SITA and URMILA- daughter of one of the amasing kings of his time “Rajrishi Janak” and his only wife “Queen Sunaina”. No body can just say that the girls were not biologically related. Their relation is equally important as the relation between RAM and LAKHMAN.
From starting we have seen in the series that both the sisters are always together and the younger one always comes running calling aloud “Didi”.
When the girls were in Brahmarishi Vishwamitra’s ashram , Sita had a great feeling to meet Ram (the prince who put an end to the tradition of killing horse after the ashwamedha yagya).Only Urmila understood what was the reason behind this feeling. She even adviced Sita to take the food for both the brothers so that she can get a perfect glimpse of Ram.
After the princesses of Mithila and Sankasya returned to Mithila Sita was worried about the war between the demons and princes of Ayodhya. When Sita got the news that the warrior princes has defeated the demons with their courage and bravery and Ram was outstanding as a warrior as on one part he killed Tadka and on the other part he is renovating the ashram, she was lost in her dreams. Then Urmila came and said “Didi apne suna Rajkumar Ram vijaya rahe” and she start praising Ram. Sita is smiling. Urmila describe a bit about how the prince defeated the demon and says that indeed Ram is a true warrior. Then Urmila comes to the point and says,”Aur phir unhone meri Sita didi ko bhi mohit kar diya hai”. Sita blushes and hugs her sister. Then Urmila says,” Aapke maan m bus gaye hai na vo”, On this Sita blushes and run from there ( instrumental musice in background). Urmila then shouts and says- “Aap apne aap se chupa sakte hai didi par mujhse nahi chupa sakte”. Wow!!! now this is some thing which can only happen in between sisters.

When Urmila got the news about Sita’s sywaamvar to be organised she gets more annoyed as compared to Sita. Both the girls are seen sitting on beautiful layer of grass admiring and spending some time with nature. Urmila says to her Sita didi that she knows that Rajrishi will never go against her will and then ask her that why she said yes for the syaamvar when she already have Ram in her heart? She says that, she will talk to their father and will not let this syaamvar happen because nothing is more important to her then her Sita didi’s happiness. On this Sita makes her ‘anuja’ understand that its her ‘putri dharm’ and what ever decision her father will take regarding her life will always be correct. And in the second place she has not even seen Ram its just a feeling which she can avoid, because whatever will happen will happen for her good.
Urmila is the one who was always behind to know about the list of the prince and kings who are coming for the syaamvar. Later she rushes to the Gauri mandir with excitment and gives the news to sita that she has seen the list and the invitation is also going to Ayodhya for ‘Maharaj Dashrath’ eldest son Ram.
Then when Ram arrives at Mithila the little princess of Mithila comes running to her Didi saying- “Didi, Didi vo a chuke hai, vo a chuke hai didi” Before that moment Sita was lost in the thoughts of her Ram. Urmila holds her Didi’s hand and with overjoy start rotating ( usually girls do this when in immense happiness). Then she says-“Us din aapne kaha tha na didi ki agar aapke anubhuti m satyata hai toh vo apne ap apki niyati ban kar pratyash hoge, pratyash hone lage hai didi” then hugging her sister says, ” ab toh mera vishwaas aur bhi drid ho gaya hai, Ab dekhana aap dono ka milan nischit hai” On this Sita says her to keep scilence and don’t think that this is happening because of her ‘anubhuti’. Then it was Urmila every time who was positive about everything.She was totally positive about her didi and the charming prince Ram union. She only gave confidence to Sita everytime before and after syaamvar.
When Ram and Sita first saw each other at the ‘Gauri mandir’,I think after Sita it was Urmila to be the only person who recognised that the person standing infront of my Didi is none other than the person who is ruling my sister’s heart before the introduction given by Lakhman regarding Ram in the temple.
When the syaamvaar was going to be organised then Urmila used to have argueements with Mandavi that whether Ram will win or Raavan. On this Urmila used to always be firm that no matter what happens Ram will only win the syaamvar.
After Ram won the syaamvar the girls where talking and Mandavi was differentiating between the evil qualities of Ravan and godly qualities of Ram and said that thank god that Ram won. On this Urmila said that “Jeet toh meri Sita didi ki vishwaas ki hui hai…yahi unke niyati thi”.
When the girls were praying in ‘Gauri Mandir’ Urmila noticed that Lakhman is always along with het jijashree. If this continues everytime then Ram and Sita will never get a chance to talk to each other and know each other. So, she requests Ram to allow Lakhman to let him come with them to get a ‘Neelkamal’ from the lake in jungle.
When Lakhman saved Urmila from the serpant then Sita understood that transformation of feelings have taken place in Urmila. When Mandavi and shutkirti was making fun of Urmila stating that, ” kahin Sita didi apne saat- saat Urmila didi ko bhi Ayodhya le jane ki yojana toh nai bana rahi Rajkumar Lakhman ke saat”. Sita just smile by looking at her lovely sister’s face. She clearly knew that this is some what true as her little sister has fallen in love with her going to be brother-in -law.
When the letter stating that people from Ayodhya are coming for Ram and Sita’s marriage both Lakhman and Urmila is immensely haappy for their siblings. Urmila just rushes to the room with the other two sister and huga sita gave the news to her stating that they have agreed for the marriage, know you will get married, I just cannot express my happiness, you are finally getting love of your life.

Mandavi tease Urmila that she is expressing her happinesd as if Sita is not getting married to Dashrath Nandan Ram but in place of them Urmila are getting married to Dashrath Nandan Lakhman. On this she says that she don’t care about all this. One think which she cares about and that is her sister is getting married and she is only happy for her didi.. This was the unconditional love of Urmila for her Didi.
Both the sister were lucky enough to be married in the same family to the brothers who had immense love for each other and that is Ram and Lakhman.
Even Sita loved het so much that when she sees Lakhman in Vankan( when Lakhman decided to accompany Ram and Sita to van) she asks Ram to make Lakhman understand and to not do so. She even asks her little sister that how will she spend 14 years in this bhavan without her husband. On this her lovely sister says,”Didi pratiksha aur vishwaas ke saat toh log apna pura jeevan beeta dete hai phir ye toh sirf 14 vaarsh hai”. Then she says,”Didi agar ye aapke saat rahenge toh mujh lagega ki mai aapke saat hu.”Sita with the feeling of motherhood towards her little sister says,”Urmila meri behan tumhara ye tayaag bahot baara hai”, and both the sister hugs each other and cries. Sita cares her ladt time before leaving for van.
So maybe Urmila accepted a viyog due to the promise which she had given to his beloved Lakhman but at the same time she also did this because of her immense ‘love’,’faith’ and ‘devotion’ towards her elder sister Sita.

Now in the current track she accept Lakhman’s nidra on request of Nidra devi so that her husband can not sleep for 14 years and do his duties towards her Didi and jijashree. Sita also understood the pain through which Lakhman and Urmila is going through because to serve her and her Ram he has given immense pain to his beloved Urmila which she has accepted without any complain, so she made an idol of Urmila and gave it to Lakhman so that whenever he thinks of Urmila and feel that what wrong he has done with her, her idol will act as a strength to him.. Hatsoff for this couple for their immense love,devotion towards their siblings.

Urmila’s deotion and Sita’s caring and mentoring made them great sisters..

Credit to: Medha Sinha

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