Siya ke Ram poll 3

Hi guys its me Thanmathi with yet another poll it’s a new poll it’s not posted in hangouts

Imagine the below situation

You are in heaven now god says to you that you should take birth as a human now and it can’t be changed but since you are his great devotee he gives you the chance of choosing your parents yourself please choose from the list given below

1. Kaushalya

2. Kikeyi

3. Sumitra

4. Sunnaina

5. Chandhrabhaga

6. Shantha

7. Tara

8. Roma/Ruma

9. Mandodari

10. Sulochana

Guys I gave only mothers name because I don’t have much time and I have posted 2 polls in hangouts which I didn’t post in Telly Updates 1 role play and another challenging our creativity and thinking capacity I cant answer the second one myself if You want I’ll post it here

Note: Please only one answer. Shantha didn’t have any children

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  1. I definitely choose Kaikaiye… Because if Kaikaiye gave birth to a girl… She wouldn’t get a chance to stop crowning Ram…. Or sent him to vanavas ….
    And I’ll make mandrai out of Rajiya…. If history is going to rewritten….

    And she would be a good caring mother too….


  2. I l wish to born in kaushalya’s womb…. Bcoz I l get ram as my bhai na….

    1. Most of the people feel like this only anyway dear give UR support it means a lot to me

  3. I’ll wish to born in sumitras womb and I like to serve my bhaiya ram.

  4. I’ll wish to born in sumitras womb and I like to serve my bhaiya ram.And I agree with Priya also.

    1. Woww padmaja wat a coincidence dear I did nt read ur cmnt now only I read it

      1. Yesss I also read ur cmnt now only ?? sss same thinking.

  5. difficult one ! confused between Mata sunnaina and Mata kaushalya ! can’t choose one !

  6. I wish to b born as sumitra child along wth four members then I would become a only sweet sis fr all four members and even I wish to born to sunaina as I ll b one of sita mata sister,but I hv to choose one naa so I wish to b born to sunaina
    Thanmathi di pls do continue bcoz I like ur polls a lot

  7. i too like to born on sumitra Amma womb…
    I lk to be bhai of lakshmana…

  8. Thanks all 4 support I’ll cont 4 sure .I would like 2 be born as sumitra ma child

  9. gowthami sharma

    i would like to born in kausalya mom’s womb so that lord shree ram who is the maryada purushotam can be my sweetest bhayya.

  10. Please thanmathi post the other as soon as possible

  11. I would like to born from Mata like the urmila,mandvi,and shrutakirti I will be part of sita’s sister group.???????????????????????????????????????

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