siya ke ram alien adventure episode 1

The epi starts with a sweet morning. Ram and Sita coronation day. Priest is performing rituals. But Dashrath isn’t there. All are waiting for him. Ram asks Sumatra to go and bring Dashrath. But Sumatra comes empty handed. Maharaj Dashrath wants to meet you, prince ram, he says. Ram says ohok.. Is it so, I’ll go and check. Sita says I’ll also come. Ram says no, I’ll come soon. Ram goes to Dashrath’s room. Dashrath is crying. Ram asks him what happened? Dashrath says I’m sorry ram, you cant get the throne.. Ram says that’s fine, I went to it because you said, if you’ll say no, I wont become king, why’re you crying then? Dashrath says Kaikeyi….. Ram asks what happened to her?
Fb shows Kaikeyi coming to dashrath. She reminds dashrath of the two wishes he had Promised to her. Dashrath asks her the wishes. Kaikeyi asks dashrath to make Bharat the king of Ayodhya. Dahsrath gets shocked. Kaikeyi says my second wish, that’s vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath gets shocked.Kaikeyi tells Dasharath that you have sworn on Ram’s name, these are my two wishes, Ayodhya’s rule for Bharat and vanvaas of 14 years for Ram. Dasharath says its Ram’s Raj tilak today, your beloved Ram, you said why did Ram not born to you, you are asking this today, what happened to you. She says its fine if you don’t want to fulfill the promises by swearing on Ram. He asks whats this test, what punishment are you giving me, for what crimes. She says I m just asking the wishes, why did you promise me then, you don’t care for Raghukul traditions.. Is Bharat not your son, go and complete Ram’s Raj tilak and ruin your promises. He asks are you not ashamed saying this, did you think what will Bharat do knowing this, Bharat will never forgive you, even Ayodhya will not forgive you..
Fb ends.

Ram says that’s fine, I’ll go for 14 years vanvaas and not let the Raghukul tradition break.. Kaikeyi comes there and says that’s your decision…Ram calmly says just this little thing Maa….. and smiles. Dasharath gets shocked. Kaikeyi gets stunned seeing his calm and composed reaction.Kaikeyi cries and turns away. Ram says Maa… my most beloved brother Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, nothing can be more good than this for me, obeying father’s command is my Dharm, and Maa, fulfilling your wish is my duty and luck. Dasharath says Ram…… and extends hand…. Ram touches Kaikeyi’s feet and asks her to permit him with blessings to leave…… Kaikeyi halfhearted forwards hand and stops. Ram cries seeing this. He goes to Dasharath and touches his feet. Dasharath says my son Ram….. Ram turns to leave and leaves teary eyed, only to meet siya in the way. She has heard everything. Ram sita tell about it to everyone in sabha. Everyone tell ram they wont let him go and will go with him. They leave. Sita tells ram that she’ll also go with him, to which ram refuses.
Lakshman comes to him and asks ram for a promise.

Ram gets stunned when Laxman asks his promise to take him along in the 14 year long vanvaas. Ram smiles and holds him saying Laxman…… He hugs Laxman and the brothers smile. Dasharath wakes up saying Ram…. Sita holds him. Dasharath gets sad and asks for Ram. Sita says Ram has gone to talk to Laxman, he will come soon. Dasharath says no Sita, you don’t know him, he has taken decision to go van and told this to me himself. He holds Sita’s hand and says I told you some problem is going to happen, Kaikeyi ruined our peace and happiness….. Sita cries.
Ram and Laxman walk inside the bhavan. Urmila comes there. Ram says you informed me on right time and stopped an incident from happening. He goes. Urmila looks at Laxman and asks what happened, why this restlessness. Lakshman says I’ll accompany bhaiyya in the vanvaas.. Urmila gets stunned and asks what..!?!?!?
Dasharath asks Sita to do anything and stop Ram, give him your swear, if Ram leaves, he will take my life along. Sita says don’t worry, I will talk to him, I m sure that whatever decision he takes will be right. He says no, Ram has gone, anyone stop him. Guru Vashisht looks on teary eyed. Dasharath asks him to command Ram and explain him. He requests him to call back Ram. He cries.

Mantra comes to Kaikeyi and dances saying my Kaikeyi will become Rajmata. She laughs. Kaikeyi asks why are you so happy, did Maharaj fulfill my promises. Mantra asks what will Dasharath fulfill promises, thanks to Ram’s morals who declared in Sabha that he will fulfill his dad’s two promises, Ram is taking vanvaas. Kaikeyi says I just want to see Bharat on Ayodhya’s throne, that’s it. Mantra says I m here, don’t worry, I will bring that day in your life for sure when Bharat becomes Ayodhya’s king, that day has come. She says but Kaikeyi, always remember one thing, Ram decided to leave for van, but Kaushalya and Sumitra will try best to stop Ram, you be adamant on your decision and promise. Mantra thinks I’ve to do something ..
Ram comes to her and calls her out. She turns to him. He smiles, while she appears restless. She rushes to him and has tears in eyes. They look at each other. He says at marriage time, I have given you promise that we will fulfill our Dharm together, but now situation is such, that we have to get separated to fulfill our Dharm. She gets shocked. She says your Dharm and decision to do your duty, I accept it heartily, because its right, but I have also taken decision to do my wife’s duty, your Siya will go with her Ram on vanvaas. He looks at her. He says I respect your feelings, I know Sita that you want to support me in happiness and sorrow, but I have to take this vanvaas alone.

She says you are fulfilling son’s Dharm. He says no, this is Rajya’s Dharm, it’s a promise towards Praja, Rajya and Kul, if this is not fulfilled, it won’t be good, I m eldest son of this Raghukul, if I not fulfill my parents’ expectations, it won’t be good example for Praja. She asks can’t I do my wife’s duty. He says Sita, life will be tough in van, no comfort of happiness can be imagined there. She asks can I imagine happiness in living without you, I m your wife, this is my duty to be part of your happiness and sorrow, don’t stop me from doing my duty, allow me to come with you to van. Sumitra hears them and drops the plate. Sita runs to her and says Mata….. She picks the things and gives plate to Sumitra. Sumitra cries and leaves.Ram wipes her tears and says you said true Sita, but sometimes, we have to take tough decisions for everyone’s good, its true I want to live my life with you, this hope will keep me alive in that van too, the selfless love which could not cross the limits of heart, its not love…. you will find me with you in your imaginations…. He holds her and says someone is waiting for me, this cognition will encourage my living in van, that’s why I m not in favor with your decision. She cries. He gets tearful eyes seeing her crying, and leaves. She thinks Swami, I know you are stopping me for your love, but my love tells me that I should go with you to van. Urmila is saying same to Lakshman..

Precap:-Siya and Urmila accompany ram lakshman to vanvaas. Mantra is insulted. She gets angry and thinks of revenge.. Aliens ??

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  1. Don't Misunderstand

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I really have no problem with what you are writing but for those ignorant people out there can you please write disclaimers that everything that you are writing is not completely true. I think your fanfics are awesome but you know about some people out there. I hope you understand.

    1. Jayani

      In d intro epi, vanshu di had given a disclaimer saying dat it is imaginary nd not real

    2. Vanshika

      Hi.. First of all thanks for reading n commenting,.. As jayani said I had written a disclaimer in first intro saying its imaginary, and will write in all episodes.. I didn’t write in this epi as all in d epi was real except Precap. N I didn’t misunderstand at all ?? thanks

      1. Jayani

        After reading dis epi, it just remimded me of all d epis… Nd I actually forgot dat sumitra hears siam nd drops d plate???

  2. Jayani

    Di, d epi was asum but no lakshmila scenes or any funny scenes either… Waiting for sum of dem nd I hope I didn’t hurt ur feelings… Di in d precap it says dat siyaurmi accompany ramlak… Is it a dream or is it real??? Nd m eagerly waiting 2 c who insulted manthra nd hw?… Wen r u going 2 post h next epi di??? Eagerly waiting for ur comment…

    Jai Siya Ram

    1. Vanshika

      Nope dear u didn’t hurt at all ? yep Ni lakshmila and no fun today, thought to get a bit serious lol? and there’re sum of them in next epi, since lakshmila Siam in forest… Siyaurmi will accompany ramlak not any dream at all ? it’s true ? and manthra will be insulted by Bharat n Shatrughan for her wickedness, ? love ❤ u loads dear.. Next epi.. Umm on Sunday I’ll post,so it’ll be reviewed till Sunday night or Monday.. Luv u ?

      1. Jayani

        Thank u sooooooo much di waiting for 4 of dem 2gether in d forest nd m sure dat lakshmila wud hav a lot of funny scenes???… Waiting for sunday for 2 things… 1. My xam is getting over nd 2. waiting for d next epi of urs…

    2. Vanshika

      Oh that’s gr8.. Thanks for the link of pic ?

      1. Jayani

        Ur welcum vanshu di… It’s my pleasure… Y rn’t u commenting regularly on ?nandini page???

    3. Vanshika

      Hehe coz I’m not watching Chandr nandni nowadays…n very busy with studies also..only read update some times.. N I posted update of dis ff. It’ll be updated soon ?

      1. Jayani

        Ok thank u so much di… At least read 2day’s epi or try 2 watch 2day’s ?nandini coz 2day’s epi was asum dan any other epi in d serial till date…

  3. Padmaja

    Emotional Epi dear…. eagerly waiting to see Siam amd lakshmilla in the van… and also eager to know insulted mantra… update the next one asap..

    1. Vanshika

      Aww akka ur dp ???? can u gv link fr dis pic ???. Thank uuu so much for sweet comment??? love u ??? Bharat shatrughan insulted foolish mantra ?

      1. Padmaja

        ??????? vanshu!!!!

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