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Laxman did not sleep for the entire 14 years of Ram’s exile! Urmila, his wife, made a huge sacrifice to make this possible.

Urmila, the wife of Laxman, was ready to accompany him when he was leaving for exile with Ram, but he forced her to stay home. When in forest, Laxman wanted to protect Ram and Sita day and night and wanted to defeat sleep. He thus approached the Goddess of Sleep – Nindra – and asked her to overlook him for the next 14 years. Nindra commanded that someone else must sleep on his behalf to create balance, and Laxman asked her to consider his wife Urmila for this. Nindra went to the Ayodhya Palace and asked Urmaila if she would take up Laxman’s sleep, which she gladly did.

Urmila slept for 14 years, till the day of Ram’s coronation, and had it not been for her, Laxman would never have been able to slay Meghnath as Megnath was granted a boon that he could only be killed by Gudakesh: the one who defeated sleep!
3.Ram is the reincarnation of Vishnu, but who are his brothers reincarnations of?

As Ram is considered an incarnation of Vishnu, Bharat and Shatrughan are considered to be his Sudarshan-Chakra and Conch-Shell, while Laxman is considered to be his Shesh-Naag, Vishnu’s seat in Vaikunth (adobe of Vishnu or Brahmalok). As Earth rests on Shesh-Naag’s head, whenever Adi Shesh is angered, the Earth shakes. When in the courtroom of Janak (father of Sita), during Sita’s ‘swayamvar’, nobody could lift the bow of Shiva, Janak got upset and declared that the Earth is now devoid of strong men. This angered Laxman so much that the Earth started to tremble.

Laxman was later born as Balram, the elder brother of Lord Krishna. Laxman had complained that since he is born as the younger brother, he has to obey all commands of Ram and thus, his wish to be the elder brother was fulfilled when he was born as Balram.
4.A promise of Ram became the cause of Laxman’s death.

After Sita was consumed by Mother Earth, Ram knew that his duties on Earth were over and he decided to return back to Vaikunth, but that couldn’t be accomplished as Hanuman won’t allow Yam, the God of Death to meet Ram.

To distract Hanuman, Ram threw his ring in the underworld (Paatal) and asked Hanuman to procure it. Ram then invited Yam, but he put forth a condition that the conversation between them must remain unrevealed and if anyone intercepts the conversation, Ram would kill the person. Ram asked Laxman to guard the gate to ensure no one came in to intercept the meeting of Lord Ram and Yam.

In the meantime, angry sage Durvasa came in to meet Ram only to be halted by Laxman. Angry Durvasa warned that he would curse Ayodhya if not allowed to meet Lord Ram. Seeing the situation, Laxman decided to go and talk to Ram and hence intercepted the meeting. After this incident, to fulfil his brother’s promise, Laxman went to Saryu and gave up his life.

Laxman’s death before Ram’s was necessary as the Shesh-Naag (the seat of Vishnu) that was Laxman had to return first, before Vishnu returned to Vaikunth. Vishnu here was Lord Ram.

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  1. Hey dear thanks for this valuable information but I have a doubt…….who were mandavi,shrutkirti and urmila incarnation of????
    I tried searching it but couldn’t find so were they normal human beings….
    Can you clear my doubt ..
    …pleased……be happy dear….

    1. i’ll verify and tell u dr

    2. same doubt of mine..

    3. who were the incarnation of urmila, mandavi and shrutkirti ??

      1. Piyali di and Lalit ,
        our SKR sister Malvi has given an answer pertaining to Urmila. I personally have not heard of Bimla, but Revatis existence prevails in Vaishnavaite texts.

      2. Here is the link in which she gives an answer.. scroll down a bit and you will find it.

    4. hey vrinda , thanks a lot dear , i was really searching for it but couldn’t find it anywhere but you helped me………………….thanks a lot ……………………….please even say thanks to malvi as i don’t know her but i guess you do so please………………….thanks a lot again dear……………….be happy………………

    5. thanks a lot vrinda , i was actually searching for it but couldn’t find, really thanks dear………………………if you can then please say thanks to malvi too as i don’t know her but i guess you do………………….thanks a lot again dear…………… happy………………..

  2. Tysm for sharing this dear. Really …..god , where do u find all these ?
    Anyways keep sharing dear .
    Take care 🙂 🙂

  3. thank you so much for the info’s really nice great to know the other side of ramayana other than the main protaganists ram-sita

  4. thanks for the valuable information dear .keep sharing

  5. Thanks…..u r doing a v.gud jib

  6. According to me, alongside being the Panchajanya (divine conch of Lord Vishnu), Sudarshan Chakra ( Divine disc of Lord Vishnu), and Ananta Sesha, Bharat, Shatrughan, and Lakshman are supposed to be the Chatur-Vyuha expansions of Lord Vishnu. The Chatur Vyuha expansions are namely, Sri Vasudeva (of whom Sri Rama is directly), Sri Sankarshana (Lakshman himself) Sri Aniruddha ( Of whom Bharata is the expansion) and Sri Pradyumna (Shatrughan is the expansion of Pradyumna, who is Cupid). Sri Vasudeva is the form of Lord Vishnu endowed with the 60 qualities which are present only in 4 avataras of Lord Vishnu: Rama, Narasimha,Varaha, and Krishna, thus these are the full forms of the Lord (Sampurna Avatars) and are part of the Vasudeva expansion.
    The Sankarshana Vyuha of Lord Vishnu is the form of god who comes as a Guru, and also as the Lord’s paraphernalia. The first incarnation Sankarshana is that of a bed(serpent bed) because he is always in the mood of service, as exhibited in the form of Lakshman, always making the Lord’s pastimes more wonderful. (this is also one out of many reasons why one should never disrespect the arti paraphernalia or puja ingredients because these are like Sheshanaga because they help us serve better).
    The Aniruddha Vyuha is the form of controlling ones senses and mind, just as Bharat did on his own detachment from Ayodhya’s throne, and living the life of an ascetic though being an emperor.
    The Pradyumna Vyuha is the incarnation which surpasses Kama (lust) and makes it into love, thus controlling ones desires and transforming them into love. Ripu is the sanskrit word for either enemy, or desires, and Shatrughan had another name called as Ripudaman (destroyer of enemies or desires. One may see that Shatrughan was the most ‘romantic’ or loving among the four brothers.
    And Supriya, you wrote this article very wonderfully, and like Dia I would say you are doing a great job. Sorry if it seems like I am trying to put my thoughts out on your article, I just wanted to share some things which I know.

    1. tanq dr for sharing your thoughts

  7. Hi guys.. I’m new to this page….. Yup we all konow that RAM is incarnation of Vishnu.. Sudharshan chakra and cochshell as barath – shatrugan…. And shesh – nag asvlakshman… Now I’m going to tell u about Sita, Urmila, Mandvi and shruthkirti……… Lakshmi descended as Sita… Conchshell as Urmila…
    Lotus buds as Mandvi and shruthkirti…???
    Lotus buds as Mandvi and shruthkirti….
    . thank you guys for letting all know about the facts of Ramayana…..


      thank u sailu for this info but urmila was a consort of sheshag right?

      i dont know but malvi once shared it:

  8. thanks! For making us to know more about ramayanam.pls go on by giving more info to us.


    i know this very well but reading it again made me clear some of my doubts…

  10. Silpa k sivadasan

    Supriya if u dont mind the correction

    Balram was avatar of lord vishnu himself not sesh naag
    Balram is one of the dasavatars

    Plz check out

    I really hope u wont get hurt with this

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