Siya ke Ram poll 2


Hi everyone Thanmathi here back with yet another poll remember this too is just for fun not to hurt anybody’s feelings and thanks for all your support for the first poll
Imagine that you are living in Ramayana period one day you wake up in the morning and open your front door there you find two invitations in your doorstep one is from Mithila and another one is from Ayodhya both inviting you to the marriage of Sita & Ram now I am damn sure that you will attend the marriage but the question is which side you will be in either in the bride’s family or in the groom’s family what will be your choice please only one answer please please please
Easy poll right???
Now that’s all for today ? hope you enjoy it guys☺ okay the game is all yours now let’s see what happens


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  1. I am damm sure if there is a way i would attend it from both the side., as it can’t happen I would choose to go from sita side………as there will more rituals than the ram side …………………

    Nice Poll Thanmathi………………….Keep it Up……

  2. it’s an hypothetical ques dear but as u ask I l say I l take bride’s side

  3. I will u go from the bride side

  4. thejashri aka brindha

    Nice poll thanmathi di… I will be in the side of bride’s family

  5. Supreetha (Soups)

    I’ll be from the bride’s side 🙂 🙂

  6. I will be in the side of groom’s family….

    1. Thanmathi sis nice poll…u also add ur answer in comments…

  7. I’ll be from the bride’s side 🙂 (according to me most of the girls will be from bride’s side and most of the boys will be from groom’s side 😛 😛 )

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Yeah I thought so too….. 😉

    2. Haha…why so??

  8. I’ll be in bride’s side guys please read my ff too agree with you twinkle

  9. I too l be from the bride’s side thanu di nice poll..

  10. bride’s side thanmathi…

  11. Thanmathi di how ll u get such suprrrr ideas…ok f9 let me tell as the invitation is frm bth sides first fr Haldi programme i wld Attend mata’s side bcoz who gets such opputunity to participate in haldi,and fr marriage i wld attend ramji’s side as Ramji’s moms cant attend

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