Siya Ke Ram – Answers for quiz 1

Answers for the quiz 🙂 🙂 Hoping that you had fun….
1. Ratnakara
2. Arundati
3. 24000
4. There are quite a number I’ll brief on that after the answers
5. Bhoomi Mata, Mandodari in some versions
6. Vaivasvat Manu
7. Sudakshina
8. Aja and Indumati
9. Nemi (or to the lineage of king Nimi)
10. Sage Vibhandaka
11. Indian Calender it is Chaitra Maasa Navami Tithi
Western calendar it is 10th January 5114 BCE (approx)
12. Some were Yagnavalkya, Gargi and Ashtavakra
13. Katyayani and Maitreyi
14. Menaka
15. King Harischandra
16. Gayatri Mantra
17. Maternal grandmother
18. 3 – Mareecha, Subahu and Kaikesi (Ravana’s mother)
19. Chandrahasa
20. Pinaka
21. Kaushika
22. Kerala
23. Maithili (Nepali can also be considered)
24. Nepal
25. Ayodhya and Saketa (The place was Ayodhya during the time of Ram. later at the time of Buddha, Ayodhya was called Saketa)
26. Sarayu
27. Maharani Sunaina
28. Shravan Kumar
29. Shatanand
30. Bharat- Panchajanya Conch or Shankh
Lakshman – Adi Shesha or Sheshnaag
Shatrughna- Sudarshan Chakra

The answer for the fourth question remains that there are various versions and sources available in the Sanskrit Literature such as
1. Vyasa mentions the Ramayana in the Mahabharat, which is in Sanskrit
2. Bhasa’s Sanskrit play Pratima Nataka
3. Vishnu Purana
4. Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsha (which I’m learning right now and have taken a few questions from there)
5. Bhattikavya
6. Champu Ramayana
7. Anargha Raghava
8. Mahavira Charita
9. Adhyatma Ramayana
10. Adbhuta Ramayana
11. Ananda Ramayana
12. And of course the Valmiki Ramayana

These are certain versions available to us in Sanskrit…there are more in regional languages and might be more for we don’t have everything….
I’ll post the 2nd part of the quiz soon and the Mahabharat as well 🙂

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  1. Waiting for the upcoming quiz di I know no tqs btw sisters so that no way for it…..

  2. I answered 14/30 and i think all are right…
    waiting for 6th answer..all are said raghu but I know it vivasvat Manu..because of all comments am confused… So my doubt is cleared…
    Thank you soups…nice quiz….

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      Welcome brother 🙂 glad your doubt got cleared 🙂

  3. thank you dear ! don’t know how many are wrong 😛

  4. is it possible for u to post answers with their questions as well? so tgat it becomes easy to relate. thus way i ll not remember any answers….

    1. Supreetha (Soups)

      I’ll do that 🙂 it’ll be easier 🙂

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