Siya ke ram alien adventure episode 16

The episode starts with a beautiful morning, the sun shining with double radiance, spreading its light all over. In Panchvati, Lakshman wakes up to find Sita, Ram and Urmila missing. He gets shocked for a moment and looks around in order to get some clue of where they might have gone. He gets afraid thinking that it might be some conspiracy of Manthara and her alien army. He calls for them,”Urmila! Ram bhaiyya! Bhabhi! Where are you? Mila! Bhaiyya!” But there’s no reply. His eyes fall on the blue lotuses he had brought the previous day and suddenly it comes to his mind that it is their anniversary today. He sighs and sits down on a rock. “What is this Mila? I wanted to see your face as soon as I get up, at least today morning and you’ve vanished like nothing. You always leave your Saumitra alone.”

Suddenly Urmila returns, and sees Lakshman sitting on the rock. She hides behind a banyan tree. Lakshman, fully worried about Ram, Sita and Urmila walks out and Urmila creeps inside the hut, with a basket full of berries. “Those aliens didn’t get any other day to attack,” she mumbles in slight angry voice. “Couldn’t they attack some other day? Morons! Because of them I had to go again to bring these fruits and berries.”

Lakshman reaches the lake in his search for Ram and finds a piece of Siya’s duppatta entangled in a twig. This increases his worry and he walks here and there shouting,”Sita Bhabhi! Ram bhaiyya! Urmila! Where are you?”

“For sure they’re in some danger,”was the next thought that struck Lakshman. Sita is digging some soil in a part of the forest while she hears Lakshman’s voice filled with concern. It puts her in deep confusion and she decides not to respond to the voice. “If Lakshman sees me here, everything will go totally wrong. I should hide here till he goes away.” Lakshman goes away as per her wish and she takes out a small box from the soil with a wide smile. “I promise you Raghunandan this will be one of your best days of the exile.”

Lakshman continues walking shouting more loudly. “Ram bhaiyya!” Ram is sitting in some part of the forest which is beautifully adorned with colourful flowers. He is making ornaments from the flowers only to be interrupted by Lakshman’s voice.

“I’m here Lakshman,” he says smilingly embracing his brother. What happened, you look worried?”

“How to tell you bhaiyya about the relief I’m feeling now!” Lakshman says his eyes filled with tears of joy. “Where were you? And isn’t Bhabhi with you?”

“No Lakshman, she’s not with me. But both Urmila and Sita were sleeping when I left for the forest,” Ram says, “To make a gift for my queen,” he says in slow voice.”

“But didn’t you worry for Bhabhi?”

“No Lakhan,” Ram says smiling. “Yesterday night she told me that she’ll go to a temple in the forest, to pray for us.”

“Which temple bhaiyya? The one which is just a five minute walk, behind our hut?”

“Yes, she goes there many times, accompanied with the ladies of ashram, so I thought there’s no need to worry. She must’ve reached home till now, we should leave otherwise she’ll get concerned about us. And yes, your Urmila would also be with her.” Ram says wrapping the floral ornaments in a piece of cloth.

“Alright,” Lakshman nods and they return to their home together, where Sita and Urmila are making food. Ram gets successful in hiding the floral ornaments at a suitable place without Sita noticing him, and so does Lakshman. Sita and Urmila welcome them with a wide grin and give them some milk to drink.

“So where were you?” Sita asks both of them.

“We were just killing a couple of demons who had attacked a nearby village,” and ,”We were just strolling in the forest.” came two different answers from Ram and Lakshman. Sita and Urmila look at them in utter confusion.

“What’s the matter Raghunandan?” Sita asks puzzled.

“Nothing Sita, nothing at all, it’s just that we were strolling in the forest when we found that some demons were attacking,” Ram replies quickly.

“But you went without your weapons,” Urmila says staring their bows in utter confusion.

“Bhaiyya doesn’t need any weapons to fight,” Lakshman says triumphantly.

“Now I know how you’ve this talent,” Urmila says giggling.

“Raghuvar,” Sita whispers in Ram’s ear,”I’ve something for you.”she gives him a piece of cloth on which something is written. “Read it after having food only,” she says smiling and starts cooking again.

Ram goes to a corner and upon noticing the fact that Sita wasn’t seeing him reads the letter out of curiosity. “I knew you couldn’t resist Raguvar. Now you’ve read it before the time I told you so my words vanished.”

Ram turns his eyes to Sita who was chopping some fruits. “Sita, did you see that cloth which you gave me anywhere?” He says innocently pretending to search for it.

“No Raghunandan, what happened?” Sita replies pretending to know nothing, but she has deduced the fact that Ram read it.

“I’m unable to find it, Siya.”

“Ooh what did you Raghunandan!” Sita says pretending to be shocked. “Don’t you know how important it is! You surely must’ve thought to read it before the auspicious time I told you that’s why all this happened.”


“No ifs and buts Raghunandan.”

“Tell me please what was written on it?”

“After lunch,” Sita says looking stern. Ram is meanwhile interrupted by Lakshman calling him and he goes. After he goes Sita and Urmila both have a good laugh, knowing that their plan was working well.

At lunch time

“Wow berries!” Lakshman jumps seeing Urmila standing in front of him with a plate full of berries arranged in some beautiful pattern. He gets up and takes the plate to munch on his very favourite berries. Urmila who knew this would happen smiles. She says,”Happy wedding anniversary Sumitranandan,”her cheeks turning into a deep red like the colour of berries.

“What did you say?” Lakshman asks. “Sometimes my ears ring more often.”

“Happy wedd-dding anniversa-sary,” Urmila replies blushing.

“What did you say?” Lakshman asks again successful in his attempt to annoy her.

“HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SAUMITRA!” Urmila shouts loudly in his ears, almost piercing them, and walks away annoyed. Lakshman quickly finishes his berries and runs in the hut with the blue lotuses. Urmila turns his back to him as she realises his presence. Realising that he has made a big blunder, Lakshman takes the smallest lotus and puts it in her hair. She turns to look at him while he gives her the lotuses. “They can’t at all match your beauty Mila,” Lakshman says,”but they can adorn you more, making you shine more, like the moon does with the stars.” Urmila smiles. “This is the beauty I was talking about,” Lakshman says hugging Urmila who hugs her back. She says,”You must be hungry, today I’ll feed you with my hands.”

Urmila goes out and sees Ram and Sita engaged in some talks. She slowly takes two plates, in order not to disturb them, but keeps back one plate. She adds food sufficient for the two in one plate, and steps back in the hut to feed Lakshman.

“Sita please!” Ram says in a pleading tone. “Please tell me what was written in the letter!”

“No,” Sita says pretending to be stern. “I don’t know, I didn’t read the letter.”

“Then who read it? Who wrote it? What was written? Please tell Sita, you can’t do this to your Raguvar,” Ram says like a small child asking for a toy.

“But I didn’t write it Raghunandan.”


“I don’t know. That disappeared because you couldn’t control your curiosity.”

“I apologize.”

“Alright,” Sita says bringing the box she had earlier dug from the soil. “Here it is!”

Ram opens the box and finds two scrolls in it. He opens it to read and his eyes get filled with tears of joy while reading.

So what do you think is in the letter? And will the aliens who were crashed back on Alienlok return to take revenge without their spaceship? And who was the man who had secretly seen the aliens in alienlok in last epi? What’ll be Ravan’s next move? And what’ll be the atmosphere in Ayodhya? All answers revealed soon. Stay tuned. The update may get delayed so advance apologies. Thanks for reading and do give me your precious feedback. Jai shri Sita Ram!

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