Siya ke ram Analysis 6 April


In the beginning of the episode we saw an answer to our doubt. What happened to Rams dream?
Sita couldn’t see tears in Rams eyes yet held herself and spoke words of wisdom
People may die but their presence can never leave their loved ones. Their live in our hearts and actions
We should cry and let our heart out and as Krishna says he who keeps his virtue during distress is the virtuous among virtuous men
And Rams virtue was patience and Sita did right by reminding him that
And now Bharat requests ram to return to ayodha as his absence has made their lives void
Ram tells about promise but Bharat questions about dharm
First what we need to understand the path of dharm may seem difficult but think if u refuse to listen to ur conscience which is God
Then the God who resides in all of us leaves us and if suppose we refuse to follow dharm then it becomes karma
What u sow so shall u reap. Whatever u do will be returned to u multi fold and
Right is right only if ur doing it and wrong is wrong is even if others are doing it
Ram takes everything in positive way and thinks whatever happens is for good
And we all know the ramayan alls well that ends well
But Bharat couldn’t take it that way cause if it happened to him he would be positive but how could he when it was about his beloved brother
He didn’t worry of being blamed or felt guilty but could do anything for ram even stay in vanvas instead of him
Ramayan really explains love
Ramayan may be filled with sorrow but in each and every situation love gives happiness
Bharat thinks of the good of ayodha but ram thinks a step ahead he thinks of the good of the world
And I think both are right
And ram takes vanvas as an opportunity to serve the world but Bharat question If this opportunity should really be used and was this a necessary opportunity for which we will get an answer in tomorrow’s episode
Rajarishi janak will side dharm and His daughter itself is independent goddess Lakshmi who will bear everything that comes her way
Today’s episode was thought provoking in this modern world we may feel couldn’t they have just chosen the path of happiness
We think vanvas was a sad part in everyone’s life in ayodha maybe or maybe not
God may have given them all strength to bear it and as for ram Sita and laxman I don’t think it was sad except the last 10 months but then to
It was test to their ability an they succeeded with hard work
Good prevailed over evil and this made their love stronger
Somehow it is always our expectations which lead to disappointment I feel

Credit to: Sanjana

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