siya ke ram an analysis – 13th Apr


Happy tamil new year
Nalum arula nilam udithaval seedhai
Janaka rajan janaki
Videha natin videhi
Sita is Gauri As Gauri, she is the wife who follows her husband wherever he goes. When Ram prepares to set out into his exile, she follows him – not because he asks her to follow, but because it is her duty to be by his side. He tries to stop her but she insists on fulfilling her role as wife. And so he sets out with her. Sita thus is not the obedient wife – she is the dutiful wife, the one who knows her responsibilities.
And sita is kali who had killed ravan’ twin who had tried to disrupt her union with ram. She fought fearlessly and fiercely which had mentioned in a detailed manner in one of my earlier analysis
Sitas heart skipped a beat when ram enters that tornado yet he came out unflinched
When we do good deeds the lord will guide us
And in todays episode shatrughn wouldn’t have known that his decision today has sown hatred in someones heart
No work is easy. Life cannot and will not be a bed of roses yet is will not be only a bed of thorn
Scientifically which theory explains urmila sleeping for 14 yrs? What about the fluid collection?
This is what is known as miracle of that the lord performs to protect his devotee from suffering
And I know todays episode would again start the neverending debate
But may I ask something who are we to judge the paratma and to god alone belongs judgement
Ramayan showed the bad side of rules and detachment.
In ramayan everyone was sad yet today we are told to pray to sita ram for happiness the reason is sacrifice. The family values and pure love
It seems to be a tragic story but no one was unhappy throughout their life this line is for those who commit suicide. Where there is a will there is a way
The people of ayodha are insecure and feel inadequate that’s the reason why they question senselessly
What I gain from this episode we all may feel insecure in some part of life but be balanced
Contentment and gratitude will define ur life more than anything . the book sita by devdutt instilled these 2 important virtues in my life
And since I had promised not to comment can anybody explain ravans death in a clear manner and how did vibhisan help ram in killing ravan and what was hanuman role in ravan death if there is any
Guys a society with perfection is not a society
Imperfections exist in every society learn to live with it.I AM TELLING THIS FOR I DON’T WANT U ALL TO REACT TO NEGATIVE COMMENTS IN FUTURE

Credit to: sanjana

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  1. sruthi di hats off to ur analysis
    and priya u are going good
    and pls check out my article on IPL will notify u when it gets posted

    yugamai pottrum yuvathiyin kadhai
    avathara purushar raamanin kadhai
    anda vinulakkumim endha manulakkum pottrum ram kaaviya kadhai

    sita nilathilinlirundu udithaval
    janaka raajanin kulathaval
    mithila manickamai jolithaval

    i loved these lines an good luck youll have a hard time reading it and
    did u guys recoginise the dubbing voices from mahabharatham

    happy tamil new year to ww di nippy di sruthi di thanmathi di twinkle narendra bro vrinda di priya di
    have i missed any tamilians

    and for ram navmi will post an article on the power of the nam

    1. Waiting for ur analysis regarding ram dear

  2. nippy di pls check out my comment on 11 april pls and
    all dis pls reply to my question on yesterday 12 april update page
    CBSE vs ICSE
    and silpi di will surely pray for the victims of the temple festival tragedy

  3. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    Happy new year to u too Sanjana…. happy new year to all others also….

    I agree with u sanju…. people get emotional….. even at one of my life point i had decided to suicide… but only my mom made me realise the value of life….. only cowards chose it…. now i m no more a coward…. n u r correct about the citizens of ayodhya….. insecurity…..

    And about Ravan’s death…. during the war time vibhisan will advise ram to attack ravan at his naval… only then he can kill ram….. knowing this ravan will perform a yagna to protect him from ram…. that time hanuman n his army will attack lanka palace so that they can distract ravan n spoil his yagna…. but ravan wont get up…. so with no other choice one of the vanra ( dont remember the name) will pull mandodari’s hair n abuse her….. but still ravan wont…. that mandodari will shout at him for full filling his pathi dharma… an angry ravan will leave his yagna n the army escapes this way ravan’s death gets sure….

    Hope u r clear…. if not pls let me know…

  4. Jai Jai Sita ram
    Raghunatha Raghava raja ram
    Pathita pavana sita ram

  5. U r dng gud ….keep gng…hw r u dr…our family members where busy I hope….hw s ur studies gng n…do we’ll… All the best fr ur best nd bright future…my wishes for ur sis who s gng to appeal for entrance dr….keep gng…… ur wy s LNG dnt stp….gud bye Tc sd ….I m lvng frm our famil…..but I vil cme here snn I can…I vil cmmnds fr u good dngs…mss u all…if one day I cme dnt ask me who am I….I always Remr u all… U r always swt to my hearts that much nice family I got here…nce sis like u… I cnt inform every ne I told u…I hope u vil tell to evryne…I vil mss u all…that to Zara she s the ne who gave the place in ths family first… wnt forget her…ur analysis s awsome…..sanju…Tc dr….convey my regrets to evry ne…..guys gng to miss u a lot…but rmbr I vilu cme ne day to chat with u all…..not yet like to go far away frm my family….if I cme n tht day vil u all accept me????…nd ne thing welcome all my swt new cmrs to our family….GOOD BYE sir fmly…love u all nd gng to miss u a lot

  6. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hey yazhni dear wat happend
    I know u wil hav som reason
    Bt how can u tell that v will 4get u
    Dont u thnk that v dont love u
    Nvr say v wil 4get u
    Will always remembr u
    & wil miss u like hell
    Com back soon

  7. Supreetha (Soups)

    Happy new year dear sisters and brothers 🙂

  8. Happy new year to all may u all have a blast this year jai siya ram

  9. Even i am a tamilian

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