siya ke ram alien adventure episode 2

Disclaimer:- The fan fiction is purely for fictional purposes and solely for entertainment. The characters are taken from Ramayan (SiyaKeRam) but the story has no relation with reality.
The epi starts with Ram, being ready for vanvaas, leaving the palace. Siya comes there in simple clothes. She says I’ll also accompany you to the forest. You can fulfil your dharma, and I’ll also. You can’t stop me from fulfilling my patni/wife’s duty. I’ll go and that’s final. I’m Ready to bear all pains and problems of the forest. But I’ll always be by your side. A drop of tear drops from her eyes as she says so. Ram hugs her and says Siita, as you wish. But never let these tears come to your eyes again. Siya says they’ll never come till I’m with you. Lakshman comes and says everything is ready. Urmila says everything is ready, everything is alright, everyone agreed, except you. You won’t let me come still, right? Lakshman says yes, Urmila, I’ve go leave alone only, circumstances Are such, you can’t live in forest, and if you come, I’ve the duty to protect you, and while doing so, I don’t want anything to happen to bhaiyya. Urmila says fine then, go, and when you come, don’t search for me, as I’ll be dead by the time you come back. I can’t imagine my life without my siya di and you. She’s going, you’re going, what’s left now,I’m going and I will kill myself /suicide by jumping in the river saryu. Saying so Urmila goes away determined. Lakshman runs and pulls her back. You won’t go anywhere, did you understand that, or not? And don’t think of dying. You’ll come with me, if that suits you best, okay? Mandavi says if it kept on like this even I want to accompany sita di and this rakshashi/demoness. The palace isn’t likely to live without siya di and the fights and mischief of Urmila.. Siya says I understand it mandavi. But you and Kirti have to stay here only, you’ve to keep care of Mothers, and Bharat Shatrughan when they return. Mandvi hugs siya and says I pray to god these 14 years get passed like 14 days and the palace is filled with happiness and smiles again..
Siya Ram and Lakshman Urmila leave for the forest just after, the villagers bid them a teary farewell….

Bharat and shatrughan return ayodhya from Ashwapati’s place (where they had gone for a while) searching for Ram lakshman. But the duo was nowhere to be found. Siya urmi also missing. Devastated, Bharat asks a crying mandavi the matter. Kaushalya and Sumitra also cry. Bharat gets confused and questions Mandvi once Again. Kirti tells him the whole matter, hearing which tears slip from Bharat’s eyes. Shatrughan gets shattered hearing the same. Bharat gets red with anger and frustration and rushes to Kaikeyis Room, pushing the door hard and throws the vase kept at the entrance. Manthra is also inside the room. Bharat scolds Kaikeyi for her shameful act. Kaikeyi asks him to get happy as he’ll become the next king. Bharat says my life is of no use without ram bhaiyya and I won’t become king. And’re not my mother, in fact you’re not anyone’s mother, not worthy enough of being called a mother, you spoiled life of all your four sons, you sent ram bhaiyya and Lakshman to forest and my and shatrughan’s life doesn’t have any meaning without ram bhaiyya. And just by listening foolish talks of this maid (Manthra) you did this right? She doesn’t deserve a place in this palace.

Shatrughan comes with a sword and says yes yes, you’re right bhaiyya, now she’ll be out of the palace, she’s not our criminal, she’s the criminal of Ayodhya, and Ayodhya’s praja will give her the reward….punishment for this wickedness. She shattered ayodhya into pieces..! Saying so Shatrughan Pushes mantra out of the palace where Ayodhya’s praja/commoners throw stones at manthra. Manthra runs away annoyed at all this.. She hadn’t expected it From Bharat. She gets fully angry and thinks of punishing Ram for all of it.! But where’s ram?.

Yes, on the way to the forest along with siya and Lakshmila. They come to the ganga river. Lakshman says see Urmi, I can jump off and cross Ganga in a split second..hehehe..hehehe.. Urmila says yes yes, you can cross whole earth in one jump, can’t you? Ooh yes, that’s a minute’s play for you, hm I know. Lakshman says you won’t argue today? Urmila says no, because I know you won’t change your mind even by my arguing. Lakshman says it isn’t so?? I can prove my capabilities to you, my target never goes wrong. Urmila picks up a pebble and gives him. Throw this pebble from here and throw it such that it reaches end of the river. I promise I won’t ever fight with you. Siya ram smile hearing them..

Lakshman swings pebble a lot and throws it with full speed. The pebble swings up down, hits a tree instead of the water, goes up down again and bouncing back comes straight hitting Urmila, who stares him angrily.. Lakshman looks at her worried. The volcano of anger may burst Anytime soon.
Manthra comes deep inside a cave.

Precap:- volcano bursts.. siyaram lakshmila cross ganga and reach forest, and make home in forest. Dashrath dies.

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  1. Hello Vanshika ..I m in eighth grade too and I love reading and writing lakshmila fanfictions , this is amazing.. Update soon and please give most of lakshmila …they r amazing.. U know!!!

  2. Inu

    Superb. Loved lakshmila nhokjhoks.

  3. thats superbbbb……….very refeshing old memory…………

  4. Padmaja

    Loved total Epi dearie… and lakshmilla always rocks ????…. nice to see them together in the van… and eagerly waiting for nxt epi.. ???

  5. oh my goodness too funny yaar laughed so much after a long time

  6. Amalina

    Haha ? lalshmila’s cute conversation made my day! Hmm manthara is hiding in a cave?? plz update next epi asap. I’m too curious for next epi??❤️

  7. Jayani

    Xtreamly sry for d late comment… I read dis ff on sat morning nd m commenting only 2day?… Just luved dis epi 2 d core!!! D scene where mila says dat she wud jump into sarayu nd lakhan’s reaction was just asum!!! I cud just visualize dat scene… Nd den d other scene in d forset near ganga nd lakhan’s confidence nd mila’s reaction after d stone hit her nose was just so so sooooo funny???… Just can stop laughing… Even I wish too dat dis 14 years just runs in d speed of around 9 seconds (usain bolt’s record ?)… Can’t wait for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

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