Siya ke ram alien adventure episode 17

Ram reads the letter-
“Dear son Ram,
We knew it very well that you’ll deny accompanying us to Ayodhya, because you neither would you let the empire’s prestige go down, nor you would do anything that breaks the principles of righteousness. If you’re reading this letter right now, it means that it is very special day for you. We don’t know what that day is, but a mother’s heart is always with her son, and so are her blessings. You won’t speak your feelings to everyone, but we know that you are worried for us. We aren’t well, of course without our son, but we wish you all the very best for your journey, and we hope that you return Ayodhya very soon. Always keep doing your duties, and never let anyone become an obstruction between them.
Ayodhya is waiting for their king.
Love and Regards,
Your three mothers.”

He looks at Sita, his eyes speaking all his feelings. He opens his mouth teary eyed, but Sita keeps her finger on his lips. “Don’t say anything Raghuvar. Mata gave me this letter when she had come along with our family to take us back to Ayodhya. They told me to give it to you on some special day, and I didn’t find a more special day,”she says smiling.

“Thank you Siya. This gift infused with your and our mothers’ love is the most precious gift I can ever receive!”

In Lanka-
Shurpankha is staring at the mirror in her room. “I’m Lanka princess Surpankha,”she says loudly. “I’m Ravan’s sister Surpankha and there’s nobody who can stop me. NO ONE!”
In the assembly hall, Ravan is discussing something with his ministers. “Great! Very great!” He says laughing. “So those silly aliens are incapable of doing anything now! That means its right time to attack them and add Alienlok to Lankapati Ravan’s empire! Go and capture them.”

“But Maharaj,” the messenger who brought the news says trembling, “I had reached there hiding in their spacecraft. Now how’ll I reach there?”
“You all are useless,” Ravan says getting up and killing him with his sword. “I myself will go there and bring them. In my Pushpak vimana. And I’ll be reaching there right away!” Surpankha hears it and gets glad. “So finally I got the opportunity to leave the palace!”

In Panchvati
Urmila picks up sindoor box and asks Lakshman to fill her hairline. Lakshman is about to hold box while it slips from her hands. She stares the fallen vermilion for a second and then hugs Lakshman crying. “This is..this is a bad omen swami! I can’t live without you for a single moment! And this.. This marks some bad happening. I’ve an intuition that something very wrong is going to happen. I don’t know how and why it slipped out of my hands!”

“Oh its a bad omen,” Lakshman says jokingly. “So that means we will get seperated. Maybe I will go to river to fill pot and drown..”
“You know how to swim,” Urmila says innocently.
“Then maybe a big monster appears and kills..”
“No!” Urmila exclaims placing her hand on Lakshman’s mouth.

“Alright Urmi. You know very well nothing can seperate us. Because there is no way in which a soul can be divided.”
“I know Saumitra,” she says smiling. But her heart knew there was something which was soon going to get wrong.

“Raghuvar, what’re you upto,” Sita who is blindfolded asks Ram.
“You’ll see that soon, ah I mean you’ll feel that soon,” Ram replies putting some floral bracelets in her hands. He puts a floral necklace in her neck and places a colourful floral crown on her head. Sita holds his hands and smiles.
“What happened?” Ram asks holding her hands back.
“Thank you,” she says shyly, realising what he is doing.

“My nature’s queen is looking more lovely adorned with the beauty of nature,” Ram says removing her blindfold. “Ah, wouldn’t you like to see how Siya’s Ram has adorned Siya?”
“I would,”she says blushing red.
He holds her hand and leads her to the lake. She looks at her image and smiles. “You’re Siya’s beauty Raghunandan,” she says, her eyes looking at his deeply immersed in love, as she surrenders herself to him.

Ravan, boarded in the Pushpak plane, is on his way to Alienlok accompanied with Indrajit and his trusted demon friend. They reach till the border of Alienlok and find some power is stopping them from entering inside. It infuriates Ravan who angrily shouts. Meghnad (Indrajit) says,”There’s no way to enter inside. Some security shield is preventing us from entering inside.” Ravan says,”Nothing can stop Lanka Naresh Dashannan Ravan!” He takes a sword and tries to pierce the shield, but fails. An alarm starts ringing throughout Alienlok. Boota Zora and his alien army get alert and look around. They reach the border along with Manthra. Boota Zora says,”Kim api twamb satu?”

Ravan stares him for a moment and says,”Who are you to speak to Lankapati Ravan in such a manner?”
One of the alien whispers to Boota Zora,”He’s human being, speak to him in their language.”

Boota Zora laughs and says,”I’m king of Alienlok, Alienlok Sharnek Boota Zora!”
“Oh so you’re the king of this planet, but what does sharnek mean?”
“So whosoever you are, forget that this planet belongs to you. Now it belongs to me! I’m new Alienlok sharnek!”

“Stop cooking these dreams Ravan! And get ready for war!” Boota Zora says talking his gun out.
“Yes I’m ready for war!” Ravan says taking his sword out while the same his done by his companions. Manthra is listening to all of it carefully in an attempt to make some plan. Both the kings look at each other’s weapons and wonder what kind of weapon their companion is holding.

Ravan throws his sword towards Boota , who melts it in a split second using his gun. Meghnad pushes Boota Zora and his gun falls. Boota Zora orders his army to attack. Manthra whispers something in his ears. He smirks and orders his army to stop. He goes to Ravan and says,”You can get this empire. You can get this huge army along with these advanced weapons as well. But for that you’ve to do something.” Boota Zora tells the condition. Ravan laughs and says,”I accept it. Even I want it the way you want. It’s too much fun!” All the aliens board the Pushpak vimana and leave for Lanka, of course with Ravan.

In Ayodhya, Shrutkirti holds Shatrughan’s hands and says,”Just another two years are left swami and after that we shall be celebrating our anniversary, that too with our complete family.” Shatrughan hugs her and says,”I know Kirti. And I can’t bear it at all now. I can’t wait to see bhaiyya and serve his lotus feet.” Shrutkirti says,”You’re serving him now as well. The way you’ve managed Ayodhya over these years is all he wanted!”

“Every moment I’m worried for Ram bhaiyya and Lakshman, Mandvi. It is pricking me every moment. How must they be living there, in the deep forests, along with their better halves, dealing with every trouble they’ve to face there?” Bharat says to Mandvi. “Every moment makes it more difficult for us, to even imagine what life they must being living there, then what would be they feeling? I couldn’t do anything for my bhaiyya.”

“Don’t worry at all Swami. It prickled me too, and it is difficult to regain composure after such things have happened. But you know what jijashri said before leaving? He said that he is fully confident that his brother would never let anything happen wrong, and will handle all situations calmly. You’ll do this for him, won’t you?” Mandvi says cupping his face. “For just two more years.”

“I will try my best,” Bharat says teary eyed.

Ram-Sita and Lakshman-Urmila sit side by side, and look at the sun setting, hoping that the two years will end soon, and maybe unaware that something big is going to happen, unexpected!”

After 6 months

“From the past few days, there’ve been so many attacks on Panchvati and nearby ashrams. It symbolizes something wrong is going to happen bhaiyya. All of them have been done by the same person, but why is someone planning such a conspiracy against us?” Lakshman questions Ram, while Urmila and Sita look at them worried. “Isn’t there any way by which this can be stopped? We’ve been winning till this time, but who has seen the future? And it also obstructs the security of Bhabhima and Urmila, and also the other ladies living around.”

Precap-Shurpankha reaches Panchvati. Aliens and demons create havoc.

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