siya ke ram alien adventure episode 8

The epi starts with Urmila waking up and going outside. She finds Sita already awake, drying clothes and Lakshman inside the forest in search of firewood. She turns to go to the river to collect water while alien Lakshman comes and hugs her from behind. She feels awkward and turns to the other side. Alien asks her,”What happened?”
“Nothing Sumitranandan.. Right now I am in a hurry so will you let me go?”

“Please Sumitranandan otherwise I am telling you that I will put double spice…”
“Alright Mila, you should go and finish your work. Here is the best firewood of the entire forest.”
Urmila goes to collect the water while she finds the weird painting made by Lakshman lying on the ground. She thinks, why is it lying here, however it is, I should return it to Sumitranandan, the painting of his demoness. She takes the water, returns back and keeps it inside their hut.

The alien sees that painting and picks it up puzzled by seeing him inside the painting. ‘I look like this then how come this painting is lying around here and how did anyone come to know that I look like this? I think I could ask that Urmila.’
He goes outside where Sita and Urmila are cooking food and Ram is trying to pluck some fruits from the tree using his bow and arrow. He asks Urmila.”Where did this painting come from?”
“Let me explain its entire journey to you. It came from your intelligent brain over this piece of cloth. Then with the piece of cloth it went to see the forest with you and then from the forest a demoness found it and right now the demoness is returning it to you.”

“What what Sumitranandan? I found it in the forest.”
“I made it?”
“No no, a fierce angry….”
“And why do you ask so many questions?”

“My mouth and my wish.”
“And if you are done then food is ready.”
“And if the food is ready I’ve some important work to finish in the forest so I’m going.”
“Then go ahead. But after finishing your breakfast this time.”
“Please Mila I’ve some urgent work please.”
“Okay and come soon, but what work do you have…..?”
“No work today,” Sita interrupts. “You’ll eat the food first and then you will go to your work?”
“But Bhabhi..”

“Now if you had to listen why all this drama and fight with me?,” Urmila asks staring Lakshman.
“Let it be Mila. Don’t spoil your mood.,” Sita says.
Alien Lakshman finishes breakfast first of all to everyone’s wonder and gets up to leave.
“Where’re you going?,” Urmila asks staring him.
“Nowhere.. Important work.”

Alien Lakshman hides behind Sita and says,”Bhabhi I’ve planned a surprise for my princess but she’s not allowing me to go. Please let me go.” Sita nods and the alien rushes to the cave in the forest. Half of the aliens are guarding Lakshman while the others along with Manthra are snoring in deep sleep. Alien Lakshman shows the painting to the alien king Boota zora who also gets puzzled seeing it. He asks Lakshman how he made the painting. Lakshman opens his mouth to say all about the painting while an idea strikes his mind. He says,”I don’t talk to cowards.”
“I’m not any coward , I’m the king of aliens, the king of our planet Boota zora.”
“You’re a king but you’re still a coward Bhutta Zara.”
“Shut up my name is Boota Zora and I am the bravest warrior and I will prove it after killing you and your brother.”

“I feel pity on you..”
“Why you fool?”
“Because you’re destined to live a very shameful life.”
“Shut up. And tell about this painting.”
“I’ll tell about it if you defeat me in a fight BRAVELY.”
“Yes.. Not like a coward who will kill an unarmed person.”
“What do you mean?”
“See you are very brave and you’ll definitely defeat me in a matter of minutes but the fact is that the universe will laugh at you and call you a coward..”

“That’s why I’m telling you that if you defeat me when I’m fighting with your weapons in equity then only you’ll be proved brave. Otherwise you’re a coward and you wont come to know the secret of this painting.. And I know all the secrets of your planet that’s how I got this painting..”
“Okay then take this gun and defeat me.”

Lakshman and Boota Zora get into a fight with laser guns. Lakshman is about to attack Boita Zora while one of the aliens disguises as Urmila and jumps in between. The latter gets attacked and falls down on the ground unconscious. “Mila!!,” Lakshman says his eyes widened in shock to see Urmila lying on the ground unconscious. He asks her to get up in tears while Boota Zora takes advantage of the situation and attacks him..
His attack is blocked by a giant rock thrown by fierce Urmila who’s standing at the cave entrance. Lakshman looks at her confused and says,”If you’re Urmila then she?”
“She’s an alien disguised as me to kill you. You were right, this Boota zora is a coward.”
“But you here? How?”

Fb shows- Urmila is tensed about Lakshman not returned yet. She goes to Sita and tells her that she’s going to search for Lakshman. Sita says,”He’ll come soon, he’s planning a surprise for you.” Urmila says,”I knew.. I’m going to see that only. You don’t worry I’ll be back soon.”
“Shall I come with you?”

“No jiji I’ll handle on my own.”
“Alright but come soon and take care. The forest is very dangerous.”
“Not till Sumitranandan is there.”
Urmila goes in the direction Lakshman went and finds his bow and arrow quiver on the ground. She picks it up and moves ahead until she reaches the cave where Lakshman and Bootazora are fighting.
Fb ends.

Precap:- Lakshman is about to attack Manthra when Ram comes there.

I’m sorry for being late and small update. Do leave a comment. Thanks for reading. Jai sita ram.. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ˜Š


  1. Jayani


    |Registered Member

    D epi was as usual nyc nd finally urmila found real lakshman… I liked d idea of d laser gun… Wat a name… BOOTA ZORA nd lakshman calls him BHUTTA ZARAπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚… I want dis lakshman 2 kill dis manthra asap… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

  2. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    Wow! Lakshmila rock! Their love brought them together! Urmika is very brave. Where’s ram?? Can’t wait til when ramlak will defeat those aliens

    • Vanshika



      Thank you 😊 dear and yea lakshmila always rock! But you’ll have to wait for aliens’ defeat cos.,, cos they’ll b defeated at the end of ff (wid Ravan) n actually I hv sum odr plan fr their defeat! Stay tuned to read! Love you 😍 Jai sita ram

  3. vaidehi




    • Vanshika



      Happy Ram Navami dear! Jai siya ram! How’re you? And where do u vanish automatically 😜? Are those aliens responsible for your vanishing? Missed u very much? N how’s school going? Loads of love and kip smiling 😊

  4. Jayani


    |Registered Member

    Happy belated ram navmi 2 all! I actually saw d serial (ramleela – divya gatha siya aur ram ki) in star utsav sterday… It’s asum

  5. Arnasharma26


    |Registered Member

    Sorry i m late….. bhutta zara lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚n our mila is a real heroine…..loved it to core😊😊😊😊
    Narrated really wellπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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