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Valmiki, who was once a robber, wrote the Ramayan: one of the greatest Hindu epic that imparts lessons on being an ideal human being. One of the core foundations of the Hindu culture, Ramayana was first passed by Valmiki to the sons of Lord Ram, and has been since passed on to the generations that have come. We have all heard about Ram’s exile of 14 years, and Ravan’s kidnapping of Sita, and Ram’s eventually victory over the Evil with the help of his army of monkeys, but there’s so much more to this legendary epic, and today we bring you some of the most hidden stories from the Ramayana.

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1.Considered the antagonist of the epic, Ravan, factually, was a great follower of Shiva, an inordinate scholar, an excellent ruler and a maestro of Veena. Attaining education, Ravan underwent a colossal penance to please Lord Shiva on the banks of river Narmada. Willing to please the Lord, Ravan axed his head. Each time that happened, the head grew back, which continued 10 times, pleasing Shiva. Shiva thus granted 10 heads to Ravan that he sacrificed. These 10 heads indicate the six shastras and the four vedas that Ravan mastered.

After winning over Lanka, Ravan again went to meet Shiva in Kailash, where he was denied entry by Nandi-Shiva’s gatekeeper. Annoyed, Ravan teased him and hence a furious Nandi cursed him that his Lanka would be destroyed by a monkey! To prove his devotedness to Shiva, Ravan tried to lift Kailash. Angry Shiva placed a toe on the hill and Ravan’s hand crushed beneath it, so painfully that his cry shook the world.

To please Shiva now, Ravan plucked out his nerves and played Shiva’s praise to which Shiva released him and gifted him a sword and gave him the name Ravan, which means “the one with terrifying roar”
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  1. Brindha

    Thank you for sharing this……… I like to read mythological stories…… If u know more stories like this then please share it……


    really ncy but the one who gave ravan the 10 head boon was Brahma……. not Shiva……. pls check it out……….

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