Siya ke ram alien adventure episode 12

The episode starts with the rain starting to drop more heavily again. Ram says,”Looks like this place is going to give us a great farewell.” Siya and Urmila pull Ram and Lakshman into the rain. Urmila says,”Wow! How extraordinarily beautiful it is! The rain drops falling over the trees and newly bloomed flowers are adding to its beauty. Now don’t tell me that you don’t know to dance Saumitra.” Lakshman holds her by the waist, smirks and says,”Don’t know about dance but I can do some other things quite well.” “Sumitranandan not now,” Urmila squeals, but in vain.

Sita sees some peacock feathers protruding from behind a bush and goes there. Ram follows her. She says,”See Raghunandan, so many peacocks are dancing there together, and how beautiful it is looking,” with an evident happiness.

“There’s nothing like nature,” Ram says smiling back. “And you’re its best example.” Siya moves closer to one of the peacocks. Her leg collides with a rock and she slips, only to be caught by Ram. “Are you alright?” Ram asks rubbing her leg gently. “I am,” Sita replies smiling. “You’re smiling, and I’m getting worried because you are hurt,” Ram says, tension evident on his face. “That’s what’s making me smile,” Sita says holding his hand. “I’m hurt and you are feeling the pain.” Ram hugs her and says,”That’s what makes us. Siya ke ram and Ram ki Siya.” Sita rests her head on Ram’s chest, who holds her back.

Urmila smiles seeing Lakshman. Lakshman moves closer to her, stricken by her smile. Urmila makes use of the chance as Lakshman’s grip on her loosens. She tries runs away but her dupatta gets hooked in Lakshman’s bead bracelet. “Sumitranandan, leave me!” She whispers turning back to see that her dupatta was hooked in Lakshman’s bracelet. “See, I didn’t do anything,” Lakshman says with a smile. “Seems like Narayan wants you not to leave right now.”

“But I want to leave,” Urmila says. “See it’s night now and the rain has also slowed down to stop now. And looking at the bright full moon, I am feeling more sleepy. So.. Goodnight.”

“If you want to sleep right now, you’ll have to do so in my arms. Because I’m not going to leave you now.”


“Yes Mila.”

“You are just…”

“What am I?”

“You are just opposite to me. When I’m in a good mood you want to fight with me or just ignore me. And now when I’m sleepy, you’re not letting me do so.”

“If it is so, then you can go and sleep. Goodnight.” Lakshman unhooks her dupatta from his bracelet. He goes and sits in a corner of their hut sadly. Urmila follows him.

“What happened?” She asks seeing Lakshman’s sad face. “Did I make you angry? Even if I did, you’re looking cute like this.” She pulls Lakshman’s red nose laughing.

“Go away and sleep. I know you don’t love me,” says Lakshman turning to the other side. “And don’t talk to me ever again. Your sleep is dearer to you than me.”Urmila breaks into laughter and says,”Sumitranandan.. You..” She starts laughing again.

‘Seems like she has gone mad,’ Lakshman thinks to himself seeing her laugh madly. “You are laughing?”

“What else do you expect me to do Saumitr? It seems that you don’t know your Mila yet. I.. I was joking with you. Just to see that cute red nose of yours. Cute angry Sumitranandan lakshman. This should be your whole name. Then everyone will say like this-All hail to the cute angry Sumitranandan Lakshman!” Lakshman stares her for a while and says,”And your name should be cute prankster ferocious Janaknandini Urmila.”

“It’s alright till cute and prankster, but ferocious? Do you want to face my anger now?”

“No, I just wanted to see that red nose of yours.” Lakshman pauses as Urmila doesn’t speak anything. Then he starts laughing and says,”So there’s something in the world that can make you speechless.” “Nothing like that,” Urmila replies defending herself. “I was just wondering where Sita jiji and jijashree Ram are.”

“They must be in their hut, where else will they go?”

“They weren’t in their hut. I myself saw while we were coming here.”

“Then they must be enjoying a beautiful moment somewhere. Why do we worry? Till they’re together, nothing can happen to them.”

“You are right.”


Next morning

Ram wakes up by the sun’s rays, only to find Sita sleeping in his arms. “Raghunandan..,”she whispers softly in deep sleep. Ram smiles and says,”Siite.” She wakes up and smiles seeing Ram. “Good morning Raghunandan. Did I disturb your sleep?” Ram says,”I should be asking the same to you. I hope I didn’t disturb your sleep by getting up.” Sita holds his hand and says,”No. It made my morning more beautiful.”

“Urmila! Where’re you? Urmi! Mila! Urmi! Mila!” They get interrupted by Lakshman’s worrisome voice. “What happened Lakshman?” Sita asks him. “Bhabhi, Urmila isn’t there. Urmila wasn’t with me when I woke up. Did you see her anywhere,” Lakshman says looking around. “No Lakshman she didn’t come here. But don’t worry where can she go? She must be here somewhere around only. Let us search her around,” Sita says assuring Lakshman. Lakshman nods and goes to search in one of the directions, while Siya and Ram go to the other direction. They’ve travelled a small distance when Sita hears the sound of someone crying.

“Raghunandan, it is Urmila’s voice. I’ll go and check.”

She sees Urmila sitting on a rock and crying. Seeing Sita come there, Urmila hides a piece of cloth she was holding and wipes her tears.

Sita sits beside her and says, “Do you think that you can hide anything from me?”

“Nothing jiji, I was just explo…exploring the place when some dust entered my eyes. Nothing else.”

“There is lot more to tell Urmila. That means you still think that you can hide anything from me. Show me what you are hiding.” Urmila hesitantly forwards her hand to show a piece of cloth she was holding. “This is Mandavi’s dupatta if I’m not wrong, isn’t it Mila?” Sita says quickly recognizing her sister’s dupatta.

“I miss her.. I miss my demoness. I miss my friend. I miss my sister. I miss her sweet care and our sweet fights. I miss her company. I’m the worst sister. I never … I never thought that I could ever miss her so much,” Urmila says hugging Sita tightly. Siya’s caresses her head and says,”Not at all Urmi, you’re the best sister. And please don’t cry. By doing so you’ll also make Mandvi sad. Don’t forget that we’re the parts of the same soul. Now wipe your tears and show me how you smile.” She pauses seeing that there is no effect on Urmila.”Alright, you are not going to smile in a normal way. Wait.” Sita tickles Urmila and makes her smile. “ Leave me jiji.” Sita leaves her and says,”Only on this condition that you’re not going to cry ever again.”


“That’s like my sister.”

“But jiji where is Sumitranandan?”

“Now came my real Urmi. Your Saumitr went deep in the forest looking for you.”


Lakshman comes there and says,”Here you are!” He hugs Urmila and says,”So there was some point in me going to find you, I found a new place for us to leave. And I have also prepared for our stay there. Trust me, that’s the best place in this forest. And there’s a very beautiful waterfall just in front of the place. And..”

“That’s enough for now Lakshman, let something remain suspense as well, let’s go there and see your wonderful surprise now,” Ram says patting Lakshman’s shoulder. Sita and Urmila collect all their belongings and follow Ram and Lakshman to their new home.

Ram notices Sita limping because of the previous day’s wound. He picks up Sita in his arms.

“What happened Arya?”

“You tell me. How’s your leg?”

“I’m fine Raghunandan.”

“But I wasn’t fine. Now I’m fine seeing this smile of yours.”

Lakshman giggles seeing it. Urmila stares him. Lakshman understands her intentions and pulls her into his arms. Finally they reach the place.

“Wow! That’s breathtakingly beautiful! Reminded me of Mithila!” Sita says with a wide smile.

“True jiji!” Urmila says. “Sumitranandan, this is just the absolute heavenly beauty.”

“I agree totally,” Ram replies. “The flowers on the trees are blooming on the topmost of their beauty.”

“And the music of the waterfall, along with the shades of blue and white water adds to its beauty.”

“True jiji, and the delicious mangoes on these mango trees are making my mouth water.”

“Stop thinking about those mangoes Mila, they’re going to make you fat.”

So how was it? Don’t forget to leave your valuable feedback and do tell me how it was. Jai shri Siya Ram ? Have a nice day ? thanks for reading.

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    Holla ….m back…. So so sorry deariee for being so late..
    Okay from starting…. First of all, ,”Don’t know about dance but I can do some other things quite well.”
    Aha laksh is getting naughty day by day… ??
    All hail to the cute angry Sumitranandan Lakshman!”
    Loved this name. ..???
    The moment urmi said that she is missing mandavi was amazing as well.. Loved it to the core

    Update asap…. Waiting for more..
    Bye for now… Love u ???

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    Very funny, funny as well as romantic epi… Cudn’t comment earlier coz my wifi was slow… I hav update my next epi… Pls find tym 2 read it nd pls giv ur valuable comment in dat pg… Luv d siam nd lakshmila scenes… Lakshmila was as usual funny… CUTE ANGRY SUMITRANANDAN KAKSHMAN KI JAI!!! ???… M still laughing di… Nd dat part where mila stares at laksh nd he carries her was so funny???… Luv ur narration di… It’s splendid… It just brings d scenes in front of my eyes… Dis is true… Though u fight wid sum1, u can’t liv widout dat person for along tym… Dat’s wat happens wid me nd my sis… Though v kip fighting, v get bored widout each other… Anyways, loved d epi… Waiting for d next epi…

    Jai Siya Ram

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