SIYA KE RAM- “Just a part” of the IMMORTAL LOVE


Its about the scene when Sita got hurt due to her leg got stuck in between the rocks…… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ˜€
When Sita’s leg got stuck in between the rocks Ram with help of his brother Lakhman just removes the rocks and immediately brings sita on the other part in the last minute and saves his lady love…. I think nature has created this atmosphere to see the awesome example of Siya and Ram….

Sita is now in full pain. Her face is filled with expressions of unbearable pain. She is just holding her left leg and looking at her leg. Ram is equally in pain by seeing his sita in this state. Before even she can think Ram just lifts her up and takes her into his arms. At first she is in a state of surprise because it took a little time for her mind to understand that what is happening with her. Then Ram gives a beautiful smile as if just saying her that you don’t need to get worried “your Ram” is with you for each and every moment of your life- to “protect” you, to “care” for you, to “love” you. And then Sita gives her beautiful smile in return as if to say that ” I know that ” and I will always be there with you as your “strength”.

A beautiful instrumental music just takes that momemt to some other level….. Ram is carrying his ” Pranpriya” with utmost care, compassion and affection in his arms barefeet. On the other hand its a great oppertunity for Sita to admire her ” swami” without any disturbance. Generally we have seen that when ever they are in their sweet moments enjoying each others love, Ram gets a perfect oppertunity to admire the flawless beauty of Sita and because of her expected blush her eyes are never able to contact Ram eyes and she is not able to admire him. So, this was a perfect chance for her. This time Ram was looking straight focusing on his path and Sita takes the full advantage of admiring his charming, brave and bold face, with spark in his eyes. As if she just want Ram to get captured in her eyes forever. So soft, away from the worldly desire, both were just into each other. No matter what happens no body can take this moment away from them.

Then Ram make her Sit on the stone. On Lakhman’s call he goes and sees a volcano. After Ram left her their is again pain in her legs. Actually pain was there earlier but that pain was nothing infront of the happiness which she got. As she had earlier said to Ram- ‘Aapke sat toh dukh bhi mere lia sukh ka kaaran ban jata hai’. Lakhman comes their seeing her bhabhi in pain. He calls Ram and says that he is going to get some herbs for her aid. Then for the first time since them Ram noticed her wound and her bleeding legs. For that moment it seems like some one has taken away soul from his body and with great tension he calls Seetha!!!! The moment he is about to touch her foot, sita with great shock denies and does not allow him to do so as if it will be a great sin for her. He makes her understand that why she is not wearing ” padukaye” in her feet as it is forest and her feet will get harmed. On this she replies in the most innocent way possible-‘ aap ne bhi toh padukaye nai pehane hai toh mai kase pehan lete’.

A expression of pain, anger and love fills Ram face. “Pain” because she got hurt, Anger because she was not wearing ‘padukaye’because of him and “love” because all what she did was out of immence live for him. He tears a part of his cloth and is about to touch his feet she just removes his hand. Ram gets little bit angry because she is not letting him do what he wants to do. He even scolds her that by not letting the wound get a treatment it will not get heeled. Then also she don’t allow him to touch his feet. on this ‘very smartly’ Ram ask her the reason why she is not letting him touch her feet is because he is her husband. He says that he was not expecting such thought from Janaknandini. But hearing this also she does not allow him and gives him a very perfect clever reply that she has a habbit of doing her work herself. Even in place of him her sister would have been there then also she would have not allowed them to do her work.

On this Ram says that he totally agree with her thoughts but due to the present circumstances and situation he will do her aid. All her perfect reason were wasted because in ‘tark’ no body can win from Ram.

So this time she direclty deny stating that “nahi swami”. But with much stubborness in his tone Ram says Seetha!!!… Now this was something which siya cannot deny and although when it is accompanied by a beautiful smile from her Ram.. So she allows him to take her foot and do the aid. Ram with his utmost care, love and concentration just wrap his’s Siya’s wound.

I think the wound of her would have just got heeled by the touch of “her Ram’s love” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
Wow!!! Never thought that Ram and Sita can have a beautiful love story and this incident is just a very small part of it. 13 years of togetherness spending every single moment with each other…

As the promo had said that – ” Vanvaas nahi arambh ho rahi hai Siya aur Ram ki prem gatha…” truely justified… ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

Credit to: Medha Sinha

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  1. Awesome di ur words are really true they are the best couple and they will be

  2. Supreetha (Soups)

    Medha you are too good!!!! Keep writing more dear ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. medha di awesome ! keep writing more ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Medha…..its just superb….. Very beautifully written….. Ram caring Sita in his arms…..super cute moment….. N u have very aptly described it…..

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  6. nice show….raam so cute

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