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Siya Ke Ram 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam Rishi coming to the ashram. He sees Ahilya and walks to her. He apologizes to her and cries. He says I did a big mistake. She holds his feet and cries. She says its better to forget this bad past. Gautam Rishi thanks Ram for reviving Ahilya, and hence Ram has assured human race, if anyone does a sin, repentance can clean the sin, your deeds will become a reason for doing Uddhar of entire world. They all greet Ram.

A man tells Janka that some people who came from Lanka, they have some demands. Janak says sure, call them. Malyavaan greets him. Janak says you are Lankesh’s father, I m glad Lankesh accepted the invitation. Malyavaan laughs and says who told this, I understand a father’s hope to get best husband for his daughter, I can’t assure Lankesh will accept

your invitation, I have come to see, are you capable and good, that Lanka can think to make relations with you. Janak smiles and asks him to see Janakpuri, Mithila’s beauty, nature and Praja are our assets. Malyavaan leaves.

Mandvi and Shruthkirti keep the models for all the prince coming. Urmila asks who is Ram here, no one is powerful as him, he has killed Tadaka. Urmila keeps Ram’s model and says he will win in Swayamvar. Shathanand thanks Ram and says you are extraordinary, no one dared to come near this ashram door, saying its an ashram of cursed lady, but today you made a curse pure, you proved no one is impure for a pure soul. Ram Ram…..plays……….

Shathanand thanks Vishwamitra for bringing Ram to Mithila. The people cheer for Ram. Vishwamitra recalls Sita’s words. He says Sita has foreseen this. The ladies thank Sita for coming in village. They ask Sita to name the calf. Sita names Mohini. She hears lady crying and saying all these are sinners. Sita asks her what happened. The lady greets her and says those men have ruined my fields. Sita asks who. The lady shows the gold coins they gave her. Sita goes there and sees the men ruining the fields. She asks them to stop. Malyavaan stops the men. Sita asks why does he have hatred for nature. Malyavaan says we gave the value for this land to this lady, you all should be proud, we have come from Lanka and making this land proper to welcome Lanka Naresh Raavan. It does not mean Lankesh will come here, he will come for Shiv Dhanush, which should have been in Lanka, I will try to bring him in Swayamvar. Urmila comes and scolds him, asking how dare he talk to Mithila’s princess like this. He says Janak’s daughter Sita, then I should call you Lanka queen, no one can string the Dhanush, your marriage will happen with Raavan for sure.

Sita says you ruined the fields. He says he paid for it, it was just harvest. Sita says not just harvest, it had farmer’s sweat, blood and hardwork. He says I had to vacate this place to make Raavan’s plane land, Mithila people will see a plane for the first time, they will be shocked, who knows your dad will also have such plane, this lady is acting, maybe she wants more gold coins, I will give her if you say, gold is not less in Lank, I can give it for Mithila’s developments. Sita says the Rajya which has airplane, they are away from land, you ruined this field, it became infertile now, you could have found infertile land in Janakpuri, result of ego is just destruction. He says I will accept whatever you say, you will be Lanka’s king’s wife. Urmila asks is this their way to talk to a lady, it means Lanka is close to get ruined, even 100 people can lift that Dhanush, do you think your Lankeshwar can lift it alone.

Sita asks Urmila to go, I will talk to him. Urmila says but Didi… He says just go if your sister is asking you to go. Urmila leaves. He says Sita is clever and has qualities to become Lanka queen. She says we welcome guests in Mithila, time will show will I become Lanka queen or not, till Swayamvar result comes, don’t call me Lanka queen, if Lankesh fails to lift Dhanush, you will feel bad, its good Lankesh is powerful, but its not good to show down others, I will see to it that you get all comforts here. He says I have come to do the work, its completed, I will leave, and calls her Lanka queen again. She turns her face away.

Vishwamitra says Mithila is close. Laxman says I can’t walk more. Ram says we have to keep our Guru’s wish. Laxman tells about Sita’s swayamvar, many capable princes will be coming.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I like the episod


  3. yaaar plzzz update the full episode…… fast

  4. I guess amena ji u forgot to update rest part please update fast

  5. Awesome …..

    1. Hey devu hw r u dear i missed a lot

  6. Lakshmi Narayanan

    Jai Shri Ram… Sita Ram… Waiting for Sita Swayamvar 🙂 The turn of events will be exciting.. Screenplay is good as it keeps viewers engaged, though the epic Story is familiar to all. Dialogues are class. Jai Sita Ram. 🙂

  7. episode is complet..only precap is not written..I saw it.precap:lakshman is tired of walking n not intrstd to move ahead…but ram explains him they r raghuvnshi..n they need to obey gurus order…etc,laksman agress n mention OK fine ,we can also see mithila rajkumri sita ka swayamar …n ram is stunned with surprise

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      Ya thank dear for the precap….
      Even i saw it
      Today’s epi awesome

    2. ya buddy

  8. Episode was awesome….Eagerly waiting for Siya’s Swayamvara ……And the dialogues are superb …Thanks for the update Amena…

  9. Ravana wouldn’t be able to lift the dhanush….His ego will be soon crushed by Rama soon..
    Waiting for that moment eagerly…

  10. Can anyone plzz tell me Bharata and Shatrughna were whose incarnations?Rama was incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva and Laksman was of Shehnaag…Plzz reply fast.

    1. Bharat was the sudarshan chakra and Shatrughan the sankh of Vishnu

  11. Bharata and Shatrughna were whose incarnations???Rama was lord Vishnu and Lakshmana was Sheshanaag …Plzzz someone reply fast….

  12. Very nice screenplay. Excellent background score.. Kudos to the entire team!!

  13. Its the best serial in star plus.. I just luv it

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