Siya ke Ram (poll 1)


Hi guys I’m Thanmathi I would like to conduct a poll this is just for fun guys let’s see what happens. Please only one answer for each question I’m talking about RAMAYAN and Mahabharata not siya ke ram and star plus mahabharath I’m saying it because it’s impossible to show everything in a serial for example Guha’s part was not shown in skr
You are walking in a road and you find a time traveling machine you have only chance to travel in it either RAMAYAN or Mahabharata period where will you go? Give reasons
Who will be the particular person u want to see there?
What will be the particular incident u want to see?(u can tell any incident there is no need that it should be related to the person who u want to see)
Do u want to ask any question if so to whom and what will be the question?
And one last question should I continue these polls please be frank dears

Credit to: Thanmathi

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  1. I guess i would choose ramayan and
    i would like to meet sita ram(practically impossible mentally possible)
    i would want to witness agnipariksha of sita
    my question would be to ram and sita why did he choose to have 2 sons why not a daughter( maybe my question is surprising but thats what i feel)

  2. i think i would like to go in Mahabharat time n would like to meet Krishna….. i dont know what i’ll ask…. n i would like to see the 13th day of battle….. i’ll not be able to see so much of violence but still….. how can they kill a child of 13…. his death….. it sends a shiver down my spine……

    n yes plz continue……

    1. I would choose Ramayana…
      Particular person means I vl see Hanuman…
      Particular incident: building bridge between India and Lanka before war..
      I vl not ask any question to anyone…

      Nice sister…continue this type of questions…

  3. I want to meet ram and ask him y did he sent sita to van,i mean in valmiki’s ashram after vanvaas I know its bcoz of a dhobi but he can convince that Dhobi right.Sita mata suffered a lot missing ram and how can ram stay without sita mata.this is what I want to ask ramjii.But anyhow I love both my sita mata and ramji
    N thanmathi di continue writing its all our pleasure di

  4. I would like to go in both but u said one I l choose ramayan bcoz I m a bakth of ram in my home also I l say that I should meet ram once like a mad whenever I cough I get the name of ram only…. I wish to see ram sita and urmila too ….the incident I want to watch is swayamvar of siyaram… U r a tamilian so I l say in Tamil they will say na annalum nokinar annaiyum nokkinal…… I l ask the QN to urmila and the qn l be that she did a big sacrifice which can’t be done by any of the women in future….. And my qn l be y she didn’t accompany her sita di to van at the time of her pregnancy???(bcoz I have read in one page even I posted it here that urmila fought with ram and lakshman for letting sita go if she can fight then y didn’t she accompany her I know this qn is quite silly but whenever I read that story this qn going in my mind, I know it l never happen but this qn struck my mind so I said)

    1. Hi priya I would like to answer the question on behalf of Urmila Ram asked Sita to go and get the blessings of sages in the forest all the women of the palace were kept in dark about the exile. Moreover sita’s sisters were in Mithila they were also pregnant and u know a child in womb will be affected by mom’s emotions we should keep a pregnant woman happy so though he knew Lakshman didn’t tell her

  5. I would prefer RAMAYAN and would like to meet Urmila I would like to question Ram and the question will be raghukul’s kings sacrificed their lives to keep their word and u r also a good king but what about the word u gave to Sita in your marriage u said u’ ll always be there for her but abandoned her when she was pregnant and u fulfilled your rajya Dharm but what about your pati Dharm

  6. Forgot to mention I would like to see Ra.’s reaction when he was told that he was going to be a father

  7. krishnai aka ww

    Wow thanu superb poll…… copy paste this poll in comments section also so that there would be more comments…..

    okay coming to mine….

    I CHOOSE MAHABHARATA…… bcoz in Ramayana there isnt much adharma as the villains where straight forward but in Mahabharat there was more of conspiracy so just want travel through that period………

    I want to see DRAUPADI……. bcoz i want to share her pain……. and also want see the most beautiful woman as she was so beautiful during her time………….

    I want to be present at the VASTRAHARAN and would like to question many but since only one i choose ARJUN……… and my question is::::: He respects his brother a lot bcoz he takes Yudhisthira as his role model as he feels that yudhisthira is a perfect man who follows dharma………. but when he didnt want yudhisthira to bet on Draupadi he told it yudhisthira but still yudhisthira according to his dharma bet on her………

    and now my question is: Why didnt he break his dharma to obey yudhisthira at this time and save his beloved wife DRAUPADI????????????????

    he did know very well draupadi did all sacrifice just bcoz she wanted to live with him as she loved him the most though she couldnt live with him much her love for him compared to others was more……… then why did he fail??????? is his dharma towards yudhisthira is more than PATI DHARMA??????????? Why should men always give last importance to their PATI DHARMA??????? Same like Karna who respected more of his mitra dharma, Ram his Rajya dharma……. didnt he learn any lesson from this???????? what was the need to risk his wife unwilling?????????

    okay my question for him goes on…….. so let me stop…….. but i m proud of their brother bonding……… in all difficult situation they followed their elder brother’s word………. i salute for it but bcoz of this they cant stake any women’s purity who ever that women is for them…… wife, mom, daughter whoever no one in this world has the right to stain a WOMAN’S PURITY……………..

    And yes pls do proceed thanu (hope u dont mind me calling u as THANU)

    1. Me too ww my mind was going through all this qns when I read that epic……an another QN to Arjuna is a good bro means he should make his Bro realise his mistake but y Arjuna doesn’t opposed yudhishtra wn he was wrong?? Y didn’t he opposed him?? If that was bcoz of his love and respect towards his baiya, then wt abt his love towards draupadi, doesn’t he feels that he could go against his byatha dharma to save his wife???? Can’t he do that simple sacrifice for that women who made her life with sorrows just for him???here Sorrows means the way she had been treated by kauravas and Karna. I would ask one QN to Karna he l always follow the path of dharma don’t he feel that calling a women vaisya is Adarma? ?? Sry dear for this second message but I couldn’t resist Me from this comment. …

  8. Mahabharata.
    Want to meet Krishna
    Hare krishna

  9. Love Mahabharata
    Want to meet arjuna and ask him to describe about kurukshetra
    The miseries he faced to oppose his dear ones
    The way he felt the war
    Losing all dear ones
    He was the one who always loved drona and bhishma

  10. I like MB only
    I want to !meet draupadi and support her feminist activities
    How hard she strived for women
    But after few years of her departure
    Again everything stated running against woman
    Every breath of her was for woman
    She was great to follow her husband forgive them

    Even after vastraharan

    More sacrifice than sita

  11. Best is always Mahabharata
    And I would ask why he Karna wants to kill Arjuna after he realize he is his own bro

  12. can’t choose one but still Mahabharat ! 🙂

    i would like to meet krishna and abhimanyu ! 🙂

    and i want to be present at Draupadi’s swayamver ! 🙂

    and about question i don’t know anything ! 😛

    but still will ask whatever came into my mind that time ! lol! 😛

  13. I would prefer Ramayan………….

    I would like to meet ram,sita ,Urmila and all
    I want to be present in their marriage ceremony……..
    & would like to ask sita how she could scarify everthing for others

  14. I would prefer coz both r epics and also sita and draupadi swayamvar are sort of same

  15. But if any one I would choose mahabharat coz war between brothers fr kingdom of hastinapur! Wow nyc poll thanu di

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