siya ram ka pyaari kahani (episode 1)


hi guys im shrinithi…i liked to post an ff about siya nd her sisters nd ram and his brothers…mainly sira’s love nd respect for eachothers…this s an imaginary ff…i hpe u all will enjoy this..critics are heartily welcome…


A beautiful room s shown where some girls are sleeping peacefully…due to d sudden knocking of a dasi all shattered and waked..they all questioned her:y u waked us like this??dasi replied:no rajkumaris maharani sunaina told to wake u up..wat mata but y asked the girls…suddenly sunaina enterd d kaksh nd said d sasi to go..suna:y i only said to wake u all
urmi:but ma y so early
shru:ha ma y
suna:ya today there s a pooja n gauri temple so u all shoud go na
davi:ha ma we forgot

suna:tike go fast nd freshen up..nd sita u nd ur sis go to garden nd pluck fowers nd come for pooja..
[no answer from janaki as she was not there] suna:where s sita??where did she go n d early morn?y r u not answering
urmi:i dono ma i thnk so while we r sleeping itself didi went somewhere….
davi:we will seach her she will be near d river or in search of golden deer u dont worry..
suna: accha teeke all of u go nd get ready nd find her as pitaji s waiting fe his janaki


Three hansome rajkumars where roaming here nd there..searching their bhai ram
lak: where are u bhai???
shat:ram bhai…ram bhai where are u????
bhar: where r u bhai??lak i thnk bhai s not here he might be n pitajis room..lets go there
lak&shat: haa bhai u are correct

there in mithila girls went in search of here didi nd here the boys are n search of their bhai

where will they be??
guys this s my first ff so pls comment as to continue my ff or not….

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  1. its amazing shrinithi

  2. Padmaja

    It is superb shrinithi pls continue it…

  3. Anushya

    amazing pls continue… waiting for next episode

    1. Shrinithi

      thank u akkas nd anushya

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