Siya ke ram (Episode 1)

As Skr is going to end I am going to write it’s story
Seeradhwaj Janak was childless king of Mithila. There was drought in his kingdom. On guru yakvalkya ‘s advice, he ploughs the land and finds a baby girl. Janak and his wife queen Sunaina adopted her as their daughter and named her Sita.

8 years later
Sita with her sisters took knowledge in ashram of gargi. Ram with his brothers took knowledge in ashram of vashishth. Ram finds about his sister Shanta who married rishyashring to get his father get sons. Kushadhwaj wins Shanky and goes there with his wife Chandrabhaga. The 4 sisters stay together in Mithila. Bharat and Shatrughn left for kaikey.

8 years later
Ram is blessed by everyone on his birthday. Bharat and Shatrughn return to Ayodhya. Ram and Lakshman are happy to see them. On vishwamitr arrival, Dasharath send Ram Lakshman with him. Ram killed Tadaka, Subahu and many demons. Janak organizes syayamvar for his daughter Sita. Ram wins the syayamvar.

Ram Sita, Bharat Mandavi, Lakshman Urmila, Shatrughn Shrutakirti get married.
Dasharath agree to make Ram, King of Ayodhya but kaikeyi on advice of Manthara asked for two boons, Ram to get 14 years vanvas, Bharat to get kingdom. Ram agreed, Lakshman and Sita followed him. Dasharath died. Bharat and Shatrughn come back from kaikey. Bharat performs the last rights and break his relation with kaikeyi. He goes to bring the 3 back but Ram didn’t agreed. He gets his sandals on the throne. He leaves for nandigram for 14 years. Shatrughn looks after the kingdom. The 3 sisters served the 3 mothers. Lakshman refused to sleep for 14 years, his wife slept for him and herself both for 14 years 10 years later
They killed many demons in the forest.

3 years later
Ravan sister Shurpnakha wanted to marry Ram but he refuses. She wanted to kill Sita but Lakshman cuts his nose. Khar Dushan died. She goes to Ravan. He takes help of marich who takes form of golden deer, he takes Ram away from ashram, when he dies, he calls for Sita and Lakshman Sita sends Lakshman in search of him. Ravan kidnaps her and took her to lanka.

Ram Lakshman searched for her. He meets sugriv, makes him his friend, killing bali, he helps him in getting his kingdom and wife,sugriv sends his sena in search of Sita.
Hanuman crosses sea and meets Sita, he asks Ravan to return her to Ram but he didn’t agree. He kills many demons and burns lanka and check if Sita is safe.
Ram with his army makes bridge over the sea and reaches lanka. They killed many demons. Ram killed Ravan etc Lakshman killed Meghanad, Sita killed sahastraravan. She gives agnipariksha.

They arrive Ayodhya. Everyone is overjoyed. Lakshman goes to his wife, she gets up from sleep. Both of them went to the normal hours of sleep. Ram is made king of Ayodhya. Sita gets pregnant.
On dhobi ‘s Ram sends her to valmiki ashram, he delivers twins

12 years later
Ashwamedh yagya is done, horse is captured by lav kush, they defeated Lakshman, Bharat, Shatrughn and hanuman. Ram comes for the war. They asked justice for Sita. Sita stops the war. She tells them, he is his father.
Ram asks Sita to come back but she refused to come back and wents inside the earth.
With the passage of time 3 matas died, lav kush grew up
Ram and his brothers and other members of Ayodhya also died moving deep in the sarayu river. Though not shown in skr, the sons of-
Lakshman – Angad, Chandraketu

Bharat – Taksh, Pushkal
Shatrughn – Shatrughati, Subahu
The end

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