Hi guys actually I was depressed by the negative cmnts which was spread here abt draupadi… So I thought to read one analysis abt her…so thought to share with u all here…hope u l like it…please say ur views n another thing u can keep ur requests for character sketch like this for ur fav characters… I l post it as soon as possible……this is diff from the cmnt I posted abt draupadi ya that too one of the analysis abt her but this analysis is different

So here our draupadi analysis go……

When Draupadi Speaks…
As one of the most significant characters in the Mahabharata, Draupadi has always fascinated me. Each time I read about her, I tried to decipher Mahabharata – and the events that follow – from her perspective. I also look for a more powerful and unique version of this character every time when reading about this fascinating woman.

Birth from the sacrificial fire

Last month, I got the opportunity to read The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni as the book came to me as a gift from a dear colleague. The novel, narrated by Panchali – as she preferred to be addressed by that name – takes us back to a time that is partly history, partly mythology – the Mahabharata that is seen through her eyes. In just one word if I am asked to describe the book, I would say it’s ‘mesmerizing’.

In a sense, I believe, her birth itself is tragic, her story is complex. You cannot easily tag her as the archetypal “good and faithful wife” like that of a Sita or a Savitri. In the book, The Palace of Illusions, Panchali takes us to the journey to her special birth where she was born of the sacrificial fire, in which her father prayed for a son to support him in defeating his rival Drona – which means, she was born unwanted from the sacrificial fire.

Just like her unsolicited birth from the fire – followed by a lonely childhood at her father’s palace, throughout her journey, Panchali comes through as a woman of fierce independence – striving to balance her passions against her errands. Her wit and intelligence, matches to that of her ‘sakha’ or friend Krishna’s – which was a rare phenomenon and she was also gifted with questioning abilities and logic, unlike the passive woman. Even though she was forced into a polyandrous marriage (more so by her mother-in-law, who could have come to her rescue), she could not overcome her partiality for Arjuna, who won her hand – which is quite justified. But even though she loved Arjuna unconditionally, she remained a tragic queen for our hero had plenty of other relationships and showed great indifference towards her.

However, she had the resilience to strongly support her husbands’ even during their years in exile. Amidst her greatest humiliation at Dhritarashtra’s court, she had the strength to question the elders, about the very concept of their dharma, which nobody had the courage to.

In Divakaruni’s book, her devotion flanking on love for Lord Krishna came across in a very candid and hearty manner. The description of the battle, her secret approbation for Karna, the exile, the forbidding justice of war and finally a lonely death on the way to Mahaprasthana – have been depicted in a way that is simple and intriguing. A powerful, yet romantic and witty side of Draupadi come alive, which always remained unexplored.

For more than one reason, the author was successful in weaving a magical world of our greatest epic told from the point of view of Panchali, who will always remain a mystery, a controversy queen and never a role model like Sita in our society.

NOTE: this is not an analysis written by me…..this is the analysis I found n Google n thought to share with u all hope u enjoy….

by urs priya

Credit to: Thanmathi

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Awesome di.. Nyc character sketch.. Lovely..

  2. 1)Draupadi..the woman who know that her all sons will be killed ..allow the war to be happened..for dharma sathapna…
    2)Draupadi ….the woman..who love atjun most still accepted subhdra in her palace…who was the 2nd wife of Arjuna. And loved abhimanyu like his own son
    3)Draupadi ..a woman…who after getting so much insult from the hands of her brother’s in law..still didn’t curse them. .on the plea of her mother in law….
    4)Draupadi….a woman who insulted by her own father.earlier…stand in front of his father when he was attacked…
    5)Draupadi ..a woman who had the choice to go with arjun ..and get married to him only…for that all rest 4 pandavs had to do take sanayas..sacrificed her happiness…so that all pandavs remain united and get married to all of them…
    6)Draupadi ..a woman …who was insulted or when getting insulted…didn’t lost her faith on her govind(Krishna)
    7)Draupadi …a woman…who was a princess always had a choice to live at father’s house ..and enjoy all pleasures..but she gave all for her husbands…and decided to dwell in the forest with her in laws….
    8)Draupadi…a woman…being insulted by closer ones…didn’t lose her self respect and confidence. ….she was still considered as pure….
    9)Draupadi….a woman…when was getting insulted…beg everyone to save her.. except one suryaputra karna…she gave him a look and moved away….don’t know may be she didn’t consider him that much..liable to save her…
    10) Draupadi…a woman …who stopped her husband from punishing his cousins for misbehaving with the king ..when they kaurva…come to pandavs kingdom..she ask her husbands to spare them..which later leads to the dirtiest game of gambling in history…
    P.s…these are the facts which I come to social networking sites..they can may be wrong..

    1. No dear u r obviously crct n tq for cmntng n I have posted one poll too it is posted POV of readers regarding mythological characters if you can then read n cmnt their too n 2 parts had been post 3 rd part l be posted soon.. I l be glad if u cmnt there too…☺

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