siya ki ram -my view.


when isaw the first promo of Ramayana in siya’s view,I was the most happiest girl because of the new concept.I was eagerly waiting for it for days ,you know friends literally I enjoyed the initial episodes .but thinks started to change in due course of one week.I begin to find many fault(Sorry well wisher),actually it is some fault in my view,my hobby is reading Ramayana from different version.I have almost read many versions of Ramayana in both my mother tongue and English.but never found this situation in the story, mmmm no epic.
Siya knowing about Aghalya.
the way in which Siya came to know about the curse of Aghalya ma is very different,I haven’t read it in any of the version in which I have read it.may be it is nice to read but in original.when ram wins the swayamvar,the pandits will praise ram and tell about the matter of his speciality.
2.when Kaikehi hears people praising Ram and telling that he will become the next King
in all the version ,Kaikehi is portrayed as a good women and more affectionate towards Ram even more than his own mom.Kakehi is not portrayed well in this serial.She was the first person to be happy and later it turns into hated due to mandira’s bad thoughts.
3.Dhashrat giving leave to Ram:
I laughed on seeing the promo,the matter that the director of the serial and the modern viewer of the serial forget that Dhashrat never spoke to ram about leaving the kingdom,it was his wife Kaikehi did it.he falls into death bed after hearing the boons of kaikehi.
my view may make some of you well very much bad ,you may even feel that I am not educated enough to talk about Devdutta(I thinking am right) adaption of Sita.But let me tell you some books, if you could then please give it a glance
Rajaji’s interpretation of Kambaramayan.
Valmeki Ramayana.
Kabirdas ki Ramayana etc.
it may go on forever,if you give me any place where the difference arise then I may agree,I got almost tears.because my mind which is very much adapted to proper adaption of Ramayana is not ready to accept this one. May be they are right and I am wrong but I can proudly say that Valmeki Ramayana is the original version of Ramayana which is later translated into different that version,Ram married Siya and loved each other.not going to sea shore before marriage .Even before writing this analysis I read once again some of the interpretation of scholars like rajaji.

(Note:Sorry if anyone got hurt I already know that you are going to scold me for it,but it doesn’t matter)

Credit to: janani

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  1. Dear Janani
    I too am a book buff and have read a lot of books on Ramayan anyway a coming to the point
    U we’re excited about Sita perspective and so ahilya was shown from Sitas perspective
    And u have to understand in most books Sita is not mentioned in each and every part as people always praised ram and modern writers tend to project Sita as victim
    The bows speciality was mentioned what if the Pandits didn’t tell that actually if u have read Sita by devdutt pattanaik
    The swayamwar was portrayed just like that
    First of all everybody try to justify kaikeyi
    Most of the writers I mean think practically was just hearing a servants speech for 10 mins made her vulnerable
    There was no doubt she loved ram
    She just wanted her husband to keep up a promise
    The problem was with kingship not ram and that was portrayed well
    Dasharath would die only have ram left and and he would speak why don’t u chech out Amar Chitra katha Ramayan
    If u are devotee of Ramji he had said expand ur mind to reality
    I mean they are not portraying anything which is bad or makes me hate Sita ram and
    Rajaji means Rajagopalchari right I read his book only last weeks and they were many flaws in that
    And after all just get good values and virtues from it
    If u are going to watch with this kind of mindset I assure its gonna be bad
    I request there has always been an adulteration of the epic but God will give us the right values from each version if we are ready to accept
    Neither u nor me were alive during the era of Ramayan
    First of all siya ke ram is reaching a wider audience as people love to watch tv and whatever they see visually get into their mind. Even in the Skr family many are Muslims
    It is spreading love and values
    I request u not to watch it if u don’t want to but respect it
    Take the positive side .expectations lead to disappointment
    And if u are disappointement please expand ur mind to accept it but I request u to stop posting such an anylsis it is a request

    1. Are u a tamilian just asked because u have read kambaramayan and ram siya sea shore scene was just shown a day before yesterday in seedhayin raaman.
      Any ways I am sorry if I have hurt u but I request u to think of my opinion and I think u have read the book Sita let me tell u first ram will be questioned for breaking in any version of Ramayan u take and then only everybody will hail him as janaki vallabha( beloved of janaki )

      1. sanjana,yes I am a tamilian.I need to give you answer,dhasarath died after Ram’s death but he didn’t ask Ram to leave,it was kaikehi.if you could just read the review of book Sitaand other one of the author ‘Shikandini.’.let me clear you that my problem is that of the flaw perspective may be I expected good version.sorry if this affect you.I didn’t want anyone to get hurt.I think: have the right to post my opinion.

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Nice Janani 🙂 it’s alright everyone has a different opinion your thoughts are awesome too 🙂 just one question how do you upload these write ups on telly updates?

    1. you see in the top of home page,you can find a option submit your article.

  3. Supreetha (Soups)

    Thank you 🙂

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