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Siya Ke Ram 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Singhinika going to kill Sita. Sita moves back. Singhinika steps ahead and smiles. Devi Parvati is restless and says enough, not anymore, every person has limit, how long can Sita bear this, I m going to my Sita. Mahadev says wait Parvati, that time did not come yet. Singhinika is about to hit Sita. Sita closes her eyes. Raavan ties Singhinika with the magical ropes. Sita opens eyes and sees this. Singhinika breaks the ropes and gets freed. Raavan looks on. She asks do you have anything else to control me. He uses his powers and sends a snake to tie Singhinika. She gets hurt and says give me death Lankesh, why are you waiting. He says because you can be useful for me. Parvati says see Devi Sita is in problem, you have to do something. Mahadev says not now Parvati. Sita faints and

falls down.

Surpanakha is in Raavan’s Sabha. Raavan smiles. Surpanakha thinks I have to find out, why is Singhinika taking lots of time, she would have killed Sita by now. Raavan says you all would like to know what is the reason of this special Sabha, its called for introducing a special soldier, you all will be pleased meeting her. Singhinika comes there. Surpanakha gets shocked seeing her. Singhinika says my life’s motive is to obey Lankesh’s command. Raavan looks at Surpanakha.

Surpanakha thinks just one man can help me and kill Sita, my brother Kumbhkaran, its time to wake him up. She goes to meet Kumbhkaran. Guards stop her. She says let me go. He says sorry, but Kumbhkaran is sleeping. She says fools, I know this, he is my elder brother, let me go. She hits them with her long nails and goes to Kumbhkaran. She shouts to wake him. She says I made Singhinika and Raavan made her his soldier and got her in Sabha to show how unsuccessful I m. She asks Kumbhkaran to get up, disaster happened with me, get up, I need you. She tries to wake him. Meghnadh is in busy in some work. He sees Sulochana there and sends the servant. Sulochana walks to Meghnadh by hiding a sword at her back. She keeps the sword on Meghnadh.

He says so you want to kill me, did you come to punish me. She says you killed both of us, you said I can trust you by looking in my eyes, when trust breaks between two people, then there is nothing special, its special when the two people are husband and wife. He asks what do you mean. She says you broke my trust and ended relation with me, my life is meaningless now, death is better than us, take this sword and kill me. He asks her to stop these foolishness and throws the sword, holding it tight. She sees his bleeding hand. He says I gave you chance, even if you took Sita there, it was easy for us to get Sita back, if you realized your stupidity, there is no need to tell you anything, if you did not realize your stupidity, then its no use to tell you anything. He goes. She cries.

Kumbhkaran wakes up. Surpanakha looks on. He says my dear sister needs me, I m present, tell me. He gets shocked seeing her nose cut. He asks what happened, how has hurt your heart, tell me. She says its one family and my brothers are different, you worry for my tears and Raavan does not care to hurt me by his doings. He asks whats the matter, tell me, I will help you in every way. She tells about Panchwati’s Sanyasis cutting her nose and insulting her. He fumes. She says Sanyasi’s wife Sita is kidnapped by Raavan, he got her to Lanka for revenge, but now he is protecting Sita and insulting me, he is treating Sita as if she is queen. He asks what about Mandodari. She says we all are puppets to Raavan, he can make anyone high and anyone fall, my men are not able to do anything, just you can save us from this problem. He says you did right by waking me, Sita will die by my hands, today itself.

Sita is still inside the Ashok Vatika, surrounded by the maze. She wakes up. She holds a leave and recalls Ram. She writes Siya Ram on the leaf. The wind starts blowing. She looks up and gets shocked seeing the giant Kumbhkaran. She gets up. He says so because of you, my family has got problems, my sister got insulted, my brother got you here, he is after you now, do you know he is married, how did you control some woman’s husband, I will end all problems today, I will end you. Devi Parvati gets angry.

Kumbhkaran lifts his leg to step on Sita. Devi Parvati takes a Trishul and asks Mahadev not to stop her. Mahadev says sure, but look there once. Sita closes eyes and takes Ram’s name. Sita turns bright. Wind blows. Kumbhkaran sees Devi Laxmi’s avatar and greets her. He cries and says Devi…… Sita gets puzzled and sees him. Raavan comes and shouts Kumbhkaran. Kumbhkaran says free her, she is Devi, don’t insult her. He falls down and everything shakes. Raavan looks at Sita.

Parvati meets Sita and says its Poornima now, you understand your inner self, you are Devi like I m. She explains Sita her true identity of a Devi in human avatar. Sita gets shocked and thanks Parvati, saying I feel like I got a new life and motive today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. siya ka ram today location vedio……..must watch dear………….

    1. thanks for the links joy

    2. thnks for the link joy da. its amazngly awesome

    3. Wts n this…. My net is low i cant watch…pls say me

  2. Nice episode. Kumbhkaran can easily cross the maze. He is so big that he will get into the maze in one step only. Meghnad’s love towards sulochana can be seen but he could not express it because of his respect towards his father. Where are raavan’s other sons? He had other sons also like Akshay Kumar. Was kunbhkaran married? I don’t think he was.
    When will they show ram’s scene? The episodes are getting tearful. They should show some siyaram scenes at least in flashback. WOW ? kumbhkaran came to know about sita’s reality. But why only him? Why not sulochana or mandodari or meghnad or raavan?
    Now a days the cast and crew members are uploading lots of offscreen pics. It’s good to see their offscreen bonding. Today also I have many links.

    1. kumbhkaran was married,had 2 wives vajrajvala, karkati and 3 sons

    2. Bro no kumbakarna is married… Sry but i don’t know his wife name … But he has sons named kumban and nikumban?

  3. Karan suchak masti in jungle. What a pose!
    Ram and laxman having fun in between shots.
    Photographer Ashish. Ashish taking Karan ‘s photo and selfie.
    Ram, laxman and hanuman selfie.
    Raavan and Sita fun on sets.
    Some old offscreen pics of sita from swayamvar and before that time.
    Modern raavan busy with mobile phone.
    Madirakshi getting ready for laxmi Mata role.
    Kekasi and sulochana fun time. Offshoot.

    1. thanks a lot for the links bro

  4. Shrinithi Venkatesan

    super coolio epi…sita as devi Lakshmi nd dis surpanaka always trying tu kill siya maa…hw dare she??

    1. yes she is so subborn by the way i am iqura i don’t know u are u a new comer

  5. wonderful links bro. thnks so much

  6. guys next polls. ans only from mb

    1. best bahu in positive role

    2. best saas in positive role

    3. best mata in negative role

    4. best pita in negative role

    5. best character in positive role

    6. best character in negative role

    pls vote…………

    waiting for ur replies

    1. vaidehi di i really don’t know so much about mb but still i will try answering your questions
      first i think draupadi
      second kunti
      i don’t know about this {third one}
      i don’t know about this too {fourth one}
      fifth krishna ji
      sixth i think its shakuni and duryodhan

      1. 3rd is satyavati

      2. May be dhirtrashtra ?? But he was good only

    2. 1.draupadi

      2.draupadi(she always cared for uttara like her daughter)

      3.dont think anybody…bcoz a ma can never be negative..

      4.dhridirashtra..(he is a good father but he helped duryodhan in his bad deed without correcting him)



    3. 1 Draupadi/ Bhanumati
      2 Kunti
      3 Satyavti
      4 Dritrastra
      5 Krishna
      6 Shakuni

  7. Nice epi ☺??

    1. o hi dear padmaja di. nice 2 meet u again

      1. couldn’t watch the epi

  8. BARC TRP (Week 22) 2016Top 10 Serials Of the WeekColors’ 7 Serials on Top TenStar Plus’ 5 Serials on Top TenZee TV’ 1 Serials on Top TenSAB TV’ 1 Serial are Slot Leader#1 Naagin (sat, sun) 3.6#2 Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 3.1#3 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2.7#3 Kumkum Bhagya 2.7#4 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2.5#4 Kasam 2.5#5 Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah 2.1#5 Udaan 2.1#5 Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 2.1#6 Swaragini 2.70#7 Shakti 1.9#8 Siya Ke Ram 1.8#9 Sasural Simar Ka 1.7#10 Diya Aur Baati Hum 1.6…….
    previos weak skr had 1.5…. this weak 1.8…
    so its high little more but not enough……..another drama searial is much high……….give ur opinion dear……..

    1. nice dat d trp of skr is increasing

  9. iqura i’m not elder than u. i’m in 8th and u r also in 8th i think.

    1. yes even i am eight

  10. polls from ramayana

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    3. best female villain

    4. best male villain character in negative role character in positive role

    pls pls pls pls vote

    1. Can i know who is saas
      By the way coming to the poll
      2. Vashisht
      3. Surpanakha
      4. Ravan
      5. Manthrai
      6. Sumitra..

      1. In laws are called as saas

    2. first kaikeyi
      second vashistha
      third manthra
      fourth ravan
      fifth manthra
      sixth kaushalya sumitra

    3. 1.kaikesi






  11. missed the epi after long time for bad tv dish network……..also reapet telecast……but awesome episode….

  12. Silpa k sivadasan

    Hi everyone
    Sita’s devi avatar was super exciting
    I really missd skr
    Now i m super happy to watch it again

    Is anyone here frm KERALA

    Plz tellme

  13. Silpa k sivadasan

    Which is ur most awaited part in skr now..?

    For me it is hanuman ji ka lankadahan

    Wat abt urs…?

    Plz reply guyz

    1. Di I want to see the reaction of ayodhya family members reaction when the hear sita haran news but don’t know whether they’ll show it r not

    2. And ya welcome back di do u know me r should I introduce myself?
      Happy to see u again di

    3. I m waiting for sita agnipariksha…

      1. vanshika arora

        Even i’m waiting fr dat part…i want 2 show what explanation skr gives…

  14. Vijay bro please visit yesterday page bro I gave my g+ name I can’t share my ID coz it’s not safe are u angry with me bro sry I was busy with my school admission please please sry bro

  15. Hii dear sis and bros!! I am new here….i watch SKR regularly and also read the telly updates and peoples comments…its good to see dis generation high school youngsters are watching,, learning and commenting more abt the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata….i am really awestruck by you guys because these days technology has been taken for granted and wasted by most but you people are using it in a good way to learn and inform good things about the ‘dharm’ and divine ness of God…many debates hav been carried around abt many issues and many topics have been spoken about and many character sketches of the epic stories have been analysed and published here by our awesome SKR telly updates family members….i am a silent reader of all ur comments and posts☺☺….i really appreciate you guys from the bottom of my heart for having the divine passion of our culture’s treasures???? carry on the great works of ur never-ending learning,, research and publications…i will still be ur fan and silent reader of all ur posts and i am too very eager and excited to learn many amazing facts and stories of our eternal God from ur posts???and yesterday’s episode was one of the best one so far after sita-lakshman arguement episode…they showed Mahadev and Parvati mata after a long time and even today’s episode will be equally best as we will witness Parvati mata interacting wit Lakshmi mata…this is actually their second meeting… The first one was when Parvati mata met Devi Sita to dress her up as a bride for her marriage wit Shri Ram???….And my best wishes for my dear SKR members for a great future ahead!!!????????

    1. Welcome so in – our family????

    2. welcome to the family nandhini di or nandhini

    3. Welcome to our family.

    4. Welcome to this sweet family hve fun

    5. Thank you all dears!!???

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