siya ke ram and Mahabharata poll 2


Hi guys this poll will have the characters seperated I.e. The characters of two epics seperated…


The great female personality -Ramayana you can choose any two but will b better if u choose one.. So I ll request to choose one, but if u r confused ? 2nd opinion also r welcome
Siya – a loving wife who always cared for her husband, a loving sister who guided her sisters, a loving mom who filled her kids with knowledge a loving daughter who loved and sacrificed for her family

Urmila- a good wife who sacrificed as much as she could for her husband, a good and obedient sister, an obedient daughter

Mandvi- caring wife and daughter, loving sister, she to sacrificed a lot for her family

Sutkirti -good advisor to her husband, loving wife n nice daughter, excellent sis..

Sunaina-best mom, loved her daughters more than anyone could, nice wife, fulfilled her duties

Kaushalaya -ram’s mom, full of selfless love towards her husband and son

Kaikeyi -nice person but turned to be selfish when wrong company attacked her, but also repented for her deeds

Sumitra-the mom of ram’s loving bro lakshman n shatrughan, she raised her kids with utmost affection and so they were bound to their duties

Mandodri -was made to marry ravan forcefully but still she always took the path of righteousness and tried to save her husband.. But failed as ravan doesn’t agree to follow dharma..

Sulochana-meghnad wife is a carbon copy of mandodri full of righteousness, daughter of sheshnaag.

Tara- wife of Bali and later sugreev, Tara is known for her presence of mind and courage and intelligence.

Roma- the wife of sugreev, and later taken away by Bali, became the main cause of Bali’s death.

The great male personality, if possible then choose one more other than ram..

Ram-lord Rama, the perfect husband and son who always keeps his promises.,, wat can one say for maryada purushottam ram.. A gift to humanity.. Carer of humanity

Lakshman -the best brother, ideal bro v must say n duties stopped him from being a good husband, he still loved his wife eternally..

Bharat -another ideal bro, despite of his mother’s planning always managed to win hearts and good son

Shatrughan-okay okay ruler but like the others he also ideal bro n helped Bharat on ruling the empire

Dashrath -ram’s father who loved his son ram alot, and a good ruler also

Janak- siya’s father who was a very good natured person, a perfect ruler, father and husband.

Hanuman- the devotee of ram who helped him a lot on finding sita n killing of evil king ravan.


The great female personality

Draupadi-an ideal lady who always helpedp her husbands and married 5 men just to save from separating them, suffered alot but never lost her strength

Subhadra-Krishna’s sister and wife of Arjun, a good wife, sister, mother and sis in law…

Kunti-mother of pandavas and wife of pandu and one of the panchkanyas/five virtuous women

Gandhari-mother of kauravas and tried to become good wife by putting on a blind fold but failed to become a good mom as her sons turned to be Invirtuous.,

Rukmini- nothing to say about the incarnation of Devi Lakshmi n Sri Krishna wife who was an ideal wife and good mother.. Helped her husband in re establishment of righteousness..

Other nominees
Karna wife vrushali
Duryodhan wife Bhanumati
Any of the other wives of lord Krishna

The great male personality..
Krishna-I can write whole article on him) lol ?,. But right now storing my extra words…
An ideal husband, an ideal friend for both sudama n draupadi always helping them, an excellent advisor to everyone including his friends( Arjun) and enemies (duryodhan), and everything ideal… The purna leela purushottam..

Arjun-the best archer, a good human, the husband of draupadi(though couldn’t stop her insult but tried to protest), always took the advice of his madhav and obliged to it..

Yudhishtira-dharma putra/son of god of religion, never spoke a single lie in his life, always abided with his duties (though all the enemies took it as his weakness, it was in a way the cause of the epic)

Bheem-the Hanuman bro vayu putra bheem also is known for his strength and for single handedly killing the kauravas, and he also opposed Yudhishtira but didn’t succeed as he followed his brother’s orders.,.

Nakul and sahdev-the Ashwin twins who r best known for following the word of Yudhishtira and for their knowledge, were the sons of Madri.

Karna- I know that he was on the evil side but also had some good qualities, all he was affected was because of bad company… Still he was an ideal friend, a generous man and is best known for his generosity, and a good husband..

I have not included any villains in the poll because they will spoil it. I know most votes will go to Siam and draupadi Krishna but if possible u try to vote any other also, and this poll has nothing to do with the actors shown on any TV show, it’s about mythology… I may have made many mistakes but please forgive me for them n point them out… So I never commit them again..
And have a nice day ? friends.. Enjoy it and tell about possible changes and surely place ur vote. Hope I didn’t bore u.

Credit to: Vanshika

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  1. Ramayana




    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Thnx alot

  2. FIrst of all u r not boring n all that’s awesome……

    1. Urmila

    2. Lakshman n janak

    3. Draupadi( I can’t choose anybody else over this bcoz the only female who I love n mb….I love banumati too)

    4. Arjun

  3. Mahabharata
    1.Draupadi (I wonder how an woman be so strong!)
    2 Krishna (I can’t say in words how much i believe in Him)

    1.Urmila (She sacrificed her love and let her husband go and serve his brother when she serves her mother in law)
    2.Laksman (I really like his strong and devoted character

    Sorry for the lengthy comment

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      I too cant tell hw much I believe in Sri Krishna

  4. the poll was very nice and interesting . keep posting polls like this

  5. Mb:
    1 karna 2 sakuni ( coz I think he was the only man who could try to understand Krishna’s plan ……so my vote for him ) 3 beeshm ( for selfless serving but got nothing in return)4 drupadi…….
    Urmila and lakshman ( don’t need to say anything abt them …..)

  6. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Thnx, for voting.. Pls vote as much as possible

  7. from ramayana
    1. sita
    2. ram and janak

    from mahabharata
    1.draupadi and subhadra
    2.krishna and arjun

    good options vanshu

  8. Ramayan
    Sita and ram
    Draupdi and Krishna

  9. Supreetha (Soups)

    Ramayan – Sumitra and Janak from the respective categories
    Mahabharat – Rukmini and Karna again from the respective categories
    Nice to see these polls 🙂

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I would have actually loved to choose all…but since it’s a poll can’t do so 😛

  10. Urmila and laxman undoubtedly

  11. Bala Krithika

    sita and sumitra
    lakshman and janak
    draupadi and vrushali
    arjun and krishna

  12. Ramayan
    sita and ram

    draupadi kunti and yudhisthir

  13. Ramayan. (other than Siam)
    Sumitra as well (Sry for 3 choices)




    actually Shakuni also… he was damn intelligent but didnt use it in right direction.. n reason for MB as well…. n as Shreya said only he understood Krishna’s plans upto some extent.

    (n i have commented on the previous poll also. sorry for the delay. )

  14. Ramaya
    siya, mandodri

    Ram, lakshman


    arjun, karna.

    vrushali, Dharupadi

  15. Ramayana

    Ram and Lakshman


    Arjun and Krishna

  16. Ramayan-siya and urmila,ram and lakshman
    Mahabarat-draupadi,arjun and krishna

  17. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Thnx for voting… The next poll Is based on ur comments…

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