siya ke ram alien adventure episode 4

The epi starts with Bharat saying you’re the cause of PitaShri’s death. You don’t deserve to be called my mother! He goes away from there teary eyed. Kaikeyi cries and runs to see Dasharath. She comes to his room. Kaikeyi says Maharaj, I have come, your beloved queen has come, look at me, for a second I believed that bad news, but I know you can’t go anywhere leaving me, you are angry with me, that’s why you are doing this. She cries and sits near his feet. She says I have come, you have hurt my heart a lot, open your eyes and see my tears. She holds his feet. Everyone cry. Kaikeyi asks Raj Vaidya to check Dasharath. Sumitra scolds her angrily. She says no need of this acting, you are hurting Maharaj soul more by doing this, go from here, I request you. Kaushalya says Sumitra, calm down, what had to happen has happened…. There is no use now, Maharaj will not come back. Sumitra says sorry Didi, I can’t stop myself now..
Bharat and Shatrughan cry seeing Dasharath. Bharat asks Kaushalya how did this happen, Dasharath was healthy when we left from here.
Bharat apologizes to Kaushalya. He says All of it wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t there. Kaushalya holds him and says its not your mistake, Ram, Sita, Urmila and Laxman know this too. She says when Ram got to know about promises, he became very happy, because you were going to become king, he requested Praja that they should love you same, you are dear to Ram, we all know this, and that’s why, you have to manage Ayodhya’s rule now, this is necessity and you have to do this, you have to accept your duty. He says no, the throne on which Ram has to sit, I can’t increase my sin burden more by sitting on that throne, whatever happened was not in my control, but whatever will happen now is in my control. Guru Vashisht says if Ram was the king, then Ayodhya’s betterment would be secured, but even then he accepted vanvaas, why, Ram did that as he was sure that his most dearest brother is suitable to become Ayodhya’s king, if you really love Ram, then learn to respect Ram’s belief, this is your test. You have to face tough situation and serve your duty, I gave four brothers this teachings in gurukul, you have to do son’s duty first, you have to do Dasharath’s final rites first. They cry.
Bharat gives fire to Dasharath’s funeral.

Ram, Sita and Lakshmila walk ahead in their journey towards the other ashram. Laxman thinks bhaiyya bhabhi and mila look upset, I have to do something. He smiles seeing the flowers and asks them to see the beautiful flowers. He smells a flower, while Urmila calls him out to stop. Laxman starts sneezing and asks Sita to do something, else he will die. She looks around and asks him to wait. Ram smiles. Sita sees some flowers. Laxman says I m sneezing and Ram is smiling. Sita gives some other flower petals and asks Laxman to smell it. Laxman gets fine. Urmila asks Laxman did he not remember that white flower’s smell will cause sneezing. Laxman says I remember, but I can smell the such flowers of the entire world to make you smile. They smile and go ahead. They see a big tree. Sita says this is so pure and spiritual. Ram agrees and says Devtas stay in such pure trees, its said that whatever we wish by doing praying here gets fulfilled, people tie threads and take rounds before making a wish. Sita says then we will also make a wish. She goes ahead and stops. She smiles seeing him, and holds his hand. Siya ram…plays…… She takes him. They smile seeing each other, and pray. She wishes for blessings that Ram and her love is always unbreakable, their future is always bright, her face always shines by his love, she always stays with him and Ram always succeeds in his motives. Ram looks at her. She smiles. They tie thread and take rounds of the tree. Urmila and Lakshman also tie threads and take rounds of the tree. Urmila wishes for Ram sita and Lakshman’s welfare always. Lakshman wishes for happiness for Ram Sita and his wife, who took the pain because of him.
They reach a place suitable to live.

Sita likes the place. Ram says this is Chitragupt’s pure place, we will stay here. They see some birds coming that way. Laxman says so many birds are coming here, I feel its sign of some trouble. Sita says don’t worry, its not sign of danger, they are coming to welcome us, the trees and birds look so happy by our coming here. Ram asks how did you aquire this knowledge. She says I m Bhoomija, I m born from the earth, same way the trees are also born from the soil, there is a relation with them which I can’t express, so I know trees and birds too. Ram says every incident has a reason for sure, vanvaas was my fate, but you are with me, its my luck, all my doubts got away, I m stay with you in van without any worry.
Laxman tells Ram and Sita that he has arranged a hut in the forest, amongst the beautiful flowers and also a kitchen for Sita. He shows them the kitchen. He says I know Sita loves cooking, but I could not arrange similar like Raj bhavan. Sita says its very good. Urmila says nothing for me? Lakshman says I’m always there for you. Ram says Laxman, the hut is really good, but why did you not do arrangements for you. Laxman says don’t worry, I will stay outside and protect you and this hut. Ram holds Laxman, and says my brother, I m blessed to have a brother like you, great sages don’t do such things which you do with such ease. Lakshman tells Urmila that he’ll make a seperate hut for her. Urmila says no, I’ll live outside with you, I can’t live alone at all. Lakshman says alright, but how can I let you stay outside? Lets do something that we can stay together. Okay I’ll build a new hut here, okay? Urmila smiles.
Ram says Sita, we are entering a new phase of our life from today, but this life is not of palace, its sanyaasi life, its life of tapasya, sacrifice, and this can be difficult for you. She smiles and says the life I imagined after my life, I got that, even problems with you become a reason of happiness, I have a husband like you, a sister like Urmila, a brother in law like Laxman, this is the best life for me on earth and this is heaven for me. She hugs him. He holds her.

At full moon night..
Manthra looks at sky and laughs evilly. She takes out a shining gem like diamond. Bright green light emits from the gem. Light emits from the sky as well.
Urmila looks at the moon and says what’s this? Lakshman says it’s sign of danger. Urmila says no! I can’t bear any more danger now. Lakshman says do you think about danger when you’ve such a husband? Urmila nods a no.
A shining bright UFO lands outside the cave. Weird looking creatures/aliens step out of the UFO. Dedhdarhb gfsujfsw dddhhgsae dhursgv.. They murmur in their own language. Manthra gets puzzled. How to talk to them?

Precap:-Bharat Shatrughan come to Chitrakoot

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    1. Vanshika

      Thanks alot ?

  1. Vanshika it is lovely.It is like I m going through the written update of siya ke ram but the way u have linked lakshmila is awesome.Please do write some ffs on lakshmila or rakshman. It is a kind request!!!

    1. Vanshika

      Thank you very much ? kip reading ? will surely ryt after my exams end! Thank you ?

      1. Thank u for considering my request ??May I know in which school do u study ,if u r fine with it..

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      1. Best of luck buddy…I am giving boards in eighth class..DAV and just 2 exams left …then i will also try to write some ffs

  2. Astra

    awesome awesome awesome..

    1. Vanshika

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  3. Jayani

    Epi was hilarious as usual nd lakshmila scenes just rocked it… Nyc idea of d language???… Can’t stop laughing?… Waiting for next sunday… Coz my xams r getting over… Waiting for d next epi… I hav a doubt di… Will urmila go back wid aydhya ppl nd go nd sleep in aydhya or will she stay wid siam nd lakhan??? Pls clear my doubt asap…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      OMG thank you so much ? dear.. Oh next Sunday I.e 12 march ☹ mine getting over 20 march ☹ No worries best of luck ? dear.. Nope Urmila wont go back to ayodhya cos #LakshmilaRocks ?? and I removed all 14 yrs sleep plan as well.. (Cos if she slept alien will cum to disturb ??) so she’s with Siam n lakshman.. Thanks for your comments have a nice day ? I

      1. Jayani

        Hope d aliens don’t disturb dem wyl dey sleep in d van?… So lakhan won’t stay awake during d vanvaas??? Or is SUMI GOING 2 SLEEP FOR LAKHAN?????? Dat’s 2 dum??… BOL for ur xams vanshu

    2. Hi jayani…how are you???? Do you have exams??if yes all the best!!

      1. Jayani

        M 5n di… M having now… Nd thnx for ur wishes… All d best if u hav xams too!

    3. Ya..against a private medical college for their unqualified all the government medical students have boycotted their lectures in order to take an action against them

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      E vision.. Oh okay ? .. Dear hv updated d ff do check

      1. Jayani

        I read it sterday di… Was 2 lazy 2 type?… Will comment 2day

  4. Hi vanshu..after a long all the parts today…what can I say it is awesome as always..coming to today’s episode it’s so funny..???? a little break and visited tu..I missed all the skr family members..guys do well in your studies and stay blessed!!love you all..

    1. Vanshika

      OMG double shock…!!! My cute sissie ? I’m so happy to see your comment … Thank you very very much! Happy that u liked it.. N kip coming ha don’t vanish lyk this plz.. Luv u too ?? Btw u watch skr in Thai?

      1. Jayani

        Thai??? She is frm SL r8???

      2. I’ll try my best to visit tu because of a strike..let’s see..Thai??I am from SL dear here skr telecasted with English u too..

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        Even I get skr wid eng subtitles… In fact all d shows in star plus

      4. Jayani

        Dere is a strike in SL??? ???

    2. Vanshika

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      Plz don’t go away Tharu di try ur best to visit this pg..luv u ?

      1. Jayani

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  5. Hi janaki ramudu team,

    Awesome serial, highly appreciated each one ,especially Rama character and sits character. Can we expect another new epic serial from the same team.
    It’s nice ,if it would be about lord venkateswara on tirupati background.

  6. Richu

    Hello varshani!!how r u??
    U remember me??by the way I read ur ffs…
    Those r Amazing.. With a blast!!??
    U managed to steel away the show…LAXMILA!!???

    1. Richu

      Vanshuuuu!!* its bcozz of autiocorrect!!
      Sry yaar… the way missing skr mmbrs a lot..

    2. Richu

      Vanshuuuu!!* its bcozz of autiocorrect!!
      Sry yaar… the way missing skr mmbrs a lot…..
      How r u dear?

    3. Vanshika

      Oh hi dii back after so long! Thank you so much for your sweet comment. ? I’m fine di how’re you!? Take care and love you very much ?

  7. Pragyashree

    it was awesome vanshika. love the way tries to make everyone happy. update the next soon

  8. Pragyashree

    And I also support shanaya’s request.

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