SIYA KE RAM- Siya with her Little sisters


Ramayana from Sita’s perspective….
Words cannot just define the beauty of this series…
Everytime our society just thinks about the Hero of the legend epic and only sees the injustice which he did with his wife. But no one thinks about the pain through which he has gone through to do a “tyaag” of his “pati dharm” for his “rajya dharm”…
Sita, Bhoomija, Janaki, Vasudhakumari, prithvikumarika, sunaina suta…… with her four beautiful, brave, courageous, responsible, innocent Sisters…..
I think for the first time “Ramayana” has started with sita’s birth rather than her beloved Ram’s birth on the silver screen. But indirectly the story of Ram’s birth is also shown because in a man’s life his wife is a part , actually a very important part of his life but for a woman after a certain age her man is actually life for her. So the story of Ram’s birth was also essential to be potrayed.

Then comes the princess of Mithila with her three little younger sister. Every where the love of Ram and his brother’s are said to be having no comparison but can’t we say that the love between Sita and her sisters are also with no comparison. Because love cannot be compared. Its truely the devotion and dedication towards each other.
From the skit of MAHA DEVI DURGA from which the little sita was introduced it shows that as if her three little sister was souly some how related to MAHA DEVI LAKHMI in the similar manner as Ram’s three little brother was connected souly to LORD VISHNU. From the musical introduction in which their mother are running after the girls in the garden, and the girls enjoying the nature specially sita busy prepare a doll for her to get her married.

From lesson which they learn to run their house to gurukul. While returning from Maharishi Yagyawalkya’s ashram( their gurukul) to the beautiful girls dancing in rain holding their lehengas with the peacock on the peacock dance musice… ( I think once in a life time girls having elder or younger sister do experience this dance or wish to experience dancing in the rain).

From little Sita being brave enough to get the cow’s of Mithila back from the jungle with her sister and to question about Mata Ahilya from a ‘strange’ man without any pinch of fear.
From Sita being bold enough to make her dearest sister Urmila understand that Mandavi and Shutkirti has to accompany their parents to Sankasya for their betterment. And in place of feeling sad about it they should gift them a painting of four of them as memory and bid them farewell….

From Mandavi and Shutkirti crying in the cave that they will not leave their Sita didi and their dearest sister Urmila… and the final decision of Rajrishi Janak that the four of them will stay in Mithila itself.

“Love” between the siblings and specially ” among sister ” is shown in the most beautiful way possible which is gradually day by day getting evaporated from our society.
This serial will just make you feel that you are “blessed” to be a GIRL, a DAUGHTER to a “wonderful parents” and a SISTER- (elder or younger) to your siblings. Specially the relation shared among tge girls who are born and brought up from same parents and in same environment…… 🙂

Credit to: Medha Sinha

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