siya ke ram alien adventure episode 9

The epi starts with Lakshman and Urmila talking and aliens feel bored hearing their talks. Boota zora shouts and says,”Are you not willing to fight now?” Lakshman says,”There’s no fun in fighting with a coward.” Urmila says,”I brought your bow and arrows.” She gives it to Lakshman. Lakshman says,”Yes, now lets try to fight with this!” Lakshman aims arrow at the aliens and attacks. But to his wonder, the arrows pass through the aliens without harming any of them! Lakshman and Urmila look at each other in shock. Lakshman aims a fire arrow at the aliens, who extinguish it using a water gun. Lakshman aims an ice arrow at the aliens which also gets melted by the aliens. Lakshman next tries to aim some ferocious weapons and a terrible war breaks. Urmila escapes and hides behind the big rock in the cave. Manthra is sleeping behind the rock. Urmila gets shocked seeing her and shouts,”Manthra!” Lakshman stops shooting and looks behind the rock. Manthra gets up and gets astonished to see Lakshman and Urmila staring her.

Ram opens his eyes after meditation and finds Sita looking at him with a wide smile on her face. He says,”Siya, what happened, why’re you smiling?” Sita says,”When Siya will have her Raghunandan in front of her eyes, you’ve no wonder that the smile comes out automatically.” Ram holds her hand and smiles.
“Now why’re you smiling Raghunandan? Same reason or different one?”
“Different one.”
“What’s that?”
“I was thinking that your smile can also make even a withered flower bloom and..”
“And the smell of the food made by you can make a dead person alive.”
“You’re flattering me, Raghunandan?”
“What do you think?”
“I don’t know..”
“Would you like to leave this place?”
Sita looks around the beautiful blooming colourful flowers, slight breeze of the wind, birds chirping and flying around.
“And what if I tell you that you have to leave it?”
“Because…Because I was thinking that we can’t stay here any longer.”
“But why?”
“Because if we stay here, people from Ayodhya and our family will keep coming here since they came to know about this place. This can become a hindrance in our exile.”
“I understand that Raghunandan. I’ll inform Lakshman and Urmila about this and then maybe we might leave.”
Sita goes to Lakshman and Urmila’s hut and finds them missing. She recalls both of them going in the forest. Ram comes there and asks,”What happened Siya? Where’re Lakshman and Urmila?” Sita says,”They went in the forest for some work and it has been long time. They should’ve returned by now.”
“That means they can be in some danger.,” Ram picks his bow and turns to leave. “In which direction did they go?” Sita looks around the trees everywhere and says,”I don’t remember.” Ram says,”Don’t worry I’ll go and find.”
“I won’t let you go alone,” Sita says picking up another bow.
“But it can be dangerous.”
“My sister and brother in law are also in danger,” Sita says determined.
“Alright, there’s no point in fighting. Come if you want to. Lets go.”
Lakshman looks at Manthra and says,”You didn’t get satisfaction by sending Ram bhaiyya to exile and now you’re planning to kill him! How dare you planned to kill my Bhaiyya Bhabhi and my wife? And you also tried to kill my wife! You won’t be forgiven at all. It’s time for your punishment you shameless conspirator.” Urmila nods. Lakshman raises his hand to attack her which is stopped by Ram. “Lakshman! What’re you doing?”
“Bhaiyya I’m punishing this wicked woman who was planning to harm us and the entire Raghuvansh.”
Manthra commands the aliens to attack Ram and Lakshman. Sita and Urmila hide behind the rock. Ram and Lakshman attack the aliens. Urmila says,”Didi, let us also attack these creatures.” Sita nods and they also shoot the aliens. Manthra gets confused amidst the lasers, fire, ice and arrows. Boota Zora takes out a gun and says,”This is my strongest weapon. The one who gets shot by this gun gets paralyzed for years.” He shoots it. Ram launches Brahmastra to counter it. Lakshman sees Manthra running here and there, and notices Boota Zora attacking Ram. He pushes Manthra who falls in between the weapons clashing and gets attacked by the gun and falls down..

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  1. NABANITA626

    I love the first part most,the bonding between lakshmila just fab?

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you di

  2. Nice ff ☺☺

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you

  3. Arnasharma26

    Lakshmila was superb???? a little convo of sira was lovely as well…..n manthra deserved it……okay to describe this i have just one word….WOW !!!!!! A little disappointed as there was no precap?? but yeah….now it makes me die to read it…..superb. update asap????

    1. Vanshika

      OMG so long comment!! Loads of thanks to you dear ??? no Precap cos next epi is going to b a big surprise fun dhamaal cos for d tym being manthra is not going 2 interfere!

      1. Arnasharma26

        Love u too deariee….

  4. Amalina

    glad that mantra is now punished! Siam are vey intelligent! Very brave of urmila and Sita to fight to safeguard their husbands!

    1. Vanshika

      Thank uuuuu so much dearie!! I’m glad you enjoyed ??? yea siya n Mila r very brave always… N next epi- f fun times coz mantra punished!

  5. Jayani

    Hi all,

    2day is my b’day… I want all of ur blessings 2 make my day… Dis is my sincere request???…

    1. Happy birthday jayani sis, may you get success ??

      1. Arnasharma26

        Happy birthday jayani…..may god bring lot of happiness…. lot of success…. n many stories? love u to much shona….virtual hugs n kisses??? enjoy…???? n everyone here wants their cake got it….

      2. Jayani

        Thank u sooo much bhaiya nd di???… Dis means a lot 2 me?

    2. Happy ? birthday to my beloved jayani sissy ……… May u hv a grt year ahead …… Loads of love to u …….. Many many happy returns of the day to u……..

      1. Jayani

        Thank u soooo much vaidehi di

  6. Vanshika

    Belated happy birthday wishes Jayani I’m sorry for late so busy that couldn’t open TU.. Hope you don’t get angry.. Love you loads and may you always get success and joy and keep smiling ? Jai SiyaRam

    1. Jayani

      Thank u sooo much di… In fact m even more late dan 2 reply… Forgive me

  7. Astra

    it is possible only to you yar… yaa, only to you. what an new creations… names… ur ideas… i read all the parts till now.
    wow..!! they are awesome and awesome… loved everybody…

    1. Vanshika

      Thank uuuuu so much didi!! I’m glad you enjoyed ???

  8. Hey all !!!!! How r u ????? Do u know that skr is being telecasted as ramleela in star utasav on Saturday and Sunday????? Its a grt news rit ????

  9. Jayani

    D epi was usual… Luved d siam nd lakshmila scenes… Women power… Great 2 know dat even siaurmi r helping deir respective husbands… Waiting 2 read d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

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