SIYA KE RAM- The most superior feeling in LOVE….. SEPERATION


No one, No situation can seperate true lovers who are actually made for each other…… 🙂 🙂 <3 <3
According to the yesterday's episode and what the history tells it is definate as we all know that SITA and RAM have get seperated but what was the reason behind this, such misserable SEPERATION?
As we all know Rishi Durwasa because of his anger on Indra cursed the world to be without Lakhmi or to be 'SHREE VIHIN'. Goddess Lakhmi disappears leaving her HARI in uncomparable sorrow and pain, but during the "SAMUDRA MANTHAN" she appears being 'MAHA LAKHMI' and gets united with the MOST POWERFUL yet HARD WORKING, The Supreme Lord VISHNU… 🙂 🙂
Rishi Bhrigu cursed Vishnu because he took away the soul of his wife DEVI KHAYATI. He cursed him to be in pain in his each and every avatar . Pain of being away from his wife. Pain of seperation from your SOULMATE. ??
DEVI VRINDA had also cursed NARAYAN stating that the way he cheated her, in the same way his wife Devi Lakhmi will be cheated by some one. She also stated that the pain through which her husband will go through after finding her dead the same pain will be felt by NARAYAN when his wife will leave him. He will feel the pain of getting seperated from his wife… ?????
I wonder at times that how do people curse their 'aradhya' whom they worship so much???? How can they see their god in immense pain???? But on the second thought she was not even wrong because she was cheated by Lord Hari, and whenever a woman is cheated "THE WORLD" has to "PAY" for it. 'MAHABHARAT' is an awesome example of it.
In MAHABHARAT as we all have seen in the show which was aired on StarPlus. When RUKMINI is carried away by KRISHNA on their chariot to DWARKA for their marriage. RUKMI- elder brother of MATA LAKHMI then incarnation cursed his sister stating that his person for whom you are leaving and ignoring your elder brother he will not always be with you. ?
TIME gets REPEATED. At the 'Creation' of UNIVERSE, "SHREEPATI" and "VAISHNAVI" get UNITED…. ?? and at the end they get seperated for the NEW CREATION to take place.
Vishnu and Lakhmi accepted each and every curse for the BETTERMENT of this "WORLD". And all this curse showed their result in their RAM and SITA'S avatar. Its a game of fortune that in this human avatar he only accepted lakhmi's avatar as his wife but went through such a seperation…..??
In this avatar Sita, one and only most beloved wife of Ram will be cheated by LANKAPATI. Ravan will take her to Lanka. On the other hand Ram will go through the pain of being away from his and only his "PRANPRIYA". He will ask each and every element of this UNIVERSE whether it be rivers, lakes, ponds, trees, mountains, birds, animals, wind even mother Earth that HAVE YOU SEEN MY SITA? He will CRY ? like anything ? and even faint because of crying because all his power her LAKHMI SWAROOPA SITA is not with him…?? For each and every second he will be worrying about SIYA. Questions like – whether she has taken food? or in what condition would she sleeping? How would she be protected by the rain? and infinite questions would have tensed him each and every moment. So, if Sita has suffered alot then Ram too has also suffered more than Sita.
This SEPERATION was not enough they again get seperated and feel the utmost feeling of love – SEPERATION ?
PHYSICALLY SEPERATED but MENTALLY AND SOULY INTO EACH OTHER. Because the importance of Love is at its peak when the love ones get seperated. They are always in each others thoughts. SITA was always present in each and every inch of the Room they used to share at AYODHYA and RAM was present in each and every inch of nature which they had experienced during VANVAAS.
When VANVAAS was sentenced to SITA by "THE THEN KING OF AYODHYA" she would have given her life then and their itself but she cannot because she was bearing her and HER RAM'S kids in her womb. No mother can give death to her children before even they are born. So, she waited!!! Nurtured her sons with the best qualities possible qualities she can give, explaining all the good deeds and feature of their father…??? LIKE MOTHER LIKE SONS. The two sweet little prince ?of Ayodhya stops their father ASHWAMEDH HORSE and unite their parents…?
SITA very well knew that by bearing this body now even after giving "AGNIPARIKSHA" she will be again seperated by he RAM. So, she denied returning back to Ayodhya with RAM and asked her mother EARTH to take her away with her so that she can share her sorrows with her.????
SITA then took her original form i.e., GODDESS LAKHMI and waited for HER VISHNU. She provided Ram strength in her soulful form so that he can complete all the mission of that birth. Ram after completing all his duties took his original form and then SHREE and HARI was united in VAIKUNTHA…. ????
So, whether its SIYA RAM, RUKMINI KRISHNA, PADMA VENKATESH etc…. we all know that they are a perfect example of immortal love, " LOVE AFTER DEATH " ???. No one knows that people in love after death 'actually' get" united "or not but this awesome couple will definitely get united after their each and every birth in their form of "DIVINE COUPLE OF UNIVERSE" – VISHNU AND LAKHMI, and in this form" no situation "or "circumstances "of this universe can seperate them. This is "INDEED A TRUE LOVE STORY" with definite proof and evidence.??

HOPPE the people potraiying different characters in "SIYA KE RAM " give their 'BEST EXPRESSION AND EMOTION' for the upcoming track….??

Credit to: Medha Sinha

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  1. Soo nice medha di awesome info thanks a lot I ever read such suprrr fff

  2. Pls can u tell me what is Devi vrinda curse??

    1. Devi Vrinda was the wife of trilok pati Jalandhar and was a great devotees of Lord Narayan… She is considered to be among the greatest pativrata…. so for making her husband Amar she performed a puja in which she and her husband has to do ‘parikrama’ of vishnu… So, Jalandhar arrived and they had the parkrama done… Then when vrinda put the tilak on her husband head… on touching jalandhar’s forehead she realised that the person infront of him is not Jalandhar but actually he is Lord Vishnu… She was totally in anger as Lord Vishnu broke her pativrata dharm… So, due to immense sorrow and anger she cursed the lord that one day his wife will be cheated in the same way as he has cheated her and he will go through the pain of seperation from his beloved.. Vishnu did this because Jalandhar was the king of Asur and was against lord MAHADEV and it would have been totally difficult to kill him if vrinda’s puja would have been sucessful… Vishnu accepted the curse and granted her a boon that he will marry her in one of his avatar….

      1. Thks dear but Vishnu did that bcoz he didn’t want Jalandhar to become Amar I guess as whoever born has to die we shouldn’t try to change the vicious circle

  3. thankyou di for the valuable info ! your writing skills are awesome 🙂

  4. Thank you for the comments… 🙂

  5. wow Medha….. very well written….

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