all four seek janak’s bleesings..
janak:ram where s king dhasharat??
ram:maharaj pitaji was n some sabha work so he asked us to come here nd seek mata gauri’s blessings nd visit d shiv dhanush nd he asked forgiveness also..
janak:its alright atleast u all came na im so happy but im sad for dhasharats unarrival but its kk come

they all assembled n d temple….sita nd urmi din come
janak:where s sita nd urmi
suna:they will be coming y are they late u dont worry they will reach on time..

PRECAP:sita nd urmi enters…ram nd sita face to face…

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  1. NABANITA626

    Great epi….
    Waiting ffor siam meeting???

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    thank u di….

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    Wow superb Epi. And exciting precap.

  4. Shrinithi

    thanks akka…kandipa nxt epiya exciting pandren…

  5. Awesome epi…. Waiting for Siam meet

  6. wow shrinithi amazing and love the precap.yay go siam

  7. Anushya

    loved the dialougues shrinithi

  8. Shrinithi

    thank u all i posted my epi it will reach u soon nd i hope u all will like it…..

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