Siya Ke Ram 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Siya Ke Ram 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mandvi worrying. Sita says everything will be fine. Shruthkirti asks did you call me Didi. Sita says you have do something soon. Bharat thinks to talk to Dasharath and rushes. Ram says Bharat and stops him. He asks did he take the decision. Bharat says I m going to dad. Ram says I m with you in every decision, I know you think well and decide, come I will come with you. Shruthkirti runs to them. Mandvi worries and says did Shruthkirti reached there or not, did she get late, will Bharat get angry that I did not come, I should have gone, did he say Dasharath.. Urmila asks her not to hurry in making opinion and thinking. Mandvi says I said what I found right that time. Shruthkirti stops Ram and Bharat.

She runs to them. She says Sita has sent me here, to tell you that

Mandvi was refusing for marriage, but when Bharat spoke to her, Mandvi’s heart and decision changed, she told her decision to Janak, so Sita requested Bharat not to tell anything to Dasharath. Bharat smiles and hugs Ram happily. She asks what shall I say Sita, will you talk to Dasharath or not. Ram says tell Sita that Bharat is very happy hearing Mandvi’s decision. She asks really, are you not annoyed with Mandvi, shall I say this to her, she will be glad knowing this. She turns and Shatrughan gives her water, as she got tired running all way. She gets shy and drinks the water. She runs from there. Shatrughan smiles. Shruthkirti comes running back to palace and Mandvi asks her about Bharat.

Shruthkirti says yes, I reached on time, everything is fine, he got happy hearing your decision. Sita asks why are you crying. Shruthkirti says we all will stay together, these tears express my happiness. The sisters hug.

Rishivar asks Janak to do tilak of all four princes. Ram and his brothers sit there. Janak does tilak to them. They touch Janak’s feet and take his blessings. Dasharath and everyone smile. Janak greets Dasharath and they hug. Janak says we are waiting for the moment when you come with padhyatra. Dasharath says I understand your emotions well. Kaikeyi gets a letter from Dasharath. She reads it and tells Sumitra that its very good news, which Kaushalya and Sumitra can’t imagine. They ask Kaikeyi to tell them. Kaikeyi says Dasharath wrote that we were preparing to welcome one bahu, but now we have to welcome four bahus. Kaushalya asks what does he mean. Kaikeyi says Dasharath has fixed Bharat, Laxman and Shatrughan’s marriages as well. They get glad. Kaikeyi names the pairings Laxman-Urmila, bharat-Mandvi and Shatrughan and Shruthkirti… They can’t believe it and get glad. Kaikeyi says we all have to welcome them well. Kaushalya says right, I will do arrangements. Sumitra says I will get their Kaksh set. Kaikeyi smiles.

The girls dance in the sangeet ceremony of Sita and her sisters. Sunaina’s brothers come there. Sunaina asks them what happened. Her brother says a spiritual lady has made Sita’s kundli based on Sita’s birth, when Janak got her in the soil, come and meet her. Sunaina goes with them. Sita looks on.

Narad greets Mahadev. Brahmadev also appears. Parvati asks the reason for their coming. Brahmadev says Narad has some worry. Mahadev asks Narad. Narad says its Divya vivaah, so mandap should also be Divya, but there will be four mandaps, so who will do this work, its impossible work for ordinary humans. Mahadev asks Brahmadev who is suitable for this work. Brahmadev says the one whom you thought, yantra devta Vishwakarma. Mahadev says you said right, Vishwakarma is the one, he made that Dhanush, which broke in Sita’s swayamvar, no one else can do this work, and calls Vishwakarma there.

Vishwakarma appears and greets Mahadev and Parvati. Mahadev asks Vishwakarma to make a Divya mandap for Ram-Sita’s marriage. Vishwakarma says I know your expectations, I will do it.

Kushadwaj worries about making four mandaps and talks to Shathanand. Janak asks about arrangements. Kushadwaj says we thought about one mandap and called some men, we did not know about four mandaps. Janak worries. Shathanand says don’t worry, we will see how to manage. Kushadwaj says who will accept this work to be done so soon.

Narad and Vishwkarma and another Dev come there and greet them, saying they have come from Kailash, they will do the work of making four mandaps. Janak asks will three of you make four mandaps. Vishwakarma says yes, sure. Janak says we don’t have any other option, let them do. Shathanand takes them. Sunaina goes to meet that spiritual lady and is tensed.

Sita asks Sunaina why is she worried. Sunaina says no, I came to take clothes, you go and rest. Sita says I m getting married, I m able to take big responsibility, you can share your worry with me, tell me what happened. Sunaina’s brother says we will say what happened. Her brothers walk in with that lady. The lady says I can see everything clear, its true that kundli shows. Sunaina asks what did you see, tell me, I m curious to know, is it any unlucky sign. The lady says I don’t know, I just know your daughter’s fate as vanvaas…. A long vanvaas after marriage. Sunaina and her brothers get shocked. Sita looks on.

Dasharath says I m glad you have come to attend my sons’ marriages, it was Ram’s marriage, but I decided for my other son’s marriages too. The princes come there. Kaikeyi’s brother asks Dasharath does Kaikeyi know this.

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      loved SHRUSHA scenes……… Superb episode…… liked the way the 3 mothers expressed their happiness……… especially Kaikeyi the way she again and again read the message…… wow what a motherly love…………..

  1. SKR fan

    Superb episode. Sita looked divine in the precap. I have seen today in aaj tak on set of sita ke ram and they all just looked fab. All the couples said something and said they are very excited.

  2. SKR fan

    I miss those moments before ram and sita face to face meeting when sita used to smile hearing ram’s name . When will Siya ke ram start on star utsav?



    Siya Ke Ram:

    The sisters make Sita ready for her marriage. Sita’s looks heavenly in the marriage. Sita then makes her sisters ready and encourages them to step in their new life. Ayodhya’s princes get ready for the marriage. Sunaina and Chandrabhaga welcome the princes and do their tilak and aarti. Janak welcomes Dasharath and the grooms. Janak is very happy and hugs Dasharath. Sita and her sisters are sad to leave Mithila, and they are happy too to go Ayodhya. They have dual feelings and share an emotional moment.

  4. nice episode I just love it .well Guys congratulation …………
    for what ……..
    for Skr highest amount of comment. it is because some silent Rader have comment.☺☺☺??????????

  5. nidhi

    awesome i’m so mad about skr that i read the updates and even watch it on hotstar
    it’s just awesome waiting for the grand marriage ceremony and hanuman ji’s entry

  6. soumya

    Hii frnds…actually m quite elder than u all…m in my frst year mbbs….i love the way u all are becoming one family… Keep it up u guys…n yesterday… Welwisher…i must say..u r quite a good hearted one…u all skr fan club… Is simply amazing… I just do not get enough time to watch this soap…or u can say to watch any daily soap…but i must say the point of view of sita…ramayan in pov of sita is quite a good idea…n they are incorporating this in a very elegant manner…even better than mahabharat…actually in ancient time..society was male dominated… N the feeling of female are often not given importance… Whether they are normal or divine…they are showing this very nicely… N specially urmila mandvi n shrutkirti…i loved the way they are portraying their charecters… Its good..if anyone of u has ever heard the name of late shree maithilisharan gupt…he also wrote very well on this topic from urmila’s pov…n its simply amazing… But only those who have deep knowledge of hindi language will be able to understand its language is quite tough…n it is considered as his masterpiece.. Thats why india govt has given him the prestigious place of national poet….u all keep watching siya k ram..n keep commenting…

  7. Ritika

    What a lovely show! Thanks to skr team for atleast coming up with a serial that india and indian television can be proud of! Truly blessed by laxmi narayan.

    • Anjali

      No dear I don’t think they will show any rituals extra with sisters as they have already dragged the marriage sequence a lot with unecessary drama with sunainana brothers and some lady predicting vanvas ,which is not part of mythology ,they should have not shown this drama they should have shown more about couples ,their interactions ,rituals ,sisters love.

      • Ritika

        I realized in today’s epi why they brought in that lady with the vanvas predictn. They wantd to show how education mks a girl confident irrespective of what the future has in store for her! Good message.

  8. Jayesha

    Love today epi… Wow just cant wait for next episode.. Eagerly waiting for wedding ceremony… A big salute to skr all did a very good job…keep it up guys….hope this show will get the best award show..

  9. I don’t usually watch mythological shows much but I liked siya ke ram and I like both Sita and ram a lot my aunt is a big fan of that show and I also watch siya ke ram with her, I usually used to be annoyed when I see people watch mythological shows but this show is nice

    • Parvathy

      no poorna di……………..don’t underestimate our skr ………maybe it would get more rating than MB


      yes di……….. never underestimate SKR and efforts made by each and everyone……. it is easy to comment like this but u will understand only when u place urself in the place of the SKR’s director and in place of the each and everyone of the cast………. they take so much of EFFORT to please us and entertain us………………… so if u dont appreciate them its no problem but dont taunt them r mock them…….. give comments which will encourage them………… give comments which will help them to rectify their mistakes and help them to do the best………

      sorry if my comment is hurting u…….

      i just expressed what i felt

  10. Ritika

    My exams r coming so i m reading on this site. Thanku my dear friends. I love this show. Waiting for grand wedding ceremony.

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