Siya ke Ram poll 4


Guys Im Padmaja with a poll here .Hope u all like it ?.Ur cments will support me a lot.. So plssss support me …

Coming to the poll..

Guys if u have a time machine and u can go to which ever place u want in the past and also u can go to the place where the epic Ramayana and mahabaratha happend,which place u’ll go and u can choose any of the character in that epic and u can able to be as that character itself ,which character will u choose?
For ex – if u chose sita …. If u r in that situation how will u react and what will be your thoughts and how u’ll face those circumstances….
Plss cmnt dearz….

Hope u all like it….
If not pls tell me anything I am ready to accept it ☺……

And another poll☺
Suddenly wen u wake up in the morning ur seeing that u is sleeping in a palace like which is shown in skr or mb and u r sorrounded by all the ramayan and mahabarath characters ( real mb and ramayan characters not those who have acted in this shows )… How will u react? I think u will be happy…. And u can ask any questions u want to ask to them … Wat ques u will ask ?

Pls cmnt dearz.. I want ur support …

If it is nyc i will continue…

Ur cmnts r welcome…… U can say anything u want ….

Credit to: Padmaja

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  1. Great padma dear…

    1. I l go to mb period… N character is draupadi i wish to be like her n ask qns to all people who is presenting in the dice sabha..which is all gng in my mind..

    2.ramayana – i l ask ram that dont he feel to go with sita to vanvas… y didnt u go…if raj darma is a reason then u can give it to ur bros n accompany her na??

    Mb – i l ask pandavas n draupadi…in pandavas i l choose arjun n yudhishtra..

    Arjun – y didnt u go against ur bro when he kept draupadi as a bet…if its showing ur obediency to ur Bhai then wt abt ur promise to draupadi…u said her to marry yudhishtra…she loves u so she married all five Bros as she dont want to loose u…but u left her when she is getting disrobe… Cant u go against ur bro for once for ur love???

    Yudhishtra – u r the reason for one women’s apman… But u said its dharma… After doing that much mistake u gave shrab to all womens as ur ma did wrong..but aapko apki guna ko saza nahi mila itni jaldi maafi milgayi aapko??and appko dharma ki baare mei sab pata hai…y the person always choose rajdarma first…cant they think abt pati darma once???

    Draupadi -i l ask how did she overcome that much pain as we people can’t get over a small nic pain too???and i l ask her pandavas did big injustice to u n all ways then y u didn’t leave them as in kalyug girls leave their husband just for a small mistake..(guys i m saying reality sry if anybody got hurt with this but u cant oppose this ryt???)..i had heard that u didnt even ask them abt it n harsh way except that vastraharan sequence.(ya i had heard abt it..she never questioned them n harsh way n cmng to vastraharan all girls l react like that only)

    Sry for this big cmnt but u know whenever i think abt those painful time of sita and draupadi i l become emotional

  2. Its OK dear…… First thanks for ur cmnt….☺ I can able to understand ur emotions priya…..same feelings here sis?…

  3. hi dear di ! how are you ? 🙂 well its nice that even you started writing polls 🙂

    well I will go to Mahabharat !

    I would love to be Abhimanyu (though he is a boy and I am girl I still want to be Abhimanyu )

    I would like to be present at the time of his death !

    as in the example you said that we are in that situation right ?

    so I would literally cry ! and I mean whoever will be in that situation will definitely cry except Abhimanyu ! but han its my wish that whenever I die I should smile ! so when karna will stab abhimanyu(me) he will definitely smile 🙂

    (a bit confusing I think 😛 )

    Okay now 2nd poll :

    Ramayana : I would like to ask a question to shree ram that Is rajdharam is more important than patidharam ? if yes then why ?

    Mahabharat : same as priya di ! I will ask Arjun that why why he didn’t go against his brother ? why he didn’t do a patidharam ? why ?

  4. Ya i also started to writting polls ☺☺☺☺. Nice cmnt….
    My and will be
    1. I will go to Ramayana and i will be urmila and i will ask lakshman to take me with him to vanvas… If he didn’t allow me I bend down to ram and ask to ram to tell him that i want to go to vanvas with him..

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