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A great show, a great blend of the lives of all the characters from ramayana, our beloved Siya ke ram has ended today with a positive speech from bajrangbali hanuman. The show ended with smiles on every face. Ramayana from Sita’s perspective was a great idea and a huge success. This poll is to know what have you loved the most in SKR

What has been the element which atteacted you the most in siya ke ram
#Sita’s postivity and her stand for herself
#Ram’s sacrifices and greatness
#Sita and Ram as a couple
#Other couples of the serial(Bharat-Mandavi, Lakshman-Urmila, Shatrughan-Shrutkirti)
#Brothers’ bond (Ram-Bharat-Lakshman-Shatrughan)
#Sisters’ bond (Sita-Mandavi-Urmila-Shrutkirti)
#Parent children bond
#Elders of the show
#Children of the show

For me it is Other couples of the show and Sister’s bind

Please do comment and tell me

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  1. For me it is #brothers’ bond and in that too specialy ram and lakshman I think in this ramayan they showed ramlakshman scenes very nicely and then it is #other couples of the serial and specially lakshmila

  2. For me it is the brother’s bond..mainly RAM & LAKHMAN…

  3. Stuti27

    Me too brothers bond …. especially rem and lakshman …

  4. Stuti27

    Sorry its *ram

  5. sisters bond

  6. I like the Brother’s bond . first -Ram & Laxman bond then Ram & Bharat bond and then Bharat & Shatrughan bond and then Laxman & Bharat bond and last but not least Ram & 2 brothers’s bond

  7. i loved the way sita stood for herself
    this depicts women power
    the day she took care of hers and rams sons by her own, the day she supported her husband in all acts

  8. sorry its way not day

  9. and i also loved the sisters bond

  10. Loved the RAM – Laxman bond mainly

  11. #Sita’s positivity and her stand for herself. She’s a Great Sati ?.
    #Ram’s sacrifices and greatness.
    # Brother’s bond
    These are the elements that attracted me the most in ramayan.

  12. Padmaja

    For me it is sisters and brothers bond and the way they depicted other couples especially lakshmilla… sitas character portrayed in an awesome manner…

  13. I luv all the bonds i m die hard fan of skr n i’ll really miss it

  14. Samarth

    To be truly frank I don’t know which bond I like all are best…because the Ramayana family is the best???

  15. Like the brotherhood-brother bond between Ram & Laxman and second Bharat & Ram
    Also Sita’s positivity and stand for herself

  16. WELLWISHER AKA KRISHNAI (Crazy fan of skr)

    FOR ME 1st Sister’s bonding…. then parent child bonding……

    3rd other couples as well as siam

    5th is SITA’S positivity n her stand for herself……

    OF ALL THIS luv n kush….. so cute they were……..


    1. Dia

      Nice to c u bak…….lv u……miss our old skr family

      1. WELLWISHER AKA KRISHNAI (Crazy fan of SKR)

        luv u too di… yes me too missing the old family very badly…. nidhi, u n devga di

  17. Brothers n sisters bond

  18. Nandhini

    I love the character RAM very much here…each and every word uttered by him and maa sita about dharm are indeed true and sweet to hear it from them…he maybe failed to be a good husband and father but he is the greatest ruler EVER who treats every single human the same with his DIVINE LOVE! And yeah even maa sita loves everyone as Ram! When watching SKR my thoughts were “instead of being a democratic nation, why dont our country be ruled by great kings like RAM?? Then there will bo inequality,, corruption,,poverty,,etc, and there will be only happiness and prosperity in our country!”??

  19. Thanmathi

    for me it is parent children bond and sisters bond

  20. Amalina

    brother’s and sister’s bond and couples of the show.

  21. I like all the bonds…Love this Ramayan….

  22. NABANITA626

    For me it’s ram sacrifice and greatness and the bond and understanding between ram and Sita…

  23. Samyuktha Shrinivas

    Every characters was justified in this show. Every incident was also justified. No one’s feelings were left answered in siya ke ram unlike others. This was the best part I liked in the show.

  24. Tanya Kapoor

    I got really touched with this show. So…much that I forgot that I am watching a tv serial. For me it was not less than a real life depiction. Be it ssita’ stand to prove her chastity or ram’s understanding as a wise person. The brothers and sisters bond is just beyond words. No words to say which bond or aspect was the best. For me Siya ke ram showed me the divinity of a person of great intellectuals and self esteem……
    Any guesses who that person is.??
    ……Bhoomija janaki janak suta- Sita…?

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