Siya ke ram Analysis


This is actually about what makes Siya ke ram watchable
I am Sanjana and I guess the whole skr family knows me and till now I posted a lot of analysis on ramayan especially Sita and u all loved it but this one is different
Though I posted many in the comments section only bcoz I didn’t get time to post in episodic analysis and many times tellyupdates rejected or took a lot of time
I hope u all have read it and was useful
And in my holidays I promise to post it all specially in episodic analysis
Coming to the point
Firstly I am really glad to have got the skr family in fact feel blessed
But what connected us was skr and what made us love it
It striked the chord with us first because it was from Sitas perspective and of course mythology interested us
They portrayed Sita and ram childhood really well
Especially presentation of Sitas independent character has to be appreciated
And the families and characters were sketched out really well
The actors who played young Siya, ram and others were really apt for the role
And after the introduction of grown up ram and Sita
The relations between each and every character was shown beautifully
And nobody can lose trust in love after watching skr
Sitas family was really adorable and was shown with strong rooted values
Sita ram first meeting was presented well
The calmness of ram was perfectly portrayed
And they showed humanity of Lord ram which made this show more watchable and
Tadaka vadh was shown really well with amazing visuals
And how can I forget the bgs which were really apt, powerful and soul stirring
The syamwar saptah was slow but nice and loved Sitas powerful speech against malyavaan
Sita character sketched out really well
Showing all the sides of Sita which was an inspiration
Laxmila noh Jhoks were really planned well and their love story depicted beautifully well
Mithila was a land of knowledge and skr made me fall in love with mithila
Though I don’t know if ravan really sent a snake King tatik to mithila. It was also nice to watch and
The shubh vivah
Firstly hats off skr u showed the relation of Lord Parvati and Sita and shiva and ram really well and shiva Parvati
Talks were also thought provoking
The vivah highlighted importance of all rituals and the purity of marriage which is really needed for this world where divorces are on a high rate and the bidaai gave every daughter the thought that she too will face this one day and also made us fall in love with our own families
Portrayed brilliantly and the journey to ayodha was depicted well and thks skr for introducing shanta to us and the importance of Ganga
And Sita speech on imp of lighting diyas and many other good scene were shown
Forget to mention the mandvi Bharat scenes were also shown well
The sass bahu relation was shown beautifully and was needed as daily soaps had changed our perspective on saas bahu
And dasharath guilt was shown from Sita perspective which has to be appreciated and Sita knowledge and presence of mind portrayed well and of course Ramji who is ideal was presented well
The rajaabhishek and vanvas was portrayed really well
Hats off actors for emotion were shown really well
The family’s love was tested and they stood strong and the way ram accepted vanvas and convinced everybody gave us a inspiration to face tough situation and Sita was portrayed as a silent pillar of strength
The way they accepted the right decision eventhough it was painful was depicted well and dasharath love for ram too
Sita decision to accompany ram was a stressed factor and they showed it really well and how she didn’t want to force her decision on ram yet wanted to fulfil her dharm
The vanvas began and though we have not entered main phase till now impressive and Sita love for nature really shown well and
Dasharath death scene was planned well and Sita ram respect for all creatures too
Urmila greatness too was shown well and it was really inspiring and the way nobody blamed anybody for their fate has to be appreciated
Selfless love really depicted well in skr and coming to Bharats love for ram was evident in his anger
Angry love portrayed well and minute details of ramayan shown well
Of course Siya ke ram has given us many values but this article is on what makes it watchable and values I guess it will be an article for another day but will surely type an article on that
Hats off actors and skr team
Each and every day 8:00 to 8:30 is an motivation for our lives
I request u to mention ur favourite actor and actress in skr in the comments section below
A special mention on really good dialogues used in skr and brilliant costumes
There are many reasons to watch skr I have just mentioned each and every part of the story
And skr is thought provoking which gives a lot of questions to ask and the way they portray character has really made us fall in love with each and every character and has instilled good qualities in us
In fact many say tv is an idiot box I totally agree with them but exception like skr and mahabharat don’t really make us idiots right and are kind of best stress buster and don’t prove to be a distraction in fact personally
I used to read a lot of books but
Skr made me write a lot of analysis which I didn’t was a talent I had and writing such analysis has made me make full use of English knowledge
And each and every episode has something which provokes and inspires us and each day I watch the episode to learn something and post my comments based on that and really thks for those who appreciate my thoughts on each episode and
Quotes which I post and hope that will be useful in ur life( just sharing my knowledge)
I am sorry for mistakes as I typed in hurry. Hope I didn’t bore u always used to write my analysis with mind and heart but today everything just came straight from heart
Love skr

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Forget to mention Siams love which also makes us believe in selfless love
    And Ravan scene I have never liked them so forget to mention I am sorry
    But a special appreciation for mandodari character sketch was good
    She was good even though she was surrounded by negativity

  2. In the Ramayana, Ram does not compete with his brothers and gives up all claims to the kingdom, something that is mirrored by his half-brother Bharat too. Ravan, on the other hand, competes with his brother Kubera, eventually drives him out of Lanka and lays claim to the city.

    In the Mahabharata, the Pandavas collaborate with each other, sharing kingdom and wife, and standing up against Kauravas. They are unable to collaborate with the Kauravas. And there is a hint of resentment at being forced to collaborate with each other, for Arjuna gets only 20% of the wife he wins as trophy in an archery contest. No one asks Draupadi, wife of the five Pandavas, what she wants. Whether she wants the winner of the competition (Arjuna) or the participants of the collaboration (Pandavas). Competition between Pandavas and Kauravas results in her public humiliation. Collaboration amongst Pandavas enables her to avenge that humiliation.

    Both competition and collaboration has its advantages. Competition helps us identify who is the strongest and smartest. Collaboration enables us to take advantage of everybodyโ€™s talents.


      i really gained knowledge, enjoyed and loved ur analysis…………… especially this part……… comparison between skr n mb…….. really superb…….. actually u forgot to mention the bonding ravan n surpanka……… a true sis n bro bond till now they have showed………… really really really fantastic dear……… keep going………

  3. Wow! That’s exactly what I think of Siya ke Ram! Awesome write up.. keep posting more ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. No dear sanjana,u didn’t bore us and what u have said is totally correct . Yessss its very true . This show is best among others in star plus. Its my POV.

  5. And Hi! I am new here ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. wow so nice analyses

  7. Nice Sanjana di…SKR is one of my all time favorite shows (along with MB and DKDM)

  8. Hy sanjuu….hru?

    U did an awsm job dr….and uts only cuz of skr that we all are connected

    1. True di… Without SKR, there wouldn’t be an SKR family ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Haiiiiiiiiii Sanjana GD morning dear.Really awesome analysis….

  10. superb analysis sanjana di ๐Ÿ™‚ loved it .true SKR and MB are the best . and yes you didn’t bore us but i loved reading it ๐Ÿ™‚ keep writing more analysis di ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. awsome analysis Sanjana… kudos.. way to go ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Akanksha sharma

    Gr8 dear……written beautifully…..and ya they have 2 show mahadev and parvati…bkz ramayan is written ……which was told by lord shiv 2 mata parvati….as she was eager 2 listen lord ram ‘s lila ….by shiv ji…

  13. Its Really Superb dear……….Well written………Gud write up…….????

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