Siya Ke Ram 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 9th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Guru Vashisht making Ram wear the crown. Everyone smile. Guru Vashisht does his tilak and their aarti. Siya Ram…….plays……….. Everyone chant Ram ji Jai. Ram and Sita smile. Ram greets the Praja and says I m very lucky that I got chance to get Raghukul throne, all my ancestors have graced this throne at their times, they have taken this Kul ahead and served you all, today I also got a chance to serve you all, I m thankful to you all that you found me capable to serve you all and take my Kul’s tradition ahead, I swear to do my duties and look after my Praja’s welfare, from today, I swear to devote my entire life for the welfare of Praja, I m of Praja and Praja is mine, and that’s why your sorrow and happiness will be above my personal sorrows and happiness. Dhobi

looks on.

Vibhishan says we all are lucky to come to your land and see you becoming Kaushal Rajdheesh, now we have to return to our place. Sugreev says yes, we have learnt a lot for you, we gave to return to our place and serve the people there, allow us to leave. Ram says Sugreev, getting a good friend like you has blessed my life, I have spent so much time with you and did not realize that time will come when I will have to get away from you, I could win over Lanka and initiated Dharm there by winning the war, the reason is you and your vanar sena, I can’t forget this ever, I can’t stop you seeing your duty towards your place.

He tells Vibhishan that it was my good luck to have a Dharmatma in Lanka’s Adharmi land, Lanka is lucky to get a king like you, go and initiate Dharm, justice in Lanka, my best wishes are with you. He hugs Vibhishan and asks him to go. Sugreev asks Hanuman to come. Hanuman gets sad and cries.

Sugreev asks what happened, why did you stop. Hanuman says Prabhu and holds Ram’s feet, asking him not to make his devotee away, you are my Prabhu, Guru, Mata and Pita, how can I live without you, that’s why you allow me to live with you, I don’t accept to go away from Ram’s feet in any situation, you are my life’s basis, what will be my life’s motive if I go away from you. Ram asks him to get up and holds him. He says I told you before, that you are like my brother Bharat for me, I also can’t live without you, Ram’s family will be incomplete without Hanuman, you will always be with me. He hugs Hanuman. Everyone smile. Ram Ram….plays………….

A Rishi/Valmiki is seen praying in the ashram. He writes a book and places it infront of idol. She says Prabhu, I have written this Ramayana and completed it, by your blessings and Mata Saraswati’s blessings, I m presenting this to you, accept this and bless your devotee. He greets Shri Harish’s idol. He tells the boys that Ram and Sita have returned to their place after 14 years of vanvaas, and had a happy life. The boy asks does Ram and Sita’s story end here.

The Praja is happy to have Ram Rajya, and say there will be equality and happiness all around. They praise Ram to be Sarvagunn Samparn, he does not differentiate between anyone, everyone is equal to him. Dhobi hears them. The man says I feel like Amavasya’s dark moon has gone and Poornima’s bright moon has come, Ram has become our king, its Ram Rajya, prepare to sing happy songs. The man asks Dhobi why is he silent, say something about Ram Rajya. Dhobi says if moon is of Poornima, its stains are seen more clearly, go and do your work.

Sita asks Mata what are you doing, this is our duty, let us do this. Kaikeyi says yes, but not today. Kaushalya says you four sisters are our pride and Raghukul’s prestige, like you all have protected Raghukul Maryada and prestige in tough time, no one could have done this, Ayodhya has happiness because of you all, we are thankful to Mithila’s four daughters. The Matas feel food to the four daughter in laws, and then the four of them make Matas sit and feed food to them. Kaushalya says Sita, we three Matas got blessed by getting four vadhus like you all. Kaikeyi says now we have one wish to hear a baby’s laugh in our house. Sita smiles.

Sita goes to her Kaksh and calls out Ram, asking where are you. Ram covers her eyes by his hands. Sita asks who are you. He says go, I won’t tell you, you say. She says go, I won’t say. He says I will also not say. She says Raghunandan…. He says Sita, you won’t say anything today, I will say and you will listen, come with me. He takes her out to a beautiful garden. She asks where did you get me. He moves his hands off her eyes and lets her see. She smiles seeing the beautiful floral garden.

She asks Ram whats all this. He says it’s a feeling of our love, about Siya Ram’s reunion. He makes her sit on the floral swing. He removes her jewelry. Music plays…… He makes her wear floral jewelry. She smiles and gets away being shy. Ram holds her hand and stops her. She gets away again. Ram goes close to her and holds her hand. They both descend in strong emotions for each other. Next scene shows Sita running in the jungle and shouting Raghunandan. Ram wakes up by this bad dream and looks for Sita around. He does not find Sita with him and worries.

Sita tells Ram that he is going to become father. Sita’s godh bharai ceremony is shown. Rishi greets Ram and says I have come to meet you and Sita. Sita comes and greets him, but Rishi sees her in sanyasi clothes again. He worries and thinks what is this signing to…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sima

    faul ram sita if they are busy to enjoy themselves then who will run the world. mangaran karani aur iyee bhagban

    • Swetha

      If Sita does not become pregnant how will dharm continue in ram rajya after ram dear sima and pls speak in English and I didn’t get what u said in hindi
      But they were uneccasary to be shown onscreen I agree.

  2. Preethi12345


    |Registered Member

    Episode was amazing siam scene was really good but unfortunately it was a dream .hate the precap .sitas wecond vanvaas is going to start:(:(

  3. Tanu............:-)

    Today’s episode was epic as we got to see a family reunion after so many days sry months
    Waitng for sita’s godhbarai rasam

    And sry di’s I think I can’t comment that usual in skr as my exams r going to begin
    Plz pray for me
    And all of u take care
    All the best for all those whose exams are going to start
    Bye everyone gud n8 and sweet dreams

  4. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    omg super duper epi..lovely… guys when s d maha epi 1 hour epi.Monday or Sunday????frnds wat s d retelecast timing of siya ke ram???can any1 clear my doubts!!?

  5. Ishita

    Did u guys noticed a new promo of shownamed nandani……i think it will go on air after skr ends……..such bad thought …..but wen i was seeing it …..i felt afraid that whether skr…….anyways…..hw r u all frnds… this is ur nippy only……

    My studies r very difficult yar……who introduced this studies?…uh……u guys think if we become famous bd wealthy without studying it will be nice na……. But it cant happen na…..

    Ok…….for those who remember me plzzzz rply…..

    • SKR fan

      Hi! Of course we remember you. Hope you remember me.
      Yes I also saw it today and see the coincidence that they showed during the telecast of siya ke ram. And its name is Chandranandini featuring Rajat Tokas and Shweta Basu Prasad and it will replace our Siya ke Ram. I have posted an article on it in my today’s comment.

    • Sanjana

      Akka what group have u taken for 11th
      And yes chandranandini is the ekta kapoor show replacing Skr and unga bhayam unma dhan. And that’s precisely why they are want to focus on main story and are moving to the second vanvas soon.

  6. SKR fan

    Greatest episode. Started with such a melodious song. Ram and Sita were looking soooooo…. like the perfect king and queen.
    I could not understand the Valmiki scene. Is these all that we saw from the first day was a narration? If not then how has he completed Ramayan without Sita’s vanvaas? And why that child was asking like that? Are they going to show Sita’s banishment in flashback?
    The ideal rajya Ramrajya established. Hanuman is shree ram’s well wisher. How can he live away from him? This dhobi should be shown after one week. At least let us enjoy this happiness for one week. That dinning scene was so cute. Feeding each other. Missed these all for so long.
    Siyaram Milan night. The set is so well decorated with flowers. Superb acting by both Ashish and Madirakshi.
    And one more question where is Manthra?

    • joy

      @skr fan……. Montara was quiting ayodha by shatrugana……… There had a scene about this………… 😀😀😀😀

    • joy

      @skr fan it’s narration of valmiki………
      .. He told it to luv-kush….. Than luv_kush narrate in front of ram…….. I think SKR team will shown it…. Waiting……
      Plz really…. 😀😀

  7. SKR fan

    Congratulations to the Siya ke Ram team and all the fans. We rocked at 4th position with a TRP of 2.3. Back on track.

  8. Anjali

    Fantabulous and amazing episode, happy moments after a long time Ram and Hanuman scene was nice . waiting for mahaepisode .
    Ishita I’m also thinking the same …… Wen I saw the promo of nandini the first thought in my mind is …. Is it replaces SKR ? Such a bad thought…..

  9. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Wow really an awesome epi and the scenes r soooo gud…. but site’s second vanvas is cuming soon.. and I hate dis…. and loved the dining scene and even the scene btw ram siya.. bad dream of ram makes me saadd.

  10. Shriya...


    |Registered Member

    It was just an awesome episode .. I was blushing so much when sira seens where going on.. Sira scenes were really unexpected in today’s episode.

  11. Preethi12345


    |Registered Member

    guys siya ke ramis getting over next month.i think this is the confirmed news because i was researching about chandra nandini and this is what appeared
    Chandra Nandini will be airing on Star Plus and will replace the current epic based show Siya Ke Ram which will come to an end next month.

  12. joy

    Super duper episode……….. Yes Chandra Nandini will replace SKR……… I hate this very much……. 😀😂😂😂😂😂

  13. saurav

    I heard smwhere dat chandra Nandini will replace Hmko tmse Ho gya at 8.30 slot nt Siya ke Ram.. Coz ekta kapoor wants to recreate the magic of Kasautii which was also come at 8.30.. So siya ke ram is nt going to end soon

  14. saurav

    Srry guys.. I was wrong I take my words back.. Chandra Nandini will replace Siya ke Ram.. Skr will soon cm to an end in October.. N at 8.30 another show frm Ekta’s Production house only will replace Humko Tumse Ho gya is Pardes Mein hai mera dil starring Drashti dhami.. So gear up for two ekta kapoor’s show frm next mnth.. Bt I will surely miss siya ke ram..

  15. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Amazing epi.. Chandra nandini replacing skr???

    Ekta show l be nyc.. But don’t know whether I can watch or not…

    How r u all???

  16. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    so there r three new shows on star plus , namkaran will replace dabh
    chandranandini will replace skr and pardes mein mera dil will replace hthhpkk am i right . they can prolong skr a little wid detailed story of luv-kush

  17. Sara

    Nice episode .But worried to see the Precap- Sita’s vaavas coming soon ???
    BUT It is on MONDAY that it shall be shown Sita is going to be mom-no Maha episode as far as I think.
    Yesterday I wrote that I hate Sita’s second vanvas and wish it never happened .
    I know , it is said it was due to Raghukul Mariyada- Rajdharma as pointed out by one viewer. I know the logics .
    But my heart says I wish Ram had stopped that to happen. I wish it never happened . no reason can justify Sita’s second vanvas. I just hate it .
    Due to sita’s unconditional love and immense patience , she never questioned her husband’s intention . She was indeed a great woman of India .HATs off to her.

  18. Veena

    Loved to see Ram , Sita and Laxman -all back in Ayodha. Ram is becoming the King.
    Very nice episode.
    Even I don’t like to see Sita’s second exile. Yes, Ram did Rajdharma but failed as a husband and punished an innocent , pure and loving wife . That’s why Ram himself led a vanvashi life even living in a palace because he knew he did wrong to SIta . Ram didn’t do justice to his wife .
    I wish UTTAR Kand never happened the way it happpened.
    Ramayan was written before the birth of lOv & Kush and Sage Valmiki would taught luv & Kush to sing the whole Ramayan . They would sing Ramayan on the streets of Ayodha during Ashwamegd yagna and at Ram’s Rajsabha .

    • joy

      @diya……….. ram didn’t wanted that nobody of the world raised questions about Sita’s purity…….😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂

    • Nandhini


      |Registered Member

      Its an old bg tone of devon ke dev mahadev serial….you can go to and enter this serial name and select “lakulesh” theme and download it from there….

  19. Anushya


    |Registered Member

    great episode…. the sira scenes were a bit weird… it must have been so hard for ashish and madirakshi to shoot….. hats off to them…. amazing promo but so sad… waiting for mahaepisode…. nowadays skr is too fast na??…. cant we have more happy episodes??,,,

  20. Akshaya

    Ya ….. Siya ram ka Milan…… And awesome precap where sita says ram is going to become a father…….. Awesome episode…. And ram was looking so awesome😃😃😃

  21. Akshaya

    Hello I am Akshaya ……. I am from Chennai……I am new to skr family……I have never missed an episode of skr and also telly updates……..

    • Varshini


      |Registered Member

      hi akshaya di , i am varshini and i am too from chennai . nice meeting u . can u tell me how old r u . sorry if it is personal . get registered soon so that it is easy for u to comment and stay connected wid us

    • Anushya


      |Registered Member

      hi akshaya di, welcome to the sweet skr tellyupdates family…. sorry for late welcoming…. glad to know u got registered…. hope many other silent readers out there also join us……

  22. SKR fan

    Tomorrow morning, I mean on sunday morning from 11:00 am to 12:00 a special sequence will be telecasted name Siya ke Ram- Pavitra Prem Ki Pratham Gatha. Don’t know what its about but I think it will show the journey of Siyaram till now in the show.

    • vaidehi

      Siyaram’s second suhaag raat !!!!! Mind blowing superb epi….. No words to explain it ……. Dat bad newzz of skr going off air did not give much to me bcoz of the spellbound epi….. Loved it….. Skr bro is it true dat tmrw there is an epi of skr ?????

  23. Ishita

    Thnks skr fan preeti s of course u can call me by any names……nd ya sanju dear nd Padma…….

    I am just angry over skr team…wats the need to go so fast nd finish the serial on next month……..misssssszzzzzsssssss……….skkrrrr………..

    ND sanju I took cs da…….hw I ur all studies going on guys?

  24. Padmaja


    |Registered Member

    Hi akshaya welcome here and i am also frm chennai and i am in 11… hope u will enjoy here
    @ preethi i love ur dp.. it is awesome…

  25. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Guys tmrw morning don’t frgt to watch siya ram ek pavitra prem kahani on 11:00 a.m only on star plus ❇ it’s the lovely journey of skr till now..

  26. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii everyone.. This is a os on one real life love story which Is yet to complete.. Hope u support that girl and become her strength by cmntng…. I mean just read it.. Skrians.. Pls…

    And the ishqbaazians in skr family.. Guys u people l get the same os on ishkara.. So wait for it.. Tu didn’t post it till now once it’s posted I l give the link..

  27. Akshaya

    But how to get registered ???? Varshini di ???? I am 18 years old….. Can anyone tell me how to update profile picture so even I can have Siya ram profile picture😊😊😊😊

  28. joy

    What a news….. Just got it………. SKR will not replace by Chandra Nandini………………………………………………

  29. Akshaya

    Thank you preethi di ,but I have a problem I went and wrote my username and email and password .. it is showing that username is already taken….. Does.that mean I am already registered or should I change my username ???? And I also don’t know how to change dp ……

  30. Akshaya

    Ishitha di….. We cannot blame skr since as soon as sita and ram come from vanavas to ayodhya , Siya becomes pregnant ,,. After which the dhobhi creates problems …. So it ia a compulsion for skr to move fast…… But even I am worried for Siya and ram separation…… Just now their Milan took place and so soon their tragedy of their life’s 😖😖😖😖

  31. Akshaya

    Sorry guys …. I tried giving various usernames but it is showing username already exists… So I don’t know what username to give….. So can any one please suggest me a username😟🙏🙏

  32. Akshaya

    And I also have a doubt is it necessary that we have to get registered to update profile picture…. I seriously want to get registered so that I can become a part of skr family

  33. Ashna


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys this is Akshaya….. I got registered under the name ashna … Thank you for your guidance and support….. Now even I am a part of skr family….. Thank-you very much

  34. Ashna


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys today there is a special program in star plus pavithra ka Milan of skr showing the journey of skr…. I badly want to see it but I have come out….. Can anyone update the special episode ….. Will it be available in Hotstar ???

  35. SKR fan

    I am sooooo delighted seeing it that I cannot tell. It showed the journey from the very first episode Rajarshi Janak sitting in tension of the droght. Unfortunately I missed last fifteen minutes and was able to see till the swayamvar started. But honestly it was a good feeling seeing those old scenes which were the best part of Siya ke Ram. Tomorrow Maha episode eagerly waiting…. Don’t miss.

    • Sudeshna


      |Registered Member

      Plzzz plzzzz anyone post it i am very much eager to see it… I had missed it unfortunately can anyone tell me will it air on hotstar… Plzzz give me the info

  36. Sudeshna


    |Registered Member

    Hy guys… EPISODE was fantastic after long wait… Siaram moments loved everything in the episode… But crying because missed todays ramsiya pavitra prem gatha… 😖😖😖😖😖😰😰😰😰😰😰all the new,members warm welcome to oue skr family u all will surely enjoy here.. And ya get registered soon to stay connected.. Sita,second vanvass coming so soon really sad… But waiting for tomorrow ‘s maha maha mahaepisode…. Of an hour.. Excited.. Please someone post todays ramsiya pavitra prem gatha

  37. Ashna


    |Registered Member

    Don’t worry pavithra prema Gatha will be available in Hotstar…😀😀😊😊……if anyone wants to see can see it…… It has the caption ram , sita happy moments😁😁😁….. But anyway please. Update today’s episode

    • joy

      @anushya……………… why HOTSTAR not work for you???? You can download it…………………. In Google there are many video clips….. You can see online video clips of SKR

  38. Vanshika


    |Registered Member


    • Anushya


      |Registered Member

      how was it? actually i dont watch the episodes when they come on tv….. i only watch seethaiyin raman….. but i regularly see skr episodes online…..

  39. vaidehi

    Guys pls pray for me…. Tmrw is my maths exam and I am extremely worried abt dat….. Donno what’s gonna happen wid me…… Super duper worried…. AND ANYONE PLS POST ✉ THE WRITTEN UPDATE OF SIYARAM PRATHAM PREM GATHA… HOPE DAT WAS JUST AWESOME… HOW MUCH DID THEY SHOW ??? ….AND YA NOT JUST US ITS THE TIME FOR THE WORLD TO REJOICE ON THE HAPPIEST OCCASION OF SITA’S GODH BHARAYI AND SIYA KE RAM GETTING AN ECTENSION…… love uuuu allll

  40. Ashna


    |Registered Member

    I don’t think so any other websites other than Hotstar avail it Anushya di….. And thank you for everyone s kind welcome😂😂😂…. Even I want to welcome everyone who is new ti skr family like me….. Even I am eagerly waiting for tomorrows episode …… Even I loved Siya ram scenes….. Especially waiting for tomorrows episode where sita tells ram that he is going to become a father…… Want to see rams happiness and reaction 😂😂😂

  41. joy

    All episode are available in HOTSTAR………. So you can see it anytime when you free………………………………………. Don’t miss single episode…………………… Many more are coming……………………… Now HOTSTAR is 50% data saving……………… So enjoy it…………………..

  42. Ishita

    And ya akshu dhi……u r right only…..but they can show us some of the mithilla scenes like going there after long time…..but they cant show it to our respect as it is an epic…….ur right 👉 nd am 16 di……….am very very happy that skr got extension ……..happppiiiieeeee😃😄😄😄😌

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