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Siya Ke Ram 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ram telling Sita that he has mixed feelings. He feels that Dasharath has made him next king not by Vivek, Dharm and Pratha/traditions, but by his inner desires and fears. Sita recalls Dasharath’s words. Sita says I can understand your mental state right now, my father used to say when person is confused, then he should follow way of Dharm, its your Dharm to obey Dasharath. Ram says you said true, but if my obedience does injustice with others… Sita says this is your biggest quality, that you care for everyone, I was impressed by this virtue of yours, this is the reason of family and Rajya’s good. Ram says that’s why I was thinking, if Bharat and Shatrughan were present, this decision would have been good for me. Sita says we can talk to Kaikeyi and get her opinion. He

agrees. Guru Vashisht comes there and says Ram…

Mantra says Dasharath and Ram’s bad fate will awaken, and curses Ram. She says see what game I play and how. Ram and Sita greet Guru Vashisht. Guru Vashisht blesses them. He says we have less time to finish the rituals of Rajtilak, we have to complete it in one night, that’s why I want you both to wear these clothes fast and come along with me. He says this time is not to think right and wrong, whats happening is according to fate. Sumanta asks servant to give them clothes.

Mantra goes to Kaikeyi’s Kaksh and sees her sleeping peacefully. She makes vases fall angrily and Kaikeyi wakes up asking what are you doing Mantra. Mantra says you did not listen to me, your dreams broke, all your sacrifice and hardwork got waste, you are the most unlucky one, you are sleeping here, what will you do now. Kaikeyi asks her what happened. Mantra says its planning against you and Bharat. Kaikeyi asks her to say clearly. Mantra says hear your bad fate, Dasharath did not tell you and decided to declare Ram as his heir. Kaikeyi gets shocked and asks is this true. Mantra says if its false, then cut my tongue. Kaikeyi gets angry and goes. Mantra says now I will see, how will Dasharath succeed in his plans.

Indra runs to save his life from Raavan. Raavan follows him. Indra hides. Raavan calls him coward and asks where are you. He catches Indra and says you don’t have right to sit on Swarg throne, you have time, accept your defeat, I will not harm you. He starts laughing. Indra gets tensed and thinks till Raavan has this weapon, its better to run from here. Raavan asks what are you thinking Indra. Indra runs again. Raavan angrily follows him. Indra hides and says its impossible to win over Raavan, if Raavan wins battle, he will become Swarg’s Swami, but till when will I run like this, what to do to save my life. He sees some peacocks flying. Raavan shouts Indra. Indra turns into a peacock and flies, getting mixed in that flock. Raavan gets angry and says now I will never forgive you.

Raavan says I can’t become Swami of Swarg till I kill Indra, where are you Indra, I want him. The hawk Shuk comes and greets Raavan. Shuk says I have found Indra everywhere, but I did not get him. Raavan asks where did Indra hide by becoming a peacock, find him. Indra smiles getting down in some jungle and thanks all the peacocks. He says I m very happy with you all, you all saved me and Swarg, and blesses them that they will be called most pure birds on the earth from today. He disappears.

Pandits do the puja. Ram, Laxman, Guru Vashisht, Sita sit there. Guru Vashisht does the rituals with Ram and Sita. He says now, Raj tilak Sanskaar will begin. Kaikeyi angrily walks to Dasharath. Guru Vashisht says resolutions are important in this Sanskaar, after this Raj crown can be worn. Sita asks the significance of promises. Guru Vashisht says Sankalp/resolution is such thing which person makes in heart and abides them, you both will take care of Ayodhya, it will be sign that you both will serve Ayodhya by all means always, and then finally, in family and Praja’s presence, you both will take Sankalp to sit on Raj singhasan. Laxman asks when will this start. Guru Vashisht says we have to go on lake and after taking bath there, the Pariknama will begin.

Kaushalya asks Dasharath why did he not tell them this good news. Sumitra says how will they do all arrangements in one night. Kaikeyi comes there. Sumitra says its big day for our family and Kul, will this look good to end this in hurry. He says Kaushalya, I was about to tell you. He sees Kaikeyi at the door and stops saying. Kaikeyi enters the Kaksh and recalls argument with Dasharath.

Ram takes the bath and turns smiling. Kaikeyi argues with Dasharath over her sorrows arising by his decisions.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tomorrow is my Maths exam and it is the first one too. I hope it goes well . Yesterday episode was nice. Missing the other fans of *SKR*

    1. All the Best anjali for ur Exams

    2. Akanksha sharma

      all the very best anjali dear… do well… rock it dear….. our best wishes our always with u… i am wishing luck on the behalf of whole skr family…. as some r nt at time present here…. gud luck

    3. Anjali all the 5 dp’s are awesome❤️
      Don’t worry you will do well wishes and prayers do really work trust me!??
      Missed you a lot too? but it’s ok its time to celebrate after all our exams are done!??

  2. Ram Sita Scence were nice……….Love mantra and Keikeyi acting they r justifying their Characters…………

    1. Akanksha sharma

      ya true jay though they r playing negative…. bt there efforts make the scene luk real is fantastic…. hats off??:-) 😎

  3. Namita Gaurakar

    Guys I have a doubt…..plz….clear it….after ravan dies sits will give agnipariksha but how will she be saved and is it true that after agnipariksha sits will live in aashram and raise her two sons…luv-kush…… so confused…….plz….reply…..

    And also read the ff I am writing and do comment…..

    Plzz….check it out guys and also clear the confusions……

    1. Akanksha sharma

      she will get… saved.. due to his selfless luv fr ram…. she was a divine lady… she gave agnipariksha to prove her purity…. as she lived with some other man fr so long… bt she was determined only towards his own husband ram… she did that nobody questions her and his husband… no she will first go to ayodhya with ram… bt after a foolish.. mad…. washerman questioning… ram abt his injustice…. with rules followed till then.. he asked he is accepting a woman which lived with other.. man fr year.. nobody knows what ravan had done with her…. sita listens all this… and herself decides to go to forest… so that nobody blames ram… and she wants to give birth 2 her children.. in nature’s lap.. so that they dont go through the questions on their birth secrets and environment of blames

  4. Guys….my exams r starting Frm tomorrow so I will not be able to comment !! I will miss u all a lott!! ??
    14-physical education
    So I will be back again on 15…..Guys I seriously need ur best wishes !! ??

    1. Akanksha sharma

      Our best wishes are always with u dear….continuous exams..oh god ….bt i know u will do the best….i will pray fr u dear….all the very best…just rock on will miss u a lot dear….luv u????

    2. All the best Maithili for your Exams……………Will miss U lot

      1. Thanks a lot my dear friends !! ???

    3. Akanksha sharma

      u asked fr the board and stream maithli if u were asking me then….. i have cbse board… and ya i am having science with maths…. i am non med student may i knw abt urs…

      1. Same my dear…..evn I m in cbse taken pcm….studying in fiitjee….preparing for jee….I m Frm Mumbai….

  5. Hi nidhi and ishita …hoe was ur exams dear……I hope it was good. …….please reply……
    Maithli di all the best……
    Anjali and akansha di all the best
    Ww all the best. ….
    All of u come back soon……

    1. Typo mistake *how *

    2. Zara!?? my exam went really well and thanks for all your wishes and prayers❤️ Sorry for not replying didn’t have my mobile with me so…. I hope you understand ? once again really sorry

    3. Akanksha sharma

      thanx a lot dear…. ? ? ? ?….. thanx fr ur concern….. luv u dear….. u must be enjoying after exams…. feeling happy fr u dear…. luv u ? ? ?

  6. Hello everyone!??
    Missed you all sooooooooooooo much! 🙂 finally done with my social exam!?? it went well all because of your wishes and prayers❤️ I thank all of you for that soooo much?? love you all very much!
    And sorry for not mentioning anyone’s name but everyone’s dp awesome!!❤️❤️
    And if you don’t mind can all the new comers introduce yourselves? 🙂 please don’t mind… I welcome you all heartily!?❤️ And I’m really glad that all of you have come… I’m really happy that our siya ke ram family is growing WORLDWIDE!??
    And I thank everyone once again for all your valuable wishes and prayers!?? trust me they worked!?
    And missing everyone else who are busy with their exams ??
    And missing you everyone who are busy with their exams…. Come back soon waiting for you all!??
    Finally we all reached the 100th episode!???? congrats all of you!??
    And nita di as bhoomi im really sorry I knew it was your birthday but had social exam and my mom took away all gadgets from me… So couldn’t wish you both yesterday?? sorry!
    I WISH YOU BOTH A BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!❤️ I hope yesterday went really well for you both!☺️
    And where is the party? I’ll need to two parties one from each of you??

    TELLY UPDATES PLEASE POST MY COMMENT PLEASE ITS FOR ALL MY SISTERS AND BROTHERS PLEASE POST THIS ONE PLEASE…?? I hope you post this one…. I know you have database problem but please??

    1. Sorry for the spell error it’s nita di and bhoomi 🙂
      And one more thing I hope you didn’t forget me?? an to introduce myself to the new comers I’m nidhi in class 10 from Hyderabad 🙂 please introduce yourselves too if you don’t mind! ??


      1. nidhi di i missed you sooooooo much

      2. and nidhi di please clear my doubt

      3. nidhi here in ayodhya kanda it is written that ram and sita have been happily married for 12 years . then why vanvas is so soon ?

      4. Missed you too twinkle!
        But now I’m happy that I can again speak to you all❤️
        Thanks for all your love!?love you so much! Twinkle! So how are your preparations going on? ? for your exams? (If you have any)

      5. And regarding your doubt the thing is that many scholars have reinterpreted Ramayana dear… 🙂
        So it’s like few of them believe that ram and Sita got married in childhood itself but fee say it’s not that way…..I don’t know which one to believe…but I guess it because of this confusion that the writers of siya ke ram chose to pick the second one because this serial has been made appealing for both the present generations as well as the aged ones 🙂
        I’m sorry though because I haven’t cleared your doubt completely but this is what all I know is 🙂 I’ll find out about it and let you know as soon as possible 🙂

      6. yes nidhi di i have exams and tomorrow is my science exam but it is very easy and yes nidhi all the best to for your exams 🙂 thanks for clearing my doubt 🙂

    2. Di even I missed you

      1. Me too sneha! That’s so sweet of you??
        I’m really happy that now after my hardest subject social I’m able to socks with you all without the tension of social?
        Thanks for all your love sneha!❤️
        How are you??

    3. No sorry dear. ?????……very happy for u???…..if u say one more time that we’ll forget…I’ll give u one nicely ??????

      1. Hehe??
        Ok sorry to tell sorry Zara!?
        Ok zara I’ll be waiting to meet you ? it’s ok even if you give me one at least I’ll get to meet one of my best friends here?

    4. Hey nidhi ??

      How was ur exam ???
      Mine went fantastic?
      And sst now finished?

      1. Hey ishita!?
        My exam went well? I’m happy for you that you did well too 🙂
        And yes I don’t have to see the face of social in my whole life!???
        Well the textbooks atleast??

    5. nidhi di finally you are back
      missed you and your comments lot
      i am happy for you as your paper went well and you are back yippeee

      1. Missed you too iqura!?
        But it’s ok now I’m glad I can speak to you all again❤️
        Thanks for you love dear?
        Love u!?

    6. Missed you Nidhi a lottttttttttttttttt

      1. Missed you too jay! ?
        But I really thank all of you for your wishes!? it’s only because of them I could write my exam really well??
        And I’m really happy that now I’m don’t with my social exam!???? I don’t need to even open that history textbook in my life again????

    7. No thanks between sisters and I know that you will do well in your social exam and very happy that u did well Nidhi di . I missed u a lot and luv you too di ???‍❤️‍?‍?

      1. Awww! So sweet of you haripriya??❤️

    8. Akanksha sharma

      even we missed u alot dear…. really happy fr u and thanx fr ur wishes my sweet little sister…. and ya thanx fr dp also luv u???

      1. Love you too di??
        No thanks between sisters di❤️Forgot?
        Thanks for all your wishes and prayers di??

  7. And Veronica di you told that you are a medical student right? ? even my ambition is to become a doctor di 🙂
    And about your doubt why mandodari gets married to vi husband about Ravans deaths read about it somewhere that ram convinces mandodari to marry vibhishan as she lost everyone important in her life…and as the king was about to be vibhishan(ravan’s brother) ram as well as other members living in lanka tried convincing mandodari 🙂
    But as we all know mandodari is a great parivrata.. So she agreed to marry vi husband after several years ? I’m sorry di I know this didn’t clear your doubt completely but this is what all I know di?
    And can you please give me few tips to prepare for medical exams? 🙂

  8. Namita gaurakar di 🙂 as per doubt actually what happens is after ram kills ravan and 14 years of exile complete they go back to ayodhya….then rajya abhishek of ram is done 🙂 and they all start living happily again…but one day a fisherman’s wife goes to some place and returns back to her husband and then her husband asks her to go away he mentions that “I’m not ram to accept everyone as my wife” this phrase spread all over ayodhya like fire and finally reached ram….sita also gets to know about this. So she insists to leave ayodhya and tells ram that as a king of ayodhya its your duty to set inspiration all over ayodhya… The time when she was leaving she was pregnant and ram knew this so ram sent Lakshman to drop sita in Rishi’s ashram… Then lav and kush are born…they grow to become about 10 years(not sure about this) ….they always heard the story of ram and sita since their childhood but never knew that their own mother was Sita…one day some war takes place nearby the rishi’s ashram so ram goes there to fight..lav and kush didn’t know that ram was their father and even ram didn’t know that they were his sons…so when the war ends for which ram goes ….lav and kush approach ram and ask why did he do this to sita?! They both start questioning ram and soon three of them get enraged….and start fighting ram was unable to defeat lav-kush…listening to this sita goes to them and informs them that they’re his sons and he is their father…then lav-kush ask ram to take them back to ayodhya along with sita ram was hesitant about this….then sita gets disturbed and tells that ok after I prove my purity at least give my sons a comfortable life to live…..she tells that I will prove my purity! So she requests bhoodevi to take her back to Earth If her love for ram was pure…bhoomata comes there and takes her back and sita disappears.. 🙁 ….then ram takes lav-kush to ayodhya..and this was know as sita’s agnipariksha…and after lav-kush were taken back to ayodhya they live a happy life….and after the death of ram….ram reaches swarg and finds sita there he tells her that on earth many people tried to separate us but here no one can…. 🙂 that’s the end

    Well this is what all I know about the agnipariksha di… 🙂
    Everyone if I’m wrong please correct me I also want to know about it in detail… 🙂
    And I hope this cleared your doubt di?

  9. After all our exams we will get back to our Siya ke ram family❤️?
    Awaiting for speak to all of you..??

    1. Akanksha sharma

      heyee nidhi welcome back…. hw was ur exam dear…………..? it might have gone well… my real bro is also in 10th he said that paper was too easy…. go ahead in. life and achieve ur goal.. ya agree with u wishes really work.. as becoming miracles….. happy fr u and missed u ? ? ? ? ? a lot…. ? ? ? ? luv u dear…. ???

      1. Thank you so much di??
        Yes the paper went well..
        Thanks for all your wishes and prayers di❤️
        Missed you too?
        Love you too???


    2. Akanksha sharma

      nidhi u told abt what happened after reaching ayodhya…… bt agnipariksha was what it was done before reaching ayodhya at the sea side of rameshwaram….. the people their announced that… sita.. had lost her dignity after living with some other man frva year…. they started putting up question marks on her character….. there fr to prove her determined luv only fr ram she called fr agnidev.. to lit up there in order to remove all the stains put on her… she said that she will walk.. through the fire.. and if her luv is pure… if she had not thought of some other man except ram…. then this fire will.. not burn her.. and if she had fallen fr someone except ram ever in her whole life till then… she would burn i
      herself in this fire only… bt as her luv pure… transparant… so she come out of fire… without even having a mark on her body… that was the agnipariksha…..

      1. Yes di I heard of this too?
        There were many versions of Ramayana out of which valmiki ramayana and tulsidas Ramayana were famous so there were slight changes in both of them so not sure which one is true… 🙂
        And thanks for the information di?
        I actually didn’t know which version to type so?
        Truly sita is great!?

  10. Tellyupdates why u not post my comment???????

  11. Haripriya , iqura, sweeti pie di, sanjana , jay amulya thanks for wishesh…..

    Guys sry cant reply cuz it was my maths exam today sryyy….

    Sanjan all the best dear?? miss u too?

    Nidhi how was your sst exam????

    Sry guys now my imp exams r starting so cant comment regularly… Sry if i cant reply…?

    Tamana , veronica & shivani welcome to SKR fan club ??

    All the best guys ….. Love u all??

    Everyones dp is superb …?????

    Tellyupdates please post this please ….

    1. It’s ok bhoomi?? I can understand this exams tension ?
      I’m happy that I’m done with my social exam ? feels like I’m done with all my exams??
      Thanks for your wishes all the best to you too ❤️
      Love you too??
      Your dp also ?????

    2. Ur welcome di and it’s ok I know that ur busy with ur exams and u don’t need to ask sorry to your sisters

  12. Hey How R U all Of U ??????? I missed all of U soooooooo much…………..When I gave my last comment which I came back to home na……..I got fever……….so I can’t able to comment yesterday…………… I Heartily welcome all the New comers to SKR family………(I am sorry for to be late.)And BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISHES FOR MY DEAR SISTERS[BHOOMI & NITA]…….??……….And Those who are writing exams na ALL THE VERY BEST…..DO WELL DEARS……….And Nidhi missed u a lot dear………….How was Ur SST exam ?????Is it OK na ?????I don’t clearly know who all are writed exams …..For all of u those who writed exams,How was the exam dears ????Telly updates plzzzzzzz post this comment…….. plzzzzzzz its a humble request from my side…….plzzzzzzz………..

    1. Missed you too a lot di?
      And how are you feeling now rachu di? Better know?? I’ll pray God for your quick recovery… And nice dp di❤️ Ishita and Ruhi look really adorable together☺️
      My social exam went well all because of your fairytale method di?? thank you sooooooo much!
      Thanks for your wishes di??
      Love you so much?

    2. I am fine Rachu di and what about u.
      How are you feeling now di and I hope u get well soon and missed u a lot di .

      I’m haripriya and I’m in class 8th and hope you know about me but if not know it di

    3. I’m fine Rachu di and wat about you .
      How are you feeling now and hope you get well soon . I too missed u a lot di and luv you so much??

      1. Hi guys it’s me. I have commented it with other email id

  13. Hello nidhi dear ???
    Glad to see u ….missed u so much ..

    How was your exam dear ??? Hope it was aweasome ….

    Thanks for wishing…. No nees to say sry dear … I knew it was your sst exam …..
    Its ok …
    Keep smiling dear 😀

    Dont say sry one more time ….

    1. Me too bhoomi??
      Missed you a lot!?
      Me exam went really well all because of wishes and prayers of our family?
      Thanks for understanding bhoomi?
      And one thing I wanted to tell you,….whenever I type your name the song BHOOMIJA JANAK JANAKI…..plays in my mind ??
      Yes siya ke ram is awesome…I hope you understood why I mentioned this line?
      You too keep smiling 🙂
      Ok bhoomi sorry to tell sorry???


  14. Hiii my dear lovely sis……. h r u?

    1. Hi anu di?
      I’m fine di …how are you? 😀
      And thanks for all your wishes di?
      And siya ke ram is awesome?…I hope you understood why I mentioned this line di?


  15. Amulya di all the best for your physics exam
    Sanjana(Sara) I am not in fb
    Thanks akanksha di for the wishes
    Glad that your back nidhi di and ishita di
    Thanks nupur di and nippy di for the wishes for I am sure I can do well with your prayers
    Ww di missing you
    Welcome all the newcomers
    I am sorry for late response I just came from school after my computer exam it went very well
    Mythilli di anjali and sneha all the very best for your exams
    All your dps are superb
    Tellyupdates pls post my comment fast as it is for my sisters

    1. Me too!? missed you a lot sanjana! 🙁
      And is your name Sanjana or something else because in spoilers page you comment was displayed with a name starting from S and ending from U I don’t know if it’s you or no I thought it’s you because Of the same dp…I hope you didn’t feel bad sorry if you did?? just wanted to ask ….sorry if it’s personal…
      Yes me too missing WW alot? but it’s ok she’ll be back by 28th March and I wish her a very good luck ??
      Thanks for the compliment sanjana?
      I’m happy that your computer exam went well? what’s your next exam?

    2. Akanksha sharma

      no sry and thanx dear…. ? ? we all r family… its our duty to stand beside always fr our loved ones…. and we all luv u dear…. keep doing good always… computer till 10th fr me was intresting… and easy.. bt now in 11th..i am having computer science… cs.. c++.. programing very difgi

  16. Hi Anu di we are all fine with your prayers

  17. How was ur exams???

  18. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Nobody does not reply for my comment so saddd?????????????

    1. Akanksha sharma

      very sry ranaji yeah… u r right vin rana is playing major role in vishkanya…. i also saw the promo

  19. Nidhi Di my real name is Sanjana actually what was displayed in spoilers page was the username for WordPress account as it said there was already an account with Sanjana
    I kept surguru 14
    It’s not personal Di
    My next exam is physics
    What’s your next exam
    Reshma Di take care I hope you get well soon
    Take rest and you’ll be alright

  20. But I don’t know why in spoilers page it displayed WordPress account name di

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