siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 2)



The girls are roaming here nd there n search of their didi…
urmi:where r u di??
Davi:she will be here only dont worry..
And d three sis went to garden nd saw their di..
suddenly a girl with a blue lehanga nd beautiful face with a cute smile turned
ya its our sita!! [bhoomija ja plays…] sita:tum theeno yahan???
urmi:di why u din say that u are coming to garden..
sita:no urmi today there s pooja n gauri temple na so i came here to pluck flowers..nd u all sleeping na so only i dont want to disturb u
shru:di we all forget aout pooja but u remembered evrything hw???
Davi:its our di!!
sita:okk come mata will be waiting for us…
s,u&m:han di

the boys were roaming here nd there nd they saw their bhai..
lak:bhai what r u doing here n d sarayu river n vry early morn??
A boy with hansome face,lotus eyes nd with patience mind turned…[ Ram Ram plays….] ram:what??[he was lost n some toughts] shat:bhai y did u come here without informing us??
bhar:ha bhai y??
ram:nothing i was feeling uncomfortable so only i came here for relaxation..
s&b:r u fine bhai
ram:ya absolutely
laxman thinks tat ram s hiding something frm me..


All sis went to kitchen….
suna:where did u go sita?u know that there was pooja n gauri temple..
suna:[not leaving to ans her]orelse u also forget about that ah like ur sisters..ohno where are d flowers??
u,m&s:mata we forgot..sorry
suna:wat sorry hw u all being so irrresponsible??
sita:mata mata calm down..i went to garden to pluck flowers only..{she shows d basket}im sorry mata for not informing u
suna:im sorry putri actually i was so worried about d poooja as ayodhya king with his sons coming to mithila for gauri pooja nd worshipping shiv dhanush
sita:mata s ayodhya king coming{with a broad smile nd her heart starts beating faster}
suna:s beta..


dhasharat:where r u ram u know na today we r going to mithila
ram:han pitaji{with a broad smile nd his heart start beating faster}
dhasharat:all prince(s)get ready soon
all:teeke pitaji

Later n d room lakshman asked ram y r u feeling uncomfortable..
lak:u are hiding frm ur bhai itself ah
ram:no lak i also dono whats happening with me…u remeber n our childhood what pitaji sayed about mithilas king and princess….

FB shows..
dhash:ram u know about mithila??
ram:s a land filled with happiness nd greenart view nd rajrishi janak- prajas king
dhas:u know abot sita she s d frst princess of janak nd he found her n d land when he was digging d soil…after her birth only mithila turned into a beautiful land…her birth place was worshipped by all prajas
ram:what a baby frm land ah…
dhas:s my dear

FB ends
lak:s bhai i also heard tat…
ram:i dono y but my heat feels to meet her
ram n his mind:{y am i feeling lik im going to achieve something after a million of years..}
lak:it might because u heard abot her na so only


sita to urmi:y i feel tat im going to achieve something after a million of years…

y both feel of getting or ahieve something lik years of tapsa going to fullfilled???

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  1. Wow it is superb.. liked it

    1. shrinithi venkatesan

      thank u di

  2. NABANITA626

    Love it❤????

  3. wow intersting , waiting for siyaram’s first meet .

  4. mindblowing

  5. Anushya

    ive fallen in love with ur ff…. super hit storyline and beautiful words… cant wait for next one

  6. Shrinithi

    thank u all for ur comments surely i will try my best to make u all happy…i posted 3 epi already it will be reached soon

  7. Shrinithi

    thank u all for ur comments surely i will try my best to make u all happy…

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